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I hope that starting a plog here will keep me motivated, so let’s start!

My goal is to achieve ~3000 points. Here is a list of my future troops :

- Lord on Taurus

- 1 Daemonsmith

- 1 BSB Castellan

- 2 Khans on wolves

- 30 Infernal guards with shield

- 30 Infernal guards with Great Weapon

- 40 Hobgoblins with shield

- 40 Hobgoblins with bows

- 5 Centaurs with Great Weapon

- 1 K’Daai Destroyer

- 1 Hellcanon

- Maybe others warmachines.

You already saw my K’Daai in the previous contest:

I’ll change the base border, from green to brown, and modify the grass, to be more chaotic.

More WIP are coming.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



This looks promising! I can’t wait to see what you do with your infernal guard.

Goltor Lintrepide:

The K’daai looks nice, mais je prendrais bien un chiantos!

Ghrask Dragh:

Cool hammer, evil base and a great start :hat off


@gIL : unfortunately, I won’t work with the Forgeworld guards. So there won’t be the amount of conversion you are waiting for…

I continue with my actual WIP, the two Khans. I really like the centaur concept, I extended it to this heroes. The Chaos can’t transform Dwarfs, but Hobgoblins can be affected, no? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is the first one:

It’s my first try with green stuff, I tried something simple but I’m not totally convinced. Do you have any ideas to “hobgoblinize” him further?


you need to add him some hairs, the fabric hat like the other hobgobbos, and maybe the tongue sticking out :wink:


I’m using Goblins from Mantic as Hobgoblins.

They don’t have hair, just a kind of hood. Hard to make an orc look like them! More pics to come, I painted the first 5, but need to finalize them.

I also started my Hellcannon, after the read of Garganthar’s post. I like this miniature, even if it’s hard to get all three servants on his base.
I tried to make it emerge from the ground. I’ll do a rocky base with burned grass and rocks.

Any ideas for the servants? I prefer converting to buying… :wink:


A small update to present a WIP of my second Khan :

I also received the minis that will be converted to centaurs, but no work has yet been done.


A lot of great stuff here, great work!!!


Cheers guys for your support!

I’m now working on Bull Centaurs. I’m using a Chaos horse and I searched the right mini for the upper body part, but except ogres, I found nothing. But ogres were too fat… And Mantic released it’s Ogres, which are way better!

Ok their legs are horrible, but the torso is perfect for my need.

Let’s show some photos :

I still have to finish the front armour and to add two horns, maybe extend his beard.

And 4 more to do like this one !


I´m no fan of the whole centaraus concept in general, but your mantic ogres look really authentic!


I’m still working on my Centaurs… I nearly finished the third, champion is on the right :

There’s still work to do : add horns, base and finish the standard an musician.

Hope you like them !


Just bought my some chaos knight horses and thought about using mantic ogres. You’re BCs are totally awesome! I’m gonna hav to use regurlar GW ogres or seriously greenstuff mine - can’t have me making copies.

They look very mean. Top work!


I bought the horses a long time ago but wasn’t convinced by GW Ogres, as I asked here.

I was tempted by dragon ogres upper part but it was too expensive / too rare on bitz shops. Then Mantic released their ogres, which have small hips and large shoulders.

They don’t need too much green stuff (perfect for me, I need to practice).


I like your BC, nice work! But I have to say that I favor FW BC over any converted ones out there.


So long without any news! Sorry about that… I’ve been working on my hobgoblins, on my centaurs, and on a sorcerer, but I forget to send pics.

That’s not very much, but I also spent some time on regular dwarfs for a tournament and on a display board for a lizardmen mate, added to a really slow painting rate… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ok, so let show some photos !

Mantic Hobgoblins :

Only the last rank is done, here’s an example :

This minis are the worst miniatures I ever bought. Details are awful, arms are in metal while the torso is in plastic… They’re cheap, you understand why when you get them.


I made their bases. I wanted to give a try to the crackle paint, just before GW released their own.

The Tauruk is ready to paint :

And I already start the basics layer and tried some shadowing on one of them:


I wanted to use this mini from Avatar of War to be a demonist:

My idea was to remove the axe blades and do a magical staff, remove the crossbow for some kind of spell throwing hand, and remove the backpack.

But the mini is in metal and the backpack was a problem.

So I tried with the regular rangers (the above mini is a ranger hero) and here is the result :

I’m not really pleased by the cloak, too straight, not smooth enough… The photo reveal this kind of details, now I see it, it’s even worst than I thought.

I will see how I can repair it.

The mould lines are also more visibles on photos, sorry about that, I’ll remove them!



More great stuff! Those BC looks really good!


I am stealing your centaur idea! They look perfect. And they come with great weapons too!

Does anyone know if the marauder horses have their heads as separate bits?
Chaos knight bodies look cooler, but the marauders are cheaper.


Nice BC conversion - keep up the good work


Your saddle work has turned out really good. That’s actually the critical part of the chaos steed bull centuars. Good job sir.

Like Avatar of War priest. Thought about thwm rangers myself, nice miniatures.