[Archive] Not sure if I can continue... Is it worth it?


I’ve been working on my CDs for a while now, and I’m starting to doubt my choice of army- it isn’t expensive using BFSP, but it does take forever to convert. I’m going to pare down on some of the conversions I do, but even still- it’s a ton of work, and I’m really considering dropping the whole idea. Not to mention everyone and their grandmother seems to be doing it. Can anyone give me motivation? Or should I go with Empire instead?

Father Grumpmas:

I was lucky and scored a lot of the 5th edition big hats cheaply just as 6th edition Warhammer came out. I still had to convert the Sneaky Gits and Black Orcs up from scratch (mixture of availability and cost).

There are a number of reasons why you should carry on with the conversions.

- the Chaos Dwarfs are fun to play and work quite differently on the battlefield to other armies.

- it probably seems that the lot of people are doing the BfSP conversion but a forum like this pulls in people from all over the world and there will be lot of people who start this conversion project but don’t finish. The converted BfSP army will still be a fairly unique project

- even if you aren’t great at painting or converting, the sight of a finished army that you have put a heap of conversion work into is very satisfying indeed

- it seems almost certain that a new Chaos Dwarf book will appear in the future and some, if not all, of your BfSP figures will be usable for the new armies

- any greenskin figures you work on can be press-ganged into an Orc and Goblin army. Your Chaos Dwarfs can also sub in as normal Dwarfs (just a bit Chaotic looking is all)

Hope this provides a bit of help - I was tossing up whether to take Orcs or Chaos Dwarfs to a competition in July but I now feel honour-bound to take the Chaos stunties :hat off


See, that’s the thing- I always convert my armies. So for me CDs are less of a ‘Wow, I converted everything’ army and more of ‘Wow, look how much time I’ve spent on this…’. And with my other armies, I don’t have too much free time to devote to converting and painting. I’m going to wait a while, and think it over- and see how attractive Empire is.

Father Grumpmas:

Fair enough - if an army becomes too much of a chore then maybe it isn’t worth it.

Have you tried having some games with it, even though it is not complete? The CD’s are fun to play and some games might provide some motivation.

The new Empire book is pretty cool but GW have lowered the points cost of most basic troops and increased the $ price of the mini’s by about 50-60%. Unless you already have a lot of figures, an Empire army with lots of foot troops could be quite expensive


Try only doing half of the converting. you don’t say how much you are doing: beards, armour, masks? You’ll also find that as you go on it takes less and less time to do

The Flying Beaver:

Chaos dwarfs aren’t your everyday all-conversion army- there’s something special about being able to say “Yes, I play Chaos Dwarfs.” Don’t let yourself get discouraged, this is one of the most rewarding armies there are.


Whenever I get disheartened about an army (painting, converting or whatever) I usually just take a break for a few weeks. Either that or just paint or convert something entirely different.

I wouldn’t sell off something you’ve invested a lot of time in until you’re absolutely certain beyond all shadow of a doubt that you aren’t likely to get interested in it again at some point in the future.


Yea, if you start to convert all at once at a quick rate, you get burned out. Right now, i’ve taken a break from converting my dawi zarr because I spent a couple long days converting Dwarf warriors into immortals. If you feel rushed to convert for the sake of playing, DON’T. convert what you can and just play with the rest in the back ranks. No one notices the back ranks as much if you have coolly converted CD in the front.


For added motivation, don’t forget that GW often consults the forums when developing new books. Druchii.net even got some changes put into the dark elf book after it was published. There are relatively few CD players, so what better reason to finish your models than to be one of the developers of the new WA: Dawi’zharr

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Almost no one out there is playing Chaos Dwarfs. Do not forget that we are in this forum for a reason - because the Dawi’zharr are an army that is extremely hard to build because almost no models are available and there have been no new rules for ages.

I am in a German forum for many years now with some 2000 registered users or so and as far as I can remember, there are only two (including me) guys there collecting Chaos Dwarfs. It is not only about the conversion work, it’s also about the exotic factor - you will always get “aahs” and “oohs” when you turn up with the evil stunties. :slight_smile: This is hard to accomplish with any other army, because these are so readily available.

And - as a special bonus - Chaos Dwarfs easily have some of the best rules and units in the Old World.


Well, I’ve made my choice- I’m staying. And I’m nearly done painting my first unit, so I’ll have pics soon.

Father Grumpmas:

Hooray - Chaos Stunties for ever.

I’m off on holiday shortly so I am finally going to buy a decent digital camera and I will get some pics of my stuff up shortly too.


Well, I've made my choice- I'm staying. And I'm nearly done painting my first unit, so I'll have pics soon.

I'm glad to hear it.
Nobody gets out of here alive, you know. *lowers blunderbuss*


Hooray! Every person who takes up CDs strikes a blow against GWs attempt to kill off all the unique armies!



We don’t normally condone threadomancy, but look this thread over. I got to thinking about this when I considered the latest “will GW ever do CDs” thread. Is there anything that’s changed?

Look at it, there are a few inactive posters, a few that were unregistered, a now retired staffer, etc. Point is not much has changed from GW, but it sure has here: we are a whole lot bigger, and even more vibrant.

Chaos Dwarfs are the toughest army out there right now to assemble, I’m sure there are a certain segment of chaos dwarf players that collect for that reason alone. It’s also by far and away the most rewarding.


So, you resurrected the thread to say that nothing’s changed and that’s okay/expected?

In other, breaking news, the sun came up this morning…

Border Reiver:

I had no idea that the Dark Side could bring the dead back to life…

Not much has changed - we’re still a legitimate army, we’re still “in the rotation to be updated, eventually”, we still debate how we want our CDs to look; and we’re probably the army with the most fanatical followers.

All I want out of this hobby is the chance to relax and to feel a small measure of pride when I bring out the little plastic and pewter toys in how they look and how well I can play with them.


So, you resurrected the thread to say that nothing's changed and that's okay/expected?

In other, breaking news, the sun came up this morning...

In other breaking news GRNDL is being a ray of sunshine this am.

More like there are plenty of new people that don't have the knowledge experience on this to know that this site, this army is about dedication. And as evidenced by some of the latest status threads ie where are CDs going it behooves the community to point out where we were and where we are. Especially considering GW seems to be a disinterested as ever despite rumors.

My point is give some of the newer folks perspective that they may not otherwise have. I doubt everyone uses search or combs through old threads.

If your bothered by the message no one is forcing you to read it. However pointing out that perseverance is required for this army is hardly a bad thing IMHO, YMMV.

It would appear that perseverance is a given in fact needed, but perhaps it needs to be pointed out.

Border- indeed ifanything this hobby has dusted off my design skills for the WoH!


I’m not bothered by the thread, I’m not sure where you got that idea from. I guess my point is, why not just post a new thread rather than “breaking” netiquette and committing threadomancy?


For those wondering I brought this back based on this:http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=6717

GRNDL- why did I think you were bothered by it? You’re GRNDL! :wink:

BR- “Not from a Jedi”. :wink: