[Archive] Pictures of the plastic Dwarf Lord sprue


The long rumoured set has appeared at last. I assume if its made it to sprue that it will be released.



Nothing immediately exciting, but any plastic dwarfs can be used… :cheers

Father Grumpmas:

I agree - a bit underwhelming.

I have been unimpressed with all the GW plastic hero kits as a whole, but they all contain great extra bits for converting other figures so I have bought of some of them anyway.


Thanks Grim!

Looking at the sprue, I’m thinking that it probably won’t be a lot more useful than our current conversion options, but it’ll be nice to have more base models.


Some nice conversion bits there, but nothing that will have my credit card trembling in fear.

Pyro Stick:

I cant really see what son the sprue so i dont know how good or bad its going to be. It will probably be good for converting. Cant wait to see what it looks like built.


Looks to me like enough to make the following:

4 lords/ thanes on foot (option for a BSB and oathstone)

or lord on shield (with shield bearers) and a thane/ BSB.

I don’t see enough bits for a runesmith or engineer.

I wonder if they will include a 20mmx40mm base?

Pyro Stick:

I doubt you will be able to make 4 models from it. Knowing GW recently you will only be able to make 1 with about 90% of the parts for 3 more.

Uzkul Werit:

Sprues look a little boring. I thought these weren’t coming out due to some one breaking the mould. Are these coming out as part of that new Mail Order shake up or as one of those boxes? I don’t reckon it’ll work that weel. The Empire/Orc boxes could have been miles better and there is even less you can do on a Dwarf.


possibly the extra bodies are for shield bearers


but nothing that will have my credit card trembling in fear.



As I said over on Warseer, I’m personally glad that they broke the mold and made the metal ones. Metal figures are so much nicer. This sprue is pretty underwhelming really.

Okay, I know we’re all primarily converters and modellers over here, and for that plastic kits are the way to go, but particularly the dwarfs themselves have really put me off plastic models. The detail is crap, the damn things don’t fit together properly, they need more greenstuff than any one or two piece metal fig, they need more filing than any one or two piece metal fig, and overall assembling my dwarfs has made me very unhappy with the way GW is headed.

Given the choice between a box of Hellcannon crew-like metal chaos dwarfs, and a box of plastic chaos dwarfs, I know which one I’d choose, and price be damned.


Traitor King:

It seems a bit odd for it to be released so far on from the rest of the dwarf stock. I would have thought if they had plans to release it it would have been for Nemesis…

But, it looks fairly good and would open up some nice conversion opertunities.


It was going to be for Nemesis, but then someone dropped the mold and broke it (allegedly), meaning that the GW dudes had to make some nice metal figs for the dwarfs instead.


EDIT: I got a slave from someone. Thanks!


would be good for making sorcerers out of i think, gives a few different options when it come to plastic bodies

also those 2 sheildbearer bodies could be converted to warmahine crew


Those two are definitely shield bearers. You can see their arms hoisting something.

Good find Grim! (You can’t stay away, can you? :stuck_out_tongue: )

If nothing else, I will be able to order the good bits from The WarStore.


Are they shieldbearers???


It looks like two shieldbearers and two lords/thanes. Not really that much interesting on there, an oathstone is nice. The metal ones are far more characterful. Horribly compressed picture so can’t make out much detail.


Meh. Not impressed, but I guess its good for an odd conversion or two.

- Tallhat


Are you guys (and gals) sure that this is a new plastic kit for dwarfs? When I saw that posted on the bugman’s brewery I thought that this is the supposed mold that was broken/something and will never be released (which might be good actually).

Regarding the parts in the kit - I’m not impressed. The two bodies certainly looks like shieldbearers and the rest - well it has the quality of other plastic dwarfs. I kinda hoped for something like shoulder pads (still have the longbeard masks…) or actually anything that would show the glory and splendor of the dwarf lord! And don’t tell me that the ugly cloak is fulfilling that role!?

Also I don’t like the banner, why on earth the new concept for army standard bearer is to give him a pole 5 times longer then the bearer? The new metal dwarf bsb at least has overcome this complex :slight_smile:


Well… Im guessing the reason why the banner pole is so long is so that people can actually see it all over the battlefield. Not much sense in having a battle standard with such a short pole that no one can see it. :slight_smile:

- Tallhat