[Archive] Next WF book revealed at Games Day

Thommy H:

“Monstrous Aracana”, apparently - a book containing rules for 53 monsters, including a phoenix, elementals for each of the battle magic Lores (the Beast one of which we’ve already seen) and Fimir warriors.

I assume they’ll be in the form of Scrolls of Binding, but appropriate armies may be able to take them as character mounts or Rares, like the Skaven thing they just released.

Vincent Intkeys:

Fimir…Hell yeah

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Hashut’s Blessing:

As soon as I read Monstrous Arcana, I assumed it would be a book of scrolls of binding. I’m looking forward to it and it makes sense - it allows them to make things for Fantasy, since they previously didn’t really do much because they like bigger kits.

As Thommy H said, based on the Brood Horror mount idea, it’s likely that they can be used as mounts in appropriate armies (I doubt the elementals will be).

Would be good if they came out with a game in which to use them - as I was typing that, I realised that SoM is that game, hahaha!

Thommy H:

Yeah, the modularity of Storm of Magic is exactly what the Forge World guys were waiting for, I bet.

Groznit Goregut:

I’m going to see if I can run a day tournament that lets you take creatures from SoM book as Rare choices. Maybe this book too?

Hashut’s Blessing:

By the looks of things, Groznit, this book will be an additional set of monsters and such like for storm of magic.

I’d recommend considering some of them as specials instead (harpies, sabretusks, cold ones, white lions, etc).

Thommy H:

A bit more info.

Nice to see Harry backing up my completely baseless guess about the rules probably letting you include them as Rares in the relevant armies too…


From my post on warseer:

A couple of photos.

From what I remember, there’s a (another) two headed dragon that’s currently being sculpted (not chaos).

In artwork: Human sized werewolves (werekin??) At least 4 skaven creatures including (as someone else said, a huge abomination thing). Rat wolves.

Some creature that looks like it’s a chaos spider covered in little spiders.

A few undead things in there including a vargulf type creature.

A big dinosaur (as someone else said)

Loads of typical fantasy monsters. Typical to fantasy generally I mean (unseen in warhammer before).

Also something which caught my attention, a golden empire griffon statue that fires fireballs out of it’s chest!

Due to be out next games day (or thereabouts). Edit. That’s what I was told, but it seems some people have been told early-mid next year.


there are 2 dinosaurs allegedly (at least pages for them titled Dino 1 and Dino 2)

There is a “Shard Dragon” which looks pretty cool a basilisk a giant saurus for the lizard men and a super giant construct for tomb kings, it was called a ******* titan. I’ll try to fill the blanks in when I get my camera later this evening.

Have fun



Oops, i got my hand mixt, it won’t happen again!

Thommy H:

Wrong thread for that. This is about Monstrous Arcana.

Hashut’s Blessing:

All good stuff to hear and cool that Thommy H’s and my guesses were right - at least rumoured to be. Maybe it will come out both at Games Day and early-mid next year :wink:


Small update now I�?Tm a bit more awake

The giant Tomb King thing is a Kanopic Titan, other things I managed to get snaps of are something called a Mouigul (not sure what it is but it looks sort of like a giant chaos possessed treeman) a creature described as a Fenbeast++ a Phoenix and a giant squig which is pretty much the one featured in the trailer for Warhammer Online.

I�?Tm at work at the moment but I�?Tll do my best to upload some pictures later on today.










Khemri Titan


Giant squig

Hashut’s Blessing:

Mouigol is presumably for Vampire counts of the Death Elemental, but looks pretty intriguing.

Basilisk appears to have 8 limbs, which is certainly a new take on th basilisk to my knowledge, but looks a bit bland otherwise. The colours look like they’re their to make up for a lack of anything else to look at, barring the many limbs.

Phoenix - okay, but a little lacklustre. However, I do like the darker colourscheme for it. Makes it feel like it should be called a Bloodphoenix or something.

Khemri Titan - I like the idea of a giant construct, I like the idea of scarabs in the army. Unfortunately, I don’t like the idea of pyramid sized scarabs… Especially without any fluff/model/background/rules-based precedent for it. Just doesn;t sit right for some reason.

Giant squig - acceptable, but not exciting. Makes me hope that the other stuff is far cooler (and somehow makes me expect it to be, so it makes me happy in that sense!).


It really sounds like WF shifted gears… it looks like they’re breaking away from FW’s business model of campaign books and models and going to one where they release a book that is more broadly applicable to everyone and then just trickling out those models. Maybe its just the WF equivalent of the FW Apocalypse books, but with the way the CD list was seamingly short changed, the way they said they aren’t doing anymore CD, and then the time frame for producing all the units it this… it really points to a much more dramatic shift in emphasis away from the campaign style books.

I’m looking forward to Fimir… their slaver mentality I always thought complimented CD.

I heard that WF will release all the creatures in “Monstrous Aracana” over the year and a half following the books release… so this book is a bigger deal than their first one.


Well I was told on more than one occasion by different staff members that everything in the Monstrous Arcana will get a model, so the fact that Bull Centaurs are in there is encouraging.

I was also told within a year of the book being released and everything finished by games day next year.


BC in Monstrous Arcana only adds to the vibe WF almost decided to abandon the Tamurkhan book… its like they decided to change formats and salvage what they could and then moved on to the next as quickly as possible. First it was 3 books, then one book… then one book with less… then one book with some redundancy to the book that follows it.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Saying that the Bull Centaurs are in the Monstrous Arcana book means Tamurkhan is being abandoned more isn’t logical to me because the Lammasu and Great Taurus were in the Storm of Magic book, which would have to have meant the same thing, theoretically.

Me wants this book though!


I said it only adds to that sentiment, not that its the sole basis for that thought. What is 100% clear, with the Tamurkhan book, is they downsized it a lot. If CD were what they really wanted to work on would WF try and get away from that and onto the next book so quickly?-I don’t think so. The downsizing says to me at some point they sat down and made a decision to change the direction they were going. I think WF did what they had to just to move to what they wanted to do more quickly.

I tend to think this decision making largely happened before we even knew a CD list was happening with WF, since the first thing WF said was that their goal was to produce a variety of monsters available to as many different armies as possible. A CD list really doesn’t fit that, even when you consider WoC can add CD.

I think the Lammasu and Great Taurus’  presence in the SoM book implies GW won’t necessarily be doing a CD book anytime soon… but they’re atleast warming up to it.