[Archive] Potential Hobgoblin minis

Groznit Goregut:

I found something from Da Warpath and thought it might look good over here.

Reaper Minis has some new plastics. They have some goblin ones that look a lot like Hobgoblins.


Pictures is here:

The price for three is $5.79 (US). A little expensive, but not bad. They don’t have a variety of poses and come pre-painted. Still, they could be tweaked a bit and give more variety.


the guy with the bow is deffinately a hobbo,no question


definately very hobgobbi, what is lacking in variety can easily be corrected with a little conversion work. The growing trend into prepainted is an interesting one albeit faily inevitable.

That archer seems to have some nods to the old goblin/hobgob archer of olde gw. Then again i guess there is only so much that really can be done with the preconceived goblinoid races.

good find and thanks for sharing.

Kera foehunter:

Those are some cool !! They can be young one ,that have not got there beer bellies yet.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Yeah Kera, the ones that haven’t started drinking beer yet! :smiley:

Awesome little mini’s. Too bad they’re not sold in sets of 10 archers, 10 spearmen and 10 clubs.

Kera foehunter:

well it time start drinking lol


I agree the archer hobbos are good ones. They look skinny which based on the fluff is accurate.


i think they are wonderful but to skinny, and i guess theres only one of each model, and i prefer having my units induvidal


Interesting that they come prepainted.

Thommy H:

There’s also some potential Imperial Guard too:

Look, you get a whole platoon in one bag!


I have those! Well some of them anyway. A few unfortunates with missing body parts. 'cause when I play with toysoldiers they get actual fireworks thrown at them. :~

It was a long time ago, honest… :smiley:

You can’t buy any fun fireworks like that anymore :|:(

I don’t believe in pre-paints myself. The only one passable is the archer. These clearly have a completely different “audience”.

Kera foehunter:

Tommy get with the times !! those are ww2  us troops
and wrong color


Groznit Goregut:

There's also some potential Imperial Guard too:

Look, you get a whole platoon in one bag!

Thommy H
That's hysterical! :)

Don't be scared of a little pre-painted. It's not like Chaos Dwarf players have never stripped the paint of anything before...


I like the idea of pre-painted figures (just not pre-varnished figures).


I had been contemplating using lord of the rings harad warriors for the base for my hobgoblins and perhaps minimal converstion work. There shorter than a conventional human. Mostly covered up from foot to toe in robe or arabic style clothing and carry either bows or spears as weapon. With minnimal work I can also see some of these sat atop a warhammer wolf as hobgoblin wolf boys too


Too pricy for me, and I kinda think pre-painted defeats the object of the hobby myself. Still, good find

Kera foehunter:

Reape rpainted plastic figures are not bad they need a wash and high lighted

and they would fit in good

Father Grumpmas:

These guys are rather curious


Sort of a hobgoblin/fimir hybrid? :sick

Given that one appears to be doing something unspeakable to a chicken, anything is possible :wink:


They look like a cross between a Hobgoblin and a Cylon.


They look like a cross between a Hobgoblin and a Cylon.

True, but in a cool way. I like them, inbred hobgoblins... :P