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Having endured a 40K campaign (using a new Chaos Marines army) the local GW store is shortly going to be running a WFB campaign.

I will obviously be running Chaos Dwarfs for this and using the Tamurkhan list.  Starting at 800 points and increasing by 100 points per week until it reaches 1500 at Easter

I�?Tve attached a copy of the rules for the campaign and I�?Td love to get all your thoughts on this.  I�?Tm probably going to go with the �?oPurge and Burn�?� but may go with the �?oCorrupt and Control�?� faction.

It looks like there�?Ts going to be a requirement to knock together some scenery so that may be a fun challenge as well.

My first thoughts for the 800 points list are:

Daemonsmith Lvl 2

10 Fireglaves

15 IG Full command

Magma Cannon

Bull Centaur Renders Shield

Which takes me to 792pts (what to do with the other 8)

It needs to be a bit of an all comers list but I know there�?Ts at least one High Elf player taking part so I need to be mindful of that.




I’d go with ‘corrupt and control’.

regarding your list, I wonder if the 10 fireglaives are worth their points… maybe in smaller games they are, but I haven’t tested them there yet. Anyhow, I’m not a very big fan of them, so my opinion of them is quite biased.

How many BC are you fielding?


Sorry that will be 3 Bull Centaurs at this points level.

I’ve had some good success with Fireglaves in smaller points games so far and rarely leave them out of my list. The only time they’re really fluffed was when being charged by a fully ranked up unit of Chaos Warriors with mark of Tzeentch a few weeks ago but I figure “what 10 strong unit would stand up to that charge?”.




The halberd effect is always a nice boon in smaller games… hmmm, I might try them again in a smaller game. That and the stand & shoot ofcourse :slight_smile:
Anyhow, I like them better than I do blunderbusses these days, but I only field them in a unit of 24 in games bigger than 2500 pts. Otherwise, I just field an extra unit of warriors. Some extra shooting will come in handy though.

Yeah, chaos warriors tend to obliterate most battlelines, and I can’t think of any 10-man unit of standard infantry that can withstand them.


I would use the spare points to give the Daemonsmith a Charmed Shield. Or upgrade the BC to have a great weapon.

As for the Fireglaives, I’ve been using a unit of 12 with Muso and Std and they rock in small games!


Thanks guys,

@ NoisyAssassin, Great weapons would take me over the 800pts but charmed shield sounds a plan :slight_smile:

Looking more closely at the bonuses I think I’m going to go with “Purge and burn” the first bonus “blazing barricade” fits in better than the ghostly fence in my opinion and the Nehekraran Sphinx seems to be a bit of a useless boon to Chaos Dwarfs thanks to their low initiative and would probably be more use to my opponent (High Elves especially)




I had my first game for this campaign last night and it appears I missed the first week so it was a 900 points game.
I decided to drop the extra casting level on my Daemonsmith and add in a Castellan and also added full command to the unit of Bull centaurs
The game was against Tomb Kings

From memory he had

High Liche priest, lvl4 talisman of protection
Tomb Prince, Great Weapon
40 Skeleton Warriors, Full command light armour
30 Skeleton Archers, Master of arrows
10 Tomb Guard, full command

As I looked at the table he set up left to right:

Tomb Guard, archers, warriors with both the tomb prince and High Liche priest in the unit of 40 warriors.

My set up was
Magma Cannon with Daemonsmith, Fireglaves, IG with Castellan, Bull Centaurs

He got first turn and moved everything forward, in his magic phase he cast Skamet�?Ts Skullstorm with the large template irresistibly.  Fortunately it didn�?Tt reach my lines so did no damage this turn.  His miscast however was dimensional cascade which killed 10 from his own unit though the High Priest got away scot free thanks to his wardsave.  The loss of dice from the dice pool did however end the magic phase.

During the shooting phase he shot with his archers at the Fireglaves killing 2

My turn 1 Moved the IG and Bull Centaurs forward. In Magic the Skamet�?Ts Skullstorm template stayed put which was helpful.  I cast Flame Storm (also irresistibly) with the large template on his unit of warriors targeting his liche priest.  The liche priest passed his �?olook out sir�?� roll and another 8 warriors bit the dust. I thankfully rolled a 1 and therefore survived the second Dimensional cascade of the game but lost a wound to the curse of stone.
Shooting, I once again targeted the now much depleted warriors unit with the magma cannon but only managed to kill 3 as the template overshot the unit by all but the narrow end.  My Fireglaves targeted the skeleton archers but spectacularly failed to hit anything.

His turn 2, moved everything forward again and moved the tomb guard to hide behind a building.  In his magic phase there were few dice available and I managed to dispel his one casting attempt (I can�?Tt even remember the spell), the Skamet�?Ts Skullstorm moved to infront of my IG.  Shooting and once again he shot at the fireglaves but this time their high toughness and armour prevented losing any.

My turn and I declare the first charge of the game, the Bull Centaurs into his now extremely depleted unit of warriors and I rolled comfortably for them to reach.  I moved my IG to start to go round the template.  Magic and the template goes over the corner of my IG touching 3 but all survive.  I cast Flame Storm on his archers (small template) killing half a dozen. Also as the only unit in sight and range I threw all of my shooting at the archers (Magma Cannon and Fireglaves) killing another 8.
First combat of the game and my Bull Centaurs do a sterling job despite the WS5 of the warriors, I dealt 4 wounds and took 1 in return then killed another 2 with stomp attacks, in total winning the combat by 5.  Once he removed these extra 5 this also meant h had lost his second rank, so the now static combat res was a wash, from now on it would come down purely to wounds caused.

His turn and he moved his tomb guard into the building (not entirely sure why) and that was the end of his movement.  Magic and the Skamet�?Ts Skullstorm finally dissipates. He cast Neru�?Ts Protection on his warrior unit, attempted to cast Ueskhp�?Ts Desiccation on my Bull Centaurs which I dispelled and with his last dice he cast Usirian�?Ts Vengeance on my IG.
His shooting did no damage once again and straight on to combat. Thanks to the now 4 up ward (5 up from the spell and the stacked parry from hand weapon and shield) I failed to kill any with standard attacks and his guys (including the Tomb Prince) also failed to cause any wounds, and it was almost a drawn combat until I remembered my stomp attacks tipping the balance in my favour by 2.
My turn, and continued to move towards the combat with my IG (By Hashut they�?Tre slow) Magic and shooting threw everything at this archers finally wiping them out (winning a Conquest Point in the process) combat was another virtual stalemate but the Stomp attacks once again won me the combat.

His turn and things were going pretty quickly now, No movement and magic was the ward save again but I dispelled it.  Combat virtual stalemate again but whittling his unit down a couple at a time

My turn and it�?Ts pretty much more of the same, I throw all shooting and magic at the building containing the tomb guard killing a few and in combat I finally wipe out the rest of the unit with attacks, stomps and combat res leaving just the Liche Priest and Tomb Prince.  I actually cave a bit of an involuntary cheer when one of my Bull Centaurs failed a saving throw just because something different had finally happened in this war of attrition.

His turn and a low casting dice roll meant he only attempted the 5+ward spell which he failed to cast thanks to this my Bull Centaurs Kill the Priest, do a wound on the Prince taking one in return (actually removing one Centaur model) and finally winning the combat (and therefore killing the prince) thanks to combat res.

My turn with nothing left to do I move my Bull Centaurs into his deployment zone to nab another Conquest Point).  I throw all shooting and magic at the building containing the tomb guard again killing a few more.  With nothing else to do we called it a game.

Though this was an emphatic win I can�?Tt help thinking that my opponent wasn�?Tt fielding a strong army.  He was keen on fielding Hoard formations but neither got into combat in anything like full strength to take advantage of the extra attacks.  The Tomb Guard were a bit of an odd choice especially as he seemed to want to hide them from my shooting and therefore failed to get them into combat.

I ended up with a full complement of Conquest Points by achieving all the goals so I�?Tm halfway to my burning barricade.  Any thoughts on how to model one?




Game last night,

The campaign rolls on and it�?Ts now at 1000pts

I took

Daemonsmith Lvl2 (death)

Dark Castellan (Shield, Dragon Helm)

15 IG Full Command

10 Fireglaves

Magma Cannon

3 Bull Centaurs Full command shields

Hobgoblin Wolf Raiders spears

He had Ogres and took

Butcher (Brace of pistols, Ruby Ring of Ruin)

Bruiser Lvl1 (Maw)

3 units of 5 Ogres Full command Iron Fists

Iron Blaster

Rolled for the scenario and it was watch tower.  I won the roll to see who controlled the watchtower and promptly placed my unit of Fireglaves in there �S

Rolled for spells

He rolled a 6 and got �?oThe Maw�?�

I got Caress of Laniph and Fate of Bajuna (I�?Tve never tried Death magic before so was interested to see how it went.  In retrospect I should�?Tve stuck with the lore of fire.

His set up was (my left to right)

Unit of bulls with Bruiser, Iron Blaster, Unit of Bulls with Butcher, Unit of bulls.  He was fairly spread out and covered the entire width of the 4�?T gaming table.

My set up

I concentrated all my units on the right hand side of the table the furthest left being the IG with the Castellan in the centre of the table directly behind the Watchtower (and incidentally out of LoS of the Ironblaster), Bull Centaurs, Magma Cannon, Daemonsmith, Wolf Raiders out on the right flank.

As I had the watch tower he got first turn and moved everything forward.

He shot the Iron Blaster at my bull centaurs and despite a good hit failed to cause any wounds.  He then remembered that he missed his magic phase but I let him have it anyway and he cast Maw with the large template irresistibly using his maximum of 6 dice.  He placed the template over the Bull Centaurs and killed two of them leaving just the champ.  Who passed his panic test.  The miscast did a strength 6 hit on the Butcher but he healed it back with the blood gruel thing.  No combat so my turn.

I moved the Bull centaur to right behind the watch tower to hopefully keep it out of trouble, moved the IG to receive a charge from the Ogre Unit with the Bruiser in and my hobgoblin wolf raiders right up the flank to stop the right most unit of bulls marching next turn.

Magic I cast Caress of Laniph on his butcher (second irresistible cast of the game) but only rolled 3 on 2D6 so caused no wounds.  Fortunately my Daemonsmith both survived the miscast and passed hit T test so was not affected by the Curse of Stone.

Shooting and I shot the Magma Cannon at the unit with the Butcher killing 2 ogres the Fireglaves shot at the unit with the Bruiser but hit nothing at all (10 dice and all were ones and twos), still no combat so his turn.

Turn 2

He declared charge on the Bull Centaur and the Building (Bull Centaur with his Bruiser unit and the building with the Butcher) the building had a stand and shoot reaction and the Bull Centaur just stood.  He turned his unit of ogres to face the Hobgoblins and moved the Iron Blaster to point towards the magma cannon and Daemonsmith.

Magic and once again he threw all his dice at Maw casting it but I failed to dispel it.  He placed the template at its furthest reaches which clipped the magma cannon.  The magma cannon promptly disappeared :frowning: .

He then shot his Iron Blaster at my Daemonsmith but  thankfully came up short (despite some creative attempts at measurement)

Combat and by Fireglaves saw off the Ogres to the tune of 4 wounds who then fled.  My Bull Centaur caused a wound and took 2 in return, failed his ld and fled.  The Ogres Tested to stand, passed and stood where they were.

My turn, I declare a charge with the IG into the flank of the Bruiser�?Ts unit.  The Bull Centaur rallies and turns to face back towards the army and the Hobgoblins move around to the flank of the Ogres again :).

Magic and I fail to cast anything shooting and the fireglaves take some more pot shots at the fleeing unit of ogres causing two more wounds.  

Combat and a challenge is declared from the Bruiser and I accept with my Castellan.  In the challenge we both cause two unsaved wounds so my castellan dies and his Bruiser is down to 2 wounds.  The rest of the units attacks despite some horrific rolling still manage to cause 3 unsaved wounds with none taken in return.  The Ogres flee and I give chase but fail to catch.

Turn 3

His turn and his Bruiser�?Ts unit fails to rally and runs towards the board edge.  They fled through the Iron Blaster but it passed it�?Ts panic test and stood firm.  The Butcher�?Ts unit also passed it�?Ts rally test and turned round.  The on the far right he decides that the Unit of Ogres isn�?Tt going to keep turning to face the Hobgoblins and performs a quick reform and then moves away 6�?�.  

The Butcher attempts once again to cast maw but I manage to dispel it.  The Iron Blaster shoots at the unit of IG and once again comes up short (thankfully).

No combat so back to my turn.

The back of unit of Ogres just makes too tempting a target for my Wolf Raiders and having passed both their animosity and fear test they declare charge on them :slight_smile: I also (just for giggles) declared charge with my Last remaining Bull Centaur (with one wound left) on the Iron Blaster.  I figured I had nothing to lose by doing so and it might just tie it up for a turn so it couldn�?Tt shoot.

Magic and I attempt to cast Caress again but fail to cast.  Shooting and it�?Ts more pot shots at the Butcher�?Ts unit taking another Ogre off leaving just the Butcher and the unit champ (now both on one wound)

Combat and I start with the Hobgoblin Wolf Raiders.  The Wolves go first causing a wound then everyone else goes simultaneously.  The Hobgoblins (thanks to the spears on the charge) cause a whopping 3 wounds and one is done in return.  They won :o and to add insult to injury they chase the ogres down!

The Bull Centaur manages to cause one wound on the Iron Blaster and makes his saves against the two caused by the unit so I win by two.  The iron blaster flees and I give chase, running it down this causes the already fleeing Bruiser�?Ts unit to flee more and the Butcher�?Ts unit to fail a panic test and flee once again staying on the board by one inch.

Turn 4 and both Butcher and Bruiser rally.  Butcher attempts once again to cast Maw and I dispel it.  The Bruiser takes some potshots at my IG with his brace of pistols but misses.

No combat so my turn.

I basically just consolidate my position and move my bull centaur to try to keep out of trouble.  Fireglaves shoot at the Bruiser�?Ts unit causing another 3 wounds which removes a model.

Rolls a dice and the game continues.

Turn 5.

He declares charge against my IG with his Bruiser�?Ts unit but fails to reach. His Butcher moves forwards and casts Maw irresistibly and places the template on the IG.  Once again a hit is rolled on the scatter dice (that�?Ts three in a row) and 9 die leaving just 4.  They pass their panic test and stay put.  The miscast however takes the last wound from the Butcher and kills the last remaining ogre in that unit.

My turn and I move the Wolf raiders into his deployment zone and shoot at the Bruiser again.

End of turn and the game ends.

I�?Tm in charge of the Watchtower so I win and have 3 Conquest Points to boot :slight_smile:

Next game will be 1100pts next week.




Wow I thoroughly enjoyed reading the report against the Ogres. Seems like it has been a battle full of events and epic moments!


Thanks Skink.

So far it’s been a fun campaign, and this battle was a bit more of a challenge than the first one. That Maw spell is really nasty but I think it has the potential to go horribly wrong for the caster but in this case every time he rolled for a hit with the scatter dice so was bang on target each time.

The loss of the Magma Cannon was a real blow but the Hobgoblin Wolf raiders made up for it rather nicely.

I do think he made a couple of tactical errors (like standing with his Bruiser instead of giving chase to the lone Bull Centaur) but on the whole I think it was a pretty even game with some good and bad luck on each side.

For the next game I’m thinking of keeping everything the same but swapping the Wolf Raiders for some K’Daai Fireborn but I guess that will depend on what Army I face next.




The game last night at 1100pts was a bit of a shocker. I was fighting tomb kings (the same guy as game 1)

His army as far as I can remember (and check with Army Builder)

High Liche Priest level 4, I know he had Talisman of Preservation but if he had any other magic items they didn�?Tt take part in the game.

Tomb Prince, great weapon, Dragon Helm, Talisman of Endurance

Tomb Herald, great weapon

I�?Tm not sure about any of the other magic items he had other than I know he�?Td got some. They had no effect on the game.

40 Skeletal Warriors full command light armour and shield

2 units of 16 Archers light armour full command.

1 Casket of Souls

I went with the same army as my 1000pts game but switched the Wolf Raiders for K�?TDaai to make it up to 1100.

The scenario was Dawn attack

His set up was (My left to right)


Centre: Archers, Warriors (all characters in here)

Right: Casket

My set up was

Left: Fireglaves

Centre: K�?TDaai, IG(with Castellan behind the K�?TDaai), Bull Centaurs

Right: Daemonsmith, Magma Cannon

I consider myself fortunate that my Daemonsmith and Magma Cannon both rolled on the same side and placed them both in a ruined building.

My Setup

First Turn

He got the first turn and shuffled his units a bit and then went straight for the casket. One irresistible roll later and my Magma Cannon was toast. I had no idea that this was such a destructive thing. Fortunately when rolling for the bounce to another unit he failed otherwise I�?Tm sure my Daemonsmith would�?Tve been in trouble. The miscast did no damage but did drain the rest of the magic dice effectively ending the phase. He had nothing in range to shoot and no combat.

In my turn I move the K�?Tdaai as far forward as I am able to straight up the middle navigating through the gap between the wooded areas towards his Archers and Warriors, ditto for the Bull Centaurs but these guys were heading for the Casket. IG move forwards and the Fireglaves move towards a nice safe tower :slight_smile:

Magic and I cast Fireball on the casket irresistibly causing 15 hits (needing 6s) and do no wounds. Survive both the miscast and the curse of stone.

No shooting or combat so turn ends.

End of turn 1

Second Turn

He moves his centre most unit of archers to shoot at the kdaai and that�?Ts it magic and once again he starts off with the Casket this time aimed at my Bull Centaurs. It�?Ts cast and I don�?Tt attempt to dispel hoping that the proximity of my general (Daemonsmith) will help them out. Boy was I wrong? 6 wounds so 2 guys pop leaving just the unit champ. He does however, pass hit panic test. The rest of the magic phase and the High Liche Priest casts the Skullstorm spell (using the large template) which I�?Tve been saving my dispel dice for but I fail to dispel it. He rolls the artillery dice and gets a misfire then rolls the scatter dice and rolls a hit so the spell is centred on his high liche priest and big unit of warriors. The lich priest takes a wound and the unit loses 18 warriors. He then fails to cast Neru�?Ts Protection on his unit.

Shooting and the Archers do one wound on my K�?TDaai which I save.

My go, first things first and I take my K�?TDaai�?Ts toughness test which I pass. I then declare some charges, Charge one Bull Centaur into the casket and charge two the K�?TDaai into the Archers who stand and shoot but do no damage.

I move my IG up and the Fireglaves into the tower garrisoning it.

Magic and I cast Flaming Sword of Rhuin on the Bull Centaurs which is cast irresistibly . Rolling for the miscast and My Daemonsmith loses his wizard levels and also fails his T test to the curse of stone. So he�?Ts down to one wound time for the better part of valour I think :slight_smile:

Shooting and nothing except the archers in combat with the K�?Tdaai are in range.

Combat and the K�?TDaai start well with all 3 falling to the blazing body rule following up with another 3 from normal attacks. They do no wounds and the unit crumbles so I over run into the big unit of warriors directly behind them.

The star of the show however has to be the Bull Centaur Champion, three attacks, three hits and thanks to the +1 to wound from the Flaming Sword spell 3 wounds none of which are saved So the casket is removed. I was really happy about this after the damage it did on its first two turns.

Now I was unsure about this next bit so if anyone wants to clarify if what we did was right or wrong I�?Td be grateful. As I�?Td wiped out the unit I thought the only thing I could do was overrun 2D6 or stand, my opponent and the resident rules lawyer who was watching the game said no I could combat reform as I�?Td won. I couldn�?Tt find it in the rule book there and then but went with the majority (it was advantageous to me) and reformed to face the flank of the big warrior unit in combat with the K�?TDaai.

End of turn 2

Third Turn

He moved his Archers to start going around the woods.

Magic, now I hadn�?Tt mentioned this up until now but in the campaign Protect and Defend are winning so get a �?obonus�?� in every game. The bonus was you may use up to 6 dice to channel but if you fail to roll any 6s then you have to take a Ld test or give D3 of your casting/dispel dice to your opponent to use as dispel/casting dice. The winds of magic was a roll of 4 (two twos). He attempted to channel with 6 and failed to roll any 6s, he then failed his Ld and consequently had to hand over 3 of his 4 casting dice. He attempted to cast Neru�?Ts Protection which I obviously dispelled.

Combat and I again do some good damage with the K�?TDaai including a wound on the Tomb Herald (which was doubled because he�?Ts flammable) killing him outright. They end up managing a wound in return but I still win by 5.

On to my turn My K�?TDaai loose a wound to the Burning Bright rule and I declare charge with the Bull Centaur into the flank of the unit and then move my IG closer once again.

No casting or shooting so straight to combat He declares a challenge with my tomb prince and I have to accept with my bull centaur champion. I manage two wounds but he doesn�?Tt cause any in return. The K�?TDaai once again do some substantial damage to the unit winning by 6.

At this point the store is about to close so my opponent concedes.

1200 next week :slight_smile:



Goltor Lintrepide:

That was a great battle report Vogon, thanks!

Grimbold Blackhammer:

That was a fun battle!

The FAQ you’re referring to reads when a war machine is destroyed or undead are defeated due to being Unstable, a unit is not permitted to over-run.


Really enjoying thiese reports. thanks heaps.


Round 1200 :slight_smile:

I had a bit of a reshuffle as I realised that I could crowbar a Sorcerer Prophet in at 1200pts so here�?Ts my list

Sorcerer Prophet (lvl3, Lore of Hashut, Darkforged weapon is Furnace Blast St 3 breath weapon)

Daemonsmith (lvl2 Lore of Fire)

14 Infernal Guard (Prophet goes here)

10 Fireglaves

Magma Cannon

3 Bull Centaurs (shield)

3 K�?TDaai Fireborn

5 Hobgoblin Wolf Raiders

Hmmm, I�?Tve just had a quick look at army builder to try to figure out what my opponent had and it looks to me that he only had 1100 points (unless he had a bunch of magic banners that I didn�?Tt know about). Anyway this is what I knew about

Alith Anar


20 Lothern Seaguard (full command)

15 Swordmasters (full command)

10 White Lions (full command)

Scenario was Meeting Engagement we had a fairly small board so the 6�?� back from a diagonal centre line suited us quite well

I got to choose sides and plumped for the side with a nice building to drop my fireglaves in :slight_smile:

Unfortunately Both My Bull Centaurs and Daemonsmith were held in reserve.

He got to deploy everything except his White Lions. Because of this he decided to put Korhil in the unit of Swordmasters along with Alith Anar.

I forgot to take a photo of the deployment but did take one at the end of my first movement phase and there but you can still see most of the deployment.

I got First turn as I Deployed first.

I declared a charge straight against the Seaguard opposite my K�?TDaai. His stand and shoot killed one outright and then my roll was a 5 so they only stumbled forward 3�?�

I moved my wolf raiders close to the tower so that they would prevent the swordmasters marching. I brought my Daemonsmith on and parked him next to the Magma Cannon and brought my Bull Centaurs on at the far end of the table hoping to give the Seaguard something else to worry about.

Magic and I really fluffed the dice rolls here I attempted Ash Storm on the Swordmasters but it was dispelled but I did get breath of hatred off on my IG with my Prophet.

Shooting, nothing was in range of my Fireglaves but oh boy did my Magma Cannon have some fun? I placed the template 2�?� back from the Swordmasters and rolled an 8 for the �?obounce�?� covering 14 of the 17 models in the unit including Alith Anar. He made his look out sir roll but when I�?Td finished rolling there were 5 guys left, Korhil, Alith and the command group.

There was (unfortunately) no combat thanks to my K�?TDaai tripping over all the incoming arrows so it was straight on to his first turn.

He moved both Korhil and Alith out of the unit of Swordmasters, Alith took up a position to shoot at the flank of the wolf riders and Korhil headed towards the IG, the remaining 3 Swordmasters headed towards the Wolf Raiders as well and to finish off he brought his White Lions on opposite my IG.

He had no magic so straight on to shooting. He rolled to hit the wolrf raiders with Alith Anar�?Ts bow of �?oOh my god it�?Ts a bolt thrower�?� and hit nicely. He then cursed himself by muttering those fateful words �?oanything but a 1�?� and promptly rolled it. After much cursing he shot his Seaguard at the K�?TDaai but did no damage.

No combat so back to my turn.

Turn 2

I thought that I�?Td much rather charge than receive a charge from the White Lions so went for it with my IG. I also charged both the K�?Tdaai and the Bull Centaurs at the Sea Guard and just to round things off nicely I thought I�?Td have a stab with the wolf raiders at Korhil everyone stood to receive their charges except the Seaguard who stood and shot at my K�?TDaai. This time the K�?TDaai didn�?Tt take any damage from the archers but the incoming arrows obviously distracted the bound daemons as the rolled snake eyes for charge distance :frowning:

Everyone else rolled suitably high and got in to combat :slight_smile:

Magic and I cast Fulminating cage on the Sea guard killing 3 and attempted ash storm at the White Lions but failed to cast.

Shooting and I thought that as Alith Anar was away from any protective unit he�?Td make a great target for the Magma Cannon. A couple of dice rolls later and he was dead, that D3 multiple wound thing really helps against characters :slight_smile:

Now onto combat and that didn�?Tt go quite so well. The White Lion champ declared a challenge and due to the rules of the campaign my Sorcerer Prophet had to accept. He missed (even with the re-roll) and I managed to pass both of his saving throws from my hits and wounds rolling double 6. The troops then went at it and I lost 6 to his loss of 2 but I rolled nice and low for my break test so got to stick around (not sure if that was a good thing or not).

Korhil declared a challenge with my wolf raiders and they lost and ran away Korhil chasing. So that�?Ts him out of the way for another turn :slight_smile:

The last combat saw my Bull Centaurs kill 6 Seaguard and took no wounds in return chasing them when they broke but didn�?Tt catch.

His turn and there was not much to be done here. He declared charge with both Korhil and the Swordmasters into the back of the already fleeing Wolf raiders who legged it even further and he failed to rally the Seaguard who ran off the table.

Combat and my Sorcerer Prophet took one wound from the Lion Champ and killed him in return (earning a roll on the eye of the gods table in the process +1T) and the rest of the combat meant I lost again (with just the command group left to hit back) I managed to kill a couple and just about kept in the combat thanks to a luckily low break test.

Turn 3

My K�?TDaai fail their toughness test and are reduced to one wound. My Wolf Raiders once again fail their rally test and leg it off the table edge. My Bull Centaurs turn to face Korhil who looks like he�?Ts angling for a charge.

Magic and I roll nice and high I cast fireball at the Swordmasters finishing the unit off, Ash Storm on the White Lions and Breath of hatred on my last remaining IG.

Shooting Now that he�?Ts in range my Fireglaves take a wound from Korhil and then he�?Ts finished off with the Magma Cannon.

Combat and the White lions finish of the IG leaving just the Sorcerer Prophet to hit back. I use the Furnace blast breath weapon killing 5 and winning the combat single handedly. They break and flee off the table.

There are no elves left on the table so even though as far as I can tell he had 100 points less than me at the start of the game I think that counts as a victory :slight_smile:

Also as my Sorcerer Prophet got an advance he can carry that over to the next game as well. T6 seems pretty good to me even if I can�?Tt now upgrade him to a level 4.

I don�?Tt know if I�?Tll be gaming next week as I�?Tve got to go to the USA for a few days and land back Thursday morning (campaign night) so may be a bit jet lagged. If I do though I�?Tm going to field a Destroyer for the first time, I�?Tll be Proxying a Great Spined Beast of Chaos but I we�?Tll see how I feel on the day.




Back again with a half a battle report.

The campaign is now up to 1400 points but unfortunately we didn�?Tt get to finish the game due to a late start and the store closing.

For my list I had:-
Sorcerer Prophet (Lvl3 lore of Hashut, Talisman of Protection) Due to the campaign the rules he kept the Darkforged weapon as a Furnace Blast St 3 breath weapon and have a toughness of 6.
Daemonsmith Sorcerer (lvl2 Lore of Fire, dispel scroll)
Dark Castellan (Shield)
15 Infernal Guard (FC Gleaming Pendant)
10 Fireglaves
Magma Cannon
K�?TDaai Destroyer (I was using a Great spined beast to proxy)
Campaign Bonuses
Blazing barricade
Tower (Ziggurat) of blood

He had Breatonians

Lord (Sword of anti-heroes virtue of confidence)
Paladin (BSB Warbanner virtue of duty)
Damsel (lvl2 Life)
15 Knights of the realm (FC)
12 Questing Knights (FC)

I�?Tm not sure if there were any other magic banners or items, if there were they played no part in the battle.

My set up

His set up
(this was at the end of my first turn after I�?Td shot with my Magma Cannon but before his first turn)

Turn 1

He prayed to the Lady for the ward save

I moved my K�?TDaai and IG forwards towards the Questing nights.  I moved the K�?TDaai to behind a building both to prevent charges against it and prevent the frenzied charge until I was ready for it.
Magic was pretty ineffective but I did cast Flaming Sword of Rhuin on the IG.  Shooting and I wiped out 6 Knights of the realm with the Magma Cannon.

Turn 2
He decided not to move his Questing knights, I think he was worried about the magma cannon and didn�?Tt think want to declare charge on the IG as they were only just in range and would need to roll 11 or 12 to reach.
He moved his peasants forward towards a building keeping the building between themselves and my ranged weapons.
He also performed a swift reform on his Knights of the realm and moved them over towards the Questing knights in the hope of getting out of range of the Magma Cannon.
His magic phase and he cast Regrowth on the Knights and got 2 back and failed to cast shield of thorns.
He shot his peasant bowmen at the IG and failed to hit with anything.

My turn 2 and I moved the K�?TDaai to be in a position to charge the Questing knights in the flank next turn (assuming they were still there) and held my IG where they were.

Magic was once again pretty ineffective I failed to cast Flames of Azgorh and he dispelled Flaming Sword of Rhuin which I�?Td attempted on my IG again.  Shooting and the only thing in line of sight were the knights of the realm with the magma cannon and it came up short, even with the re-roll :frowning:

I think you can see from the picture that He�?Td got himself a bit bunched up in the top corner by this time, all out of range of my shooing but unable to do anything else.

Turn 3
He declares charge with his Questing knights against my IG (still needing an 11 or 12 to make it) and a charge against my K�?TDaai with the Knights of the realm assuming that his questing knights would make it.  They didn�?Tt.  The Questing knights move 5�?� forward and the Knights of the realm stop 1�?� shy of their flank.
Magic was once again regrowth (I�?Td totally forgotten about the Dispel scroll by this point) adding another knight of the realm back and this time he did get shield of thorns off on his questing knights.
Shooting and though this time he did make some hits against my IG nothing made it past my toughness.

I charged the Destroyer into the flank of the questing knights who held and attempted a charge with my IG but fail miserably.
Magic and another low roll for casting dice and I decided to throw all 4 at Flames of Azgorh which I cast irresistibly and targeted the peasants.  I killed enough to cause a panic test which they failed an ran.
Combat and I got one knight with the flaming attacks and another 3 with the K�?TDaai�?Ts attacks and took no wounds in return. Thanks to all the combat res I still ended up losing by one.  He gets to reform and places his Lord, Paladin and unit champ in place next to the K�?TDaai.

Turn 4

He fails his Rally test and his archers are off the board.
He swift reforms his Knights of the realm and turns them round to go back around towards the Magma Cannon in order to go around the terrain.
Magic and he gets no spells off.  Combat and I take a wound from his Lord and kill the champion with the blazing body rule his Lord�?Ts attacks do no damage, nor do his Paladin�?Ts.  I kill another 3 knights and they do no damage in return, so this time it�?Ts a drawn combat thanks to his loss of ranks.

At this point the store manager said it was time to pack up so we shook hands and calculated our campaign score.  By virtue of the fact the peasant bowmen had legged it off the board I won the game so I went away with 3 conquest points.

Final round next week and it�?Ts 1500.

I�?Tm not sure if I should continue to include the K�?TDaai.  It was reasonable but not spectacular but then I wasn�?Tt getting thunderstomp attacks against the horses which could�?Tve made quite a difference.  

I�?Td really like to hear your thoughts on this.




The K’daai for me is my game winner and bread and butter. You were just unfortuanate enough to play against Bretonnians. Against infantry the Destroyer does exactly what is in its name.


Campaign game last night and I am shamed to report my first loss with the chaos dwarfs (at least during the campaign) against Lizardmen

My list now at 1500pts

Sorcerer Prophet (Lvl3 lore of Hashut, Talisman of Protection) Due to the campaign the rules he kept the Darkforged weapon as a Furnace Blast St 3 breath weapon and have a toughness of 6.

Daemonsmith Sorcerer (lvl2 Lore of Fire, dispel scroll)

Dark Castellan (Shield, Black Hammer of Hashut, Iron Curse Icon)

20 Infernal Guard (FC Gleaming Pendant)

10 Fireglaves

Magma Cannon

K�?TDaai Destroyer (I was using a Great Spined Beast to proxy)

Campaign Bonuses

Blazing barricade

Tower (Ziggurat) of blood

My opponent

Slann Mage Priest (Lore of Fire, Focused Rumination, Higherstate of Consciousness)

Scar Vet (Light Armour, Shield Pirahna Blade)

Skink Priest (Lvl1 Talisman of Protection)

30 Saurus Warriors (FC)

12 Skink Skirmishers (Javelin Shield)


10 Temple Guard (FC)

1 Salamander hunting pack

Dawn Attack was the scenario rolled.

My Set up

Though you can�?Tt see it the Daemonsmith was next to the Magma Cannon.

His Set up

Both the Scar-Vet and the Slann were in the unit of Temple Guard.

Turn 1

He got the first turn and moved everything forwards marching the skinks into the woods (which turned out to be a normal wood) and marched with the Saurus to get closer to battle.

His magic was all out of range and his one shot from the Stegadon missed the K�?TDaai.

I declared charge against the rather tempting target of the Saurus Warriors with my K�?TDaai (needing to roll 10) which failed. Other than that I moved stuff forwards, marching the Fireglaves towards the tower and the IG to the right to go round the tower (hopefully to get the Temple Guard in the rear or flank later in the game)

Magic, I rolled nice and high for casting dice and opened with Flame Storm from my Daemonsmith. Irresistible! Ok so at least the spell went off killing 6 Saurus Warriors. However, the miscast rolled for Dimensional Cascade, the St10 hit caught the magma cannon taking a wound from it, the Daemonsmith (not surprisingly) suffered a wound and then promptly rolled a 2 so was removed from the board.

Thankfully I could still cast with my Sorcerer Prophet and had a crack at Flames of Azgorh using the rest of the dice but I failed to cast.

Shooting and my Magma Cannon took another 4 saurus warriors off the big unit.

End of turn 1

Turn 2

No charges and He moves the skinks to shoot at the K�?TDaai and moves the Saurus Warriors another few inches closer to the K�?TDaai and Magma Cannon. He moves the skink priest forwards right out in the open and moves the Temple Guard unit up behind the woods in the middle of the table.

Magic the casting dice roll was really low and The Slann casts Firestorm at the building with my sorcerer prophet in, when the dust settles he�?Td lost one wound.

He shoots at the K�?TDaai with his Skirmishers and does 2 wounds with the poisoned javelins. He takes a pot shot at the Magma Cannon with his Salamander but misfires and eats 2 of the skinks

Still no combat so onto my turn.

First off the K�?TDaai passes it�?Ts toughness test and then declares charge against the Saurus Warriors who hold. The IG continue to march forwards and the Fireglaves move into the tower.

Magic and I cast Breath of hatred on the IG and then attempt firestorm at the Slaan�?Ts unit but this is dispelled.

Shooting and my Magma cannon takes out 6 skinks but the pass their Ld test thanks to the proximity of the Slaan.

Combat, the K�?TDaai kills a shed load of Saurus (even before the thunderstomp) but does take two wounds back in return. The thunderstomp only kills a couple more but it�?Ts enough to win the combat by 5. They break and the K�?TDaai runs them down.

Turn 3

He moves his skirmishers to once again shoot at the K�?TDaai and turns his Salamander towards the tower containing the Fireglaves and moves his stegadon back towards the tower to intercept the IG coming round the corner.

Magic a decent roll for casting dice and he casts the Fulminating Flame Cage on my IG killing one after I failed to dispel it and flame storm against the fireglaves in the tower killing only 1

Shooting and the Salamander�?Ts template does the full 6 hits against the fireglaves causing 2 kills

My turn and I turn the K�?TDaai towards the Temple Guard hoping to get a charge in before it pops. I decide not to move my IG figuring that even if I take a charge from the Stegadon I�?Tll have enough with rank bonuses and such like I may win the combat and the fact I�?Tm stubborn with the Castellan in there that they�?Tll at least not run away if I lose (you can tell what�?Ts coming can�?Tt you?)

Magic and low dice roll means I only attempt Flame Storm but it�?Ts dispelled thanks only to the fact that a Slann is level 4.

Shooting and my Magma Cannon kills 3 skinks (who again pass their Ld) and my Fireglaves take a couple of wounds from the Salamander.

Turn 4

He charges my IG with his Stegadon into my IG who hold. He also moves his Temple Guard to receive a possible charge from the K�?TDaai. And once again he reposistions his skinks to shoot at the K�?TDaai

Magic and a nice high and he proceeds to casts Chain Lightning on my K�?TDaai from the skink priest doing thankfully only doing one wound taking the beast down to one. He fluffs his roll for firestorm ending the phase.

Shooting and the Salamander kills another 2 Fireglaves but thankfully the 3 remaining skinks only score one poisoned hit which I save.

Combat, oh dear. The Impact hits (no-one told me that stegadons did impact hits) killed 3, the skinks failed to do anything but the stegadon killed another 2 and then another 3 from thunderstomp. My IG did precisely no damage, none, nada eff all, and that includes the Castellan with his black hammer. Oh Great Hashut had forsaken me and the dice gods were cruel. Still even though I lost the combat I was stubborn right? No Box cars and I fled. The Stegadon duly gave chase and trampled the whole unit into the dust.

At this point (despite being halfway through a turn) the store manager called time and it was time to pack up.

I abase myself before the forum for losing (especially after such a promising start) but we had a cracking game anyway :slight_smile:

I still managed to pick up 2 points in the campaign (one for turning up and one for having a unit in my opponent�?Ts deployment zone)

The last round is next week and the points hold steady at 1500.



Goltor Lintrepide:

Another great battle report Vogon! So sad you lost, it was looking very good at first, if it wasn’t for this lucky stegadon, things could have turned out very different.

I hope it was a fun game anyway!


Yawarakaimatsuka, thanks. Yes the game was a blast that both of us enjoyed immensely.

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory with that last roll of the dice to see if the “stubborn” unit of Infernal Guard held could have made all the difference but alas it was not to be. If they had not run then as time was called I would’ve still won as his unit of Saurus was over 300 points and up to that point the only thing I’d lost was my Daemonsmith in the first turn. We both had a good laugh about that one and we’re both looking forward to next week.

From my own point of view I always find dawn attack a challenge as you never have an optimal set up, I was lucky (or so I thought) that the Daemonsmith landed in the same set up block as the Magma Cannon, though having my IG out on the right flank was not helpful in the least.

The K’Daai did me proud its effectiveness against infantry is quite something and I can see why people call it overpowered. In this game I guess I was lucky that he had so few skinks but the campaign has tended to mean everyone has built an all comers list as you don’t know until you turn up who you’ll be fighting (hence his Lore of Fire on the Slann) so my opponent had chosen a relatively balanced list with the skinks basically to run interference and latch onto targets of opportunity. If he had known that he was playing me and I was bringing a K’Daai he’d have used a lot more of them.