[Archive] Rant: GW Staffers

Uzkul Werit:

This isn’t a rant about their sales tactics. They are after all, just doing their job and I can always ignore it. This is about their manners towards customers. Feel free to join in if you’ve had the misfortune of meeting such a staffer.

Today I was playing a kid’s Wood Elves against my Chaos Dwarfs. He didn’t follow the flow of the movement turn correctly (moving a charge then declaring another), so I told him the correct way of doing so. Enter GW Staffer. He accuses me of being ‘childish’ by pointing this out. I reply “Hold on. You tripped me over only an hour back.” His reply?

"Oh sorry. It was only a bit of fun."

Pathetic. Completely pathetic. This isn’t the first time this guy has acted in such a way. Whenever I play LOTR, he rolls some dice and claims he wins due to the game’s apparent lack of skill. He claims that every in the Cardiff store uses cheesey armies and takes it too seriously because we’re not screaming baboons like those from his local store.

I’m ripping my hair out over this guy. CDO - what should I do?!?

Pyro Stick:

I guess you could file a complaint about him to the store manager. But i dont know what amount of good that would do.


slap him with a big wet fish a la asterix the gaul.

to be honest there is a reason i havent played a game at a store for a long time, and the staff is probably it. yeah its great to have someone around to as rules queries/painting advice, but having been in the hobby longer than some of them now are years old they have nothing to give me. Its probably the fact they think their opinion is better than all the ‘gamers’ because they have a minimum wage store job it just way too ostentatious. power mad shop clerks . . . what next.

Uzkul Werit:

Our regional bosses are pretty good. Perhaps they’ll be able to do something.


The guys at my local store (York) i get along with quite well

Its really funny when the yobs across the street shout abuse, and they give just as good back:

Kid: 'You fg geekazoids!'

Staff: ‘Can you spell that?’


Bloke: 'You’re a bunch of f
g nerds!'

Staff: 'Say that again and ill punch you in the balls!'

Bloke: 'No…you can’t…you’ll get the sack!'

Staff: 'Not as much sack as you’ll get mate!'

It makes me smile, the chavs furrowing thier brows in a vain atempt to understand the situation :stuck_out_tongue:


Going to the manager will most likely solve nothing as said manager is probably 19 and his buddy. Nothing wrong with 19 year old managers per say, but probably going to create more problems then its worth IMHO.


Not all staff like each other. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was always a good GW staffer, for my couple of months, anyhow!


Hence the rant nature of said thread here Xander! :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:


Most GW staff around my parts are very entusiastic (Wakefield Store), only encountered this once and the named staff member was fired. haha. One of the staff is even a CD player, much respect!

If he is a pain either take a big power army, kill him then state, your a GW staff member and I beat you with no effort your rubbish. Or my favourite, play him but play the “I dont know rules to that” that way you could argue black was white and then when your proved wrong tell him hes taking it too serious.

Fight fire with fire.

Although water often puts fire out.


Just tell the manager. Attitude is a very important part of customer service and any manager would prefer a helpful staff member over the most knowledgable. If anything they’ll get a stern word and might actually be nice. The funny thing is that he is probably a dick to everyone so he won’t know you reported him and all the other staff would prefer him to leave.


It’s hard to give advice for me in this situation because of recieving it second hand. I can imagine ways in which the staffer saying these things to you would both be a) acting like a jerk and b) sincerely trying to be positive, and being mistaken about how casually to take the rules. I worked for GW for about two years before I started university, and while I and most of my coworkers at the time tried to be relaxed and friendly and professional, sometimes people got the wrong impression because a staffer would be a little too intense about it. It could also be that the guy thought you were giving the kid a hard time, as opposed to trying to help the kid learn the rules. That said, the way he plays LOTR makes his whole attitude seem really crap.

Now that I don’t work for GW, I actually tend to find that the staffers there would rather hang out and chat with each other than chat with customers, so that’s the biggest complaint I would have with them now. The exception to that would be the token female staff member at the local store, who was really friendly and professional.

Servant of Chaos:

I’ve got to say that the staff members in my local store are very nice. I get along great with all of them, especially the manager. So I have no complaints for my closest store. But unfortunatly, I have been to stores with said jerks, and it makes me never want to go back to those places again.


The manager of GW Copenhagen almost got angry at me because I want them to make chaos dwarfs, but he’s kind of a loser, so I don’t really care.


- Kyte

Uzkul Werit:

Hehehehe. I’ve been to the Copenhagen store. Very nice store, that.

Giving the kid a hard time? The staffers would think in his favour. However, if I had bought a brand spanking new High Elf Dragon earlier in the day, I bet his tune would be different.


More like if there was a chance you would buy a brand spanking new dragon later in the day… One of the reason I only go into stores to buy models and get out now is because a) The fact that staff no longer seem to give genuine advice but simply plug the company line irritates me and b) a few of the people who hang out there are the types who give wargaming a bad image and not the type of people I want to spend my time with


i loath GW stores. everytime i go there, or worse to a tournement there is a million little kids there who think they are the shit and know everything, and then it happens. every time. someone yells waagh. then everyone yells waagh. then i leave shaking my head.


The GW staff are quite frankly to me over-bearing and scary.


Malificant -

A very big example of the irritating WAAAGH was at this years UK games day, you must of heard it

I was tempted to throw something at them from the top seats!


Yeah, I get tired of walking into the shop to get some paint and having to listen to some kid mouthing off and trying to trash-talk the redshirts. Really, where are your parents? When they finally do pick you up from GW daycare, ask them to teach you some manners so you don’t get beat up on the playground so much.

Not that the redshirts at my store don’t deserve to be disrespected by children. I feel kind of insulted when I go in and some spotty staffer asks me if I need help with anything or if I’m familiar with the hobby.

One day I’m going to lose my composure and go off on a Grandpa Rant about how I was playing this game while they were in diapers and how it was “Back in my day”


The manager of GW Copenhagen almost got angry at me because I want them to make chaos dwarfs, but he's kind of a loser, so I don't really care.


- Kyte

Why the hell would he care???? What a putz!