[Archive] Orcs/Ogre player taking an interest!


Hi all! I don’t play chaos dwarves (yet), but I’ve always loved the concept. I play O&G and Ogres, so I don’t think it’d be hard for me to expand into chaos dwarves. I really like what you folks have done here and I love to see well converted armies, so I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of me around here.




Got damn it would be nice if you made CDs! I really love your ogre conversions!

- Kyte


Haha, these days Chaos Dwarfs are the convergence of Chaos, Dwarfs, Orcs and Ogres. So it’s not that far off indeed!


Welcome, I’d really like to see some pics of your other armies.

Good luck with your CDs.


Here are the links to my two ogre projects, some Khorne ogres that are for a team tournament at the end of march and the Lazarghs tribe which are going to be a heavily converted army with a theme drawn from the OK army book.��Here is my gallery of the Bonemaw ogres, my first serious attempt at a WHFB army.��I started playing with the O&G back before the storm of chaos, but then I got away from warhammer for a couple years, and I got back in right when the OK were released, and just loved the models.��I just started painting night goblins again since the re-release of the army book. Here’s the start of my first unit-

Nothing too special, but that’s the point.��I’ve been doing so much converting lately that I’m going to keep my greenskins simple, for now.


It always kind of surprises me that more O&G players don’t start up a CD army.��They already have a fair chunk of one already, after all.


Fantastic stuff! You are a master sculptor, very impressive!


I love the khornate ogres, great conversion work!
How do you find the brownstuff? Any good?


I really like the brown stuff for armor and weapons. It gets much harder than green stuff and is much better for defining hard edges and for filing. It’s supposed to be better at holding fine details than green stuff, but I haven’t really tried it for that yet. On the down side it’s a bit stickier and softer than green stuff, and sets up faster. A nice trick I’ve found that works on both is that if you mix up too much you can put it in the freezer and it slows the set up time way down. As long as you use it up within a day or so you’ll be alright.


I should invest in some brown, it seems more pricey… but Gale Force Nine sells some… so maybe I will pick up that.


nice khore ogres, i use ogre ironguts as a rare choice in my army and two orc units 25 strong