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Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, finally got around to creating this to keep track of what I buy and what I paint for the purposes of making my pledge a little easier to follow and more visually pleasing to care about :smiley:

First up, it’s not a model, but my girlfriend and I got this chocolate tree for Christmas that you paint with icing. I did the red and the icing for sticking the white chocolate on :wink: I also ate it also because it wasn’t vegetarian and she is. Vegetarians taste like real people too!

Managed to get another 5 Skeleton Warriors with spears done (only had 5 more made - was waiting for the Christmas present of Dwarf legs to arrive). One of them has been on guard duty whilst it was snowing - he couldn’t feel it settling on him (but he was chilled to the bone :wink: ). For better/more pics of these guys, head over to to4g.blogspot.com

Next are 5 Zombies! These were okay to do, but I had a couple of decisions to make - whether to do so much red or add a different colour, how to do their beards (as I didn’t want them to be the same as the character ones) and if I should add Asurmen Blue to the armour or not. Went with lots of red, beards in pallid tones and no Asurmen Blue. The result:

Lastly is my current general (a Wight King - the rules allowed him to be the general at the list creation), whom I am very pleased with. Unfortunately, I mucked up being tidy and had to reapply the beard painting and it wasn’t quite as awesome as before, although you can’t tell. Very pleased with the end result though (took the pictures before doing the base to avoid having to redo the beard before pictures, but it was all good!) and the base is all done too. As witht he zombies and skellies, more pics/info on to4g.blogspot.com


Nice undead army, I like the idea of creating an all dwarf undead armie.


nice undeads =D liking the theme!

got one question though, since when can vegetarians not eat chocolate? :open_mouth:


Ishkur Cinderhat:

Vegetarians taste like real people too!

Hashut's Blessing
I wouldn't know since I never had a vegetarian girlfriend, but I'll just take your word for that. ;)

Hashut’s Blessing:

furrie: Thanks. Had the thought in the piepline for several years (since early 6th edition, in fact!). You can follow it’s progress a little better on to4g.blogspot.com which is specifically about this army (and somewhat the other armies being done).

Borador: Glad it brings enjoyment to more than just myself! I think it’s the icing rather than the chocolate, but sometimes it is the chocolate. Essentially, animal fat is used in a lot of stuff and gelatine (possibly in the icing) is made of animal skin (usually pig), although vegetable gelatine is occassionally used, but rarely.

Ishkur: This would be my second - vegetable fed flesh is healthier for you :wink:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, got some more done today! I finally managed to finish off another 10 Skeleton Warriors, which have been VERY stop-start over the last three days. Yesterday was only the metal (and washes) and today was just the shields and bases, lol. Regardless, here’s the result:

Then, I managed to get 9 Zombies completed! I only sprayed these today, so am quite glad that I had them finished by tonight. I’m trying to have my To4G army ready for battle on Monday, but am going down South (where the battle will be) on Friday. That gives me two days to paint a further 20 models (including a character and rare unit).

I have updated my army shots in my blog and have a close up of the beer, as well as my girlfriend’s (slower) progress.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Got 21 extra models done since the last update, but I’ve forgotten which 9 Skeleton Warriors and which 7 Zombies I painted most recently, so I just took a picture of them all:

The observant and mathematical will have noticed that 9+7=16 and not 21, so to make the numbers add up, the following are my Cairn Wraiths with Banshee (I still wonder if I should add red into the eyes):

Still not quite there, but to help resurrect some followers to get me closer is my painful Necromancer. I still wonder if I should add something to the top of his staff, but I can’t decide if it would improve the model and what to add. Note - there is a clearer picture of the Cairn Wraith colour scheme here too:

Lastly, something I thought I’d never paint - an elf! Even worse, a High Elf! Still, since I have the IoB High Elf models and had nothing else out of box to paint, I thought I’d test it out and try to come up with a less typical colour scheme. Quite pleased with the results - Space Wolves Grey with Badab Black on the plates, Mithril Silver and Asurmen Blue on the scale, Hawk Turqoise on the cloth, Elf Flesh for the skin, Snakebite Leather for the belt/shoes, Scab Red/Blood Red/Kommando Khaki on the jewels, Burnished Gold on the weapon/armour trim, Boltgun Metal/Mithril Silver on the swordblade, Kammando Khaki hair, Terracotta handlewrap and, lastly, Codex Grey/Fortress Grey plume. P.S. Graveyard Earth base:

More pics of the Undead Dwarfs on my blog (Tale of 4 Gamers link in signature).

Hashut’s Blessing:

Managed to get some more stuff done. The first of which is a dozen dryads, done to a basic enough level to be game-worthy but not completed enough to brag about, but it’s to give my girlfriend a boost on getting them done (which she has now).

The next item that I completed was my first near-scratchbuilt model (the head, weapons, teeth and feet are from models). It’s a Night Goblin shaman/great shaman with various set-ups involving the Killing Blow teeth, the burnt/broken Dwarf staff (Sneaky Stealin’ or Baduum) and a 'Shroom.

The Dark Lord of the Smith, Dwarf Vad’uur -

Lastly, some Easterlings - I wanted to finish off my 3 Kataphrakts (having done their horses), then figured that I might as well complete my last three metal pikemen and last metal swordsman. Thusly, all of my Easterling stuff is complete (although a command blister is on its way!), but no commander yet :smiley:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Damn those Easterlings are nice models. Somehow no store around here ever managed to have some on stock, ever since they were released. I would love to try my hand on some of the Kataphracts. ^^

Hashut’s Blessing:

The sculpt quality is pretty decent too, except the shields often have strange and inconsistent mold lines on them. The Kataphrakts however seem to be far smaller than they should be (the riders that is), but not a problem really. You can easily get some online, surely?

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Absolutely - but I really need some sort of excuse to not get into LOTR as well, so there it is :wink: Look forward to those Kataphracts of yours!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, glad to hear that I managed to prevent you from getting into more stuff :wink: Still, when time is free, I’ll tell you how cool they are :stuck_out_tongue:

Anywho, got 4 more orcs painted up (although I seem to not have done their teeth). It’s a strange number because they were found in random job lots that I had bought (a while ago) and were the only ones left to do.

The same principle for these three “hobgoblins”, except I painted their teeth. Everything in the thread today was painted today, btw.

Lastly, I also painted up two Terminators for my Chaos Space Marines army and a mostly Forgeworld guy (whom still needs his gun being painted). Everything was painted at the same time, in one big batch, despite not all using the same colours - just did the usual thing of one colour at a time until they’re all done.

So, that’s 10 more painted and 0 more bought!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, got another 8 done - Iron Guard this time. Check out the blog for more info at http://minesandmodels.blogspot.com

Hashut’s Blessing:

I managed to paint up Dain Ironfoot, as well as a couple of others. 2 Khazad Guard to protect him and a Gold Dwarf Soldier from D&D, with a greenstuffed beard extension and new paint scheme to act as a Khazad Guard Shieldbearer (for WotR. A normal Shieldbearer or captain in LotR.). The colours are as before, but Dain has the most complex beard I’ve done - A base of Fortress Grey, followed by a wash of Badab Black and a drybrush of Skull White to finish it off.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Completely forgot to post these up, but finioshed them at least a week ago, maybe more. 2 dozen Dwarf Warriors with Shields, one of which is a D&D model painted up to be a Dwarf Shieldbearer. Without further ado, 15 Dwarfs:

As well as their Shieldbearer:

That’s 110 models in less than 3 months, without any purchses thus far!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, I paid for these a while ago, but was waiting for them to arrive before including them here. I am now -3, dropping down to +107. Here are 3 more Dwarfs for my WotR army:

My comments over at Mine & Models.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Looks great HB!

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Hey Hashut’s Blessing, you are absolutely flying through these. Well done, and keep up the momentum.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’ve always got stuff to paint, so I use the Pledge Blog to make sure I get stuff painted and try to reduce the number of models I buy (whilst I still have so many left to paint anyway).

Believe me, it;s good motivation :wink: Only thing that will slow me down is running out of models, lol :stuck_out_tongue:


got one question though, since when can vegetarians not eat chocolate? :O

As a Vegetarian, i've never seen non-veggie chocolate.

More than likely it was the red food colouring in the icing, which is made out of crushed beetles.

Also possible some e numbers in the icings could have been extracted from animals.

Or as stated if they had gelatine in them, which is made by boiling up bones, marrow and other animal "by-products".