[Archive] Quercus's Army of Doom (16th June - Hobgoblins hunting in the night! WiP!)


Hello guys :hat off

In this blog I want to show you my army. I made it because of motivation and, ofcourse, advices for such a newbe like me. First of all I have to say this is my first “true” army (I had some models of vampire counts and battle for skull pass box but I sold it few years ago - I was too immature for that hobby I think). Finally I decided to make original army. It had to be dark and also I always loved dwarfs so here I go - chaos dwarfs became my target.

For now there’s no pictures but I will update that blog in few days!

Here’s actual list of my army:

1 x Magma Cannon

17 x Ironsworns

23 x Fireglaives

13 x Fireglaives (with full command) (WIP)

17 x IG with shields (with full command) (WIP)

1 x Sorcerer form Russian Alternative (Done)

1 x Sorcerer-Prophet, Sorcerer Deamonsmith, Dark Castellan

77 x Hobgoblins (6 done, 71 WiP)


- (4th Jan) - Showcase - 5 % primary colours, 1st step BSB

- (6th Jan) - 2nd step BSB (Battle Standard is done)

- Next update in week! (13th Jan deadline :smiley: Im so sorry but it will take more time than I expected :confused: i think I should have painted some of warriors on 20th )

- (12th Mar) Hobgobos wip :slight_smile:

- (17th Mar) Sorcerer finished + Fireglaives (Sorcerer’s Bodyguards) wip

-(16th June) Hobgobos WiP (Khan Stribog’s Night Hoods)


Looking forward to seeing those conversions. There ain’t too many FW CD conversions out there. Mostly great weapon conversions and a few blunderbuss conversions i think.

It’ll be interesting to see what you come up with.


Welcome, I too am looking forward to seeing some FW conversions… Its all downhill from here on in. (for the wallet that is)


1# Update (4th jan)

Hello. Here you can see progress of my army.

1st regiment - axe and mauls of doom

Champion, musician and standard bearer of my “axes of doom” regiment have done primary colors. Oh, as you can see I am  begginner in painting :wink: The one of the regular warriors has done also silver metallic and reds. The rest of warriors are just primed black and some of them have done primary colors without red. On standard bearer’s “bull head” I want to try add some red light around eyes. First of all I am going to make primary colours on all of warriors and commands, after that I want to make highlights and maybe put some dwarven runes on armor. Shields and fireglaives aren’t assembled yet :wink:

The BSB is my first ever conversion. It’s made from greenstuff, some trash failcast pieces and  everything that comes from command group set (I got it very cheap, something like 6$). The champion with axe is going to carry it because normal standard bearer is… faceless :smiley: I want to make him nice greenstuff cape that looks something like this: http://www.games-workshop.com/MEDIA_CustomProductCatalog/m2130113a_99070207004_WightKingCFC02_873x627.jpg


More photos: Sign in – Google accounts


Like your colors, looks good to far, keep em comin:)


Nice little force - a great way to start. Make sure to complete these guys before adding more stuff to your army.

I made that rule for myself - but still ended up with WIP K’daii, Taurus and Bull Centaurs. … and it’s just dumb.

It’s gonna be a nice BSB you making. Subtle and small conversions make a huge difference i an FW army. Will make your army stand out.

Consider adding some of the pictures to you post. Something to capture the eye when reading. Plus when your G+ album fills up, people have to look for the new stuff.

And in case you don’t know how:

Right click picture in google+ and “copy image url”.

Ex.: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-m2MG7O2lyf4/Usgxlr2VqjI/AAAAAAAAAJ8/KumJh7PE-G0/w736-h552-no/CAM00219.jpg

Making a new post, above the text window is an icon of a picture with mountains and a sun (icon 6 from the left).

Insert your image URL in that.


Here’s little update. I just finished Battle Standard. I wanted to try wet-blending. It’s my first attemp and I think it isn’t that bad :slight_smile: Oh, as you can see I also used freehand on the “death” and “chaos dwarf” runes and octagram. At this point im not very happy with it. I wanted that banner to be more “outstanding”, maybe in the future I will repaint it when I got more skills :slight_smile: My expactations were much higher than the level of result but in the end it’s not that bad.

Bloodbeard Thanks for advice! I plan to paint all of these and then, maybe, I will buy some Russian Alternative models (because they’re awesome and IMO better than FW ones :slight_smile: )

Thank you all for following my blog, next time Im going to paint all of “axes of doom” in primary colors. See you soon :wink:
Next update will arrive in about week.


Where are the runes from? Been looking for some.


It’s from FW book, check out your PM inbox :wink:


You could paint around the banners runes and markings with a very thin black marker or cd marker. It’s much easier than using a brush and some outlines really make the runes stand out more. A simple and very effective trick.

Fuggit Khan:

I like the banner…I have always liked banners with runes…and you have made them nicely balanced out in terms of placement. Some banners get too “busy” sometimes, but yours is a nice eye catcher without too much “bling”.

Nicely done


Very nice work on that banner :slight_smile:


Thank you all! Right now I feel very motivated! If I got little time I will paint BS Bearer itself and show you how it looks completed and finished :slight_smile:


Hey Guys!
After that biiig break of posting on forum I’ve got some “news” and plans aswell :slight_smile:
For news: I played my first 3 games with them, first one lost but 2 and 3 I won. We have been playing with 500 pts army’s in local campaign (participants have to fight with greenskins to conquer towns, each town gives bonuses such as +75 core points etc.) I must say it’s so fun to play! But I am not here for saying such things.

The main thing is my plans. For now I want to make 20 Hobgobs with bows (using CDO tutorial ofc) and then I want to make BSB from new Hammerer standard bearer.
For now I have to wait to receive that bearer and… feet bits for gobos.

Aaand third thing is that I want paint my newly arrived RA awesome Sorcerer model.

Stay tuned guys! Updates soon! :smiley:

@Bits arrived :smiley: prepare for first photos :slight_smile:


Here you go. Hobgobos command WiP. :slight_smile:

What to you think? :slight_smile:

It’s one of my first conversions, and ofcourse thanks to Xanders hwo posted his awesome tutorial! :slight_smile:


I think they look very good! The legs are a bit thin though:):slight_smile:


I like the banner, and as proposed you might want to mark out the runes with black lines in chosen places to make 'em stand out more.

The hobgob conversions are good so far. I realize I’ve always preferred GW’s proportions for Dwarfs and Gobbos instead of real life human proportions, since your conversions make me think at first, “their arms are too short”. But then I notice their arms are just the right, realistic length for a creature of that height!


I think now they are better :slight_smile:


Like the Hobos!

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Those work really well - better than the skavenhobs or the gnobhobs. Looking forward to seeing 40 of them - it gonna be a good unit.