[Archive] Prowler of the Abyss = Bull Centaur WIP




Sculpted: ?

Prime: Black

Base: Corkboard

Oil: Black Ink, Future Floor Polish, Elmers Glue

Colours -

Skin CP: Dark Flesh, 50:50, Tanned Flesh, 50:50, Dwarf Flesh, 50:50, Elf Flesh, Purple Wash

Hair RMS: Black, Storm Grey, Cloud Grey, Misty Grey, Black Wash

Scabs/gore CP: Red Gore, Blood Red, Linen White, Red Wash

Skull Mask and Nails RMS: Bone Shadow, 50:50, Aged Bone, 50:50, Polished Bone, Linen White

Horns: Same as mask plus - Brown Wash, Yellowed Bone (RMS), Black Wash, Black wash at the base

Leather (RMS): Ruddy Leather, 50:50, Oiled Leather, 50:50, Burnt Orange, Brown Wash, Black Wash

Metal (CP): Black w/ 50:50 Boltgun Metal, Boltgun Metal, Black Wash

Still no idea who sculpted this guy, so if anyone has any idea let me know - please. Also, added a purple wash to the skin to hopefully give it a more unhealthy, bruised look. I think it needs something more though. Definitely more blood, but that will go on after the dull coat. And, if anyone has any good ideas about what else to do with the base, please, let me have it. The idea right now is a cavern leading to lakes of crude oil, but it is kind of boring the way it is.

Hashut’s Blessing:

No idea as to who sculpted it, but I like the head for a shaman type character (not necessarily a CD one, though I could have a crazy CD sorcerer that’s quite shamanic). What do ya’ll think? Also, I really like th paint job. The only thing I would say is, change the feet to hooves if possible. They look a bit like monkey feet IMO.


Did a little more work on him. Next up should be to make him really unhealthy looking.

Hashut: Thanks. I may try to do a few conversions with these guys in the future.


That’s one crazy looking model…

Hashut’s Blessing:

hey, no worries. As long as you post pictures of those conversions! (He he he, you said thanks to Hashut when speaking of me! I am the god that you all worship! And for the last time, I will NOT give you a four day work week…)


If you make a post on the Reaper Forum i’m sure someone there can tell you who sculpted it.



More work on him. Hopefully he is getting less uniformed and more grotesque.

Wallacer: Thanks for the advice. He is actually a Rakham manufactured model, and I have posted over at a french Rakham forum but it is really hard to understand what is going on over there :wink:

Hashut’s Blessing: Sorry, no offense to Hashut… :wink:

Nitron: Thanks. There are two others that are similar made by the same company, so hopefully I will get them painted up. Eventually I will have to do a musician and standard bearer conversion (hopefully GW will come up with a plastic CD regiment set so I have more to work with).


Nice work Mousekiller, he’s really coming along!

What French forum have you posted it in? I might be able to help you out in understanding what those guys are on about.