[Archive] Painting The Renegades

Pyro Stick:

I have just got back from America so i cant sleep very well here so i woke up at 3:30 in the morning and couldnt get back to sleep so i decided to paint a few models i have been wanting to finish in a while. I started the Master of Madness this morning and i finished of Ungrim Ironfist. I havent got round to doing their bases. The master of madness isnt finished yet so ill update it later today.


so grim…love the second,but wanna see the standard!

The Flying Beaver:

I love that helmet on the Master of Madness. :hat off

Pyro Stick:

Yeah i tryed to get in a lot of detail on the helmet. You will never guess what i just did. I got a lie of super right across his beard. Im going to have to carefully use paint stripper on his beard now and repaint it

Ghrask Dragh:

I really like these older minis, just started to get a collection together, painted as well as above they can look just as good as the more complex sculpts of today!

Do you have the old shields too? and be careful with that beard!!


Those are awsome! I’m beginning to like the old Marauder CDs, but why the slayer? He’s not that chaossy, is he?


- Kyte

Pyro Stick:

I have most of the old shields for these models. I cant remember if i am missing any. Ungrim is ther because i think he is an awesome model.

Pyro Stick:

I finished the MoM today and i started a few more of the renegades (pulper spikehead, khazek doomlord, and i stripped doomaxe the dreaded) which should be done tomorrow. This was my first attempt at lava as well.


They look well cool ,nice lava too i am still trying to get the hang of that …i have these amazing minis waiting for that modern touch to however they are part of an paint schedule 2000pts points to finish but am almost halfway:)

Pyro Stick:

I finished these guys quicker than i thought i would. Ill post better pictures tomorrow with finished bases and in better light.

Pyro Stick:

Well i finished Drum and Drone very quickly. I never got to do my Higher Maths homework though…

After taking these pictures i realised that the rock at the back looks stupid. It kept on rounding itself off while i was trying to paint the lava. Ill try fix it later.


I like the armour is it non metallic grey with gold highlight?I just found enough of the old shields in bitbox for my marauder and renegades, hurray


Looking slick! Great stuff man!


Anyone who is cocky/awesome enough to have a helmet that is a model of himself deserves to win the war. I would not want to fight that guy. Great models by the way!


Well i finished Drum and Drone very quickly. I never got to do my Higher Maths homework though....

Pyro Stick
Do you mind if I borrow Drum & Drone for my avatar? In exchange for slaves of course, and maybe I can help you with your math homework?
Of course all the models looks fantastic! Great job.

@Xander is it necessary to have a mini pained by oneself for an avatar? (I'm not much of a painter, sadly).


Any Chaos Dwarf mini is fine by me.

Doesn’t have to be yours.

Pyro Stick:

I dont mind if you use him as your avatar. I have said that in my other thread.

Pyro Stick:

Heres the four Renegades that i have finished. I have just noticed that on Pulper’s sleeve there is a big bit of grey smeared on his armour. I cant believe i never saw that.

And heres all four of them together. Only four more to go!

Traitor King:

What are these models, im unfamiliar with the 3rd Ed range…

How come they all have names?


Nice work so far man. I really like the lava on the bases.