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Ogranoth blackhammer:

this will be my blog of chaosy things. (mortals, and dwarves)

i’m working on the SB i posted in this thread, which i will post up when done. i am also endeavoring to continue GS’ing.

btw, anyone know how to get by the high price of GS?

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Ogranoth blackhammer:

question: do all CD beards have to be black/dark blue?


I’ve always seen them that way. Though I suspect older ones could have white.

Test your idea out though, see how it looks! Though I do recommend uniform appearance in beards.

Pyro Stick:

question: do all CD beards have to be black/dark blue?

Ogranoth blackhammer
I have Dark Grey, Blue and Brown beards in my army (not all 3 colours on one model though lol). Some beards even have some purple in them.

Ogranoth blackhammer:


update of text.

i just finished with my second CD. the beard started out defined, but i made too much GS and i didnt want to waste it, so i continued on the whole model. its gone semi-flat. most of it will be covered by a BB so it won’t look too bad. my mask attempt looks like its sloughing off though…i suck at gaging the amount to knead…


The beards of my chaos dwarfs are orange! So, pretty much paint em whatever colour ye like. Except for, say, apricot. That would just be weird.

Ogranoth blackhammer:

i agree. apricot is not a beard color.


Whatever works for you really - I try and always use a fairly limited palette when painting so i would pick something that complements colours you are already using

Ghrask Dragh:

I like the whole multi-colour beard, Khan!'s army is really cool, also try blue, purple, white and why not mix the colours too :smiley:

It’s hard to guess how much GS you are going to need and even those who ave been sculpting for years don’t get it exactly right, so don’t be too bothered about that. You can get alot more Green Stuff for alot less money on eBay, GW are ridiculously priced for the amount you get.

Looking forward to seeing your pics :cheers


In my classic army I have a lot of different colours but in the new army I’m doing all will be black with blue, purple, grey and yes, turquoise highlights. :slight_smile:


As a general rule, try not to post a blog until you have some pictures to show!



In my opinion the colour of the beards depend on your army style.

BigHats are predestinated for a more uniform colour scheme, the old marauder ones rather to a more chaotic and particular one - to mean more colourful and not compulsive realistic!


Ogranoth blackhammer:

i am painting my SB tonight. i will post pics when done.

Ogranoth blackhammer:

here are some pics:

the SB =

and a WIP BB for the SB’s unit


Looking nice so far. The BSB is nice and will stand out, which I’ve found can be a small problem for CD unless you get creative… so good job on that!

The Blunderbuss should look cool when painted.

Ogranoth blackhammer:

thanks. note he’s just a standard bearer for te blunderbussers

Kera foehunter:

nice paint job!!love the gold banner

Ogranoth blackhammer:

thanks. the icon is bronze with gold eyes.