[Archive] Ravening hordes #2?


Random thought, what would people think if they just did an updated version of the Chaos Dwarf RH list for a chaos dwarf book? Only a few things dropped and added.

On the plus side it would mean a lot of us would have playable lists already.

On the downside (imo) it would represent a huge wasted opportunity (a lack of imagination after so many years).

What are your thoughts?


I think my fondest time playing this game was when Rav Hordes came out…

but, they have stated they will never do that again.

The Brain:

I think it would be great. The RH list is what I play and I only think it needs a few minor tweeks to be up there with the the newer books. The only problem in it is that there is no money in it so GW will never do it.


If it were only for CD I would like it. If you mean for all armies as a means of re-establishing balance I think it would suck since the army books are actually quite good now.

JMO though…

Cheers, Gary


As long as we have enough choice, we won’t need much more than another RH. The special rules add flavour to other armies, and they would be nice to have, but they aren’t absolutely necessary. We still have all the fluff and character from the models, not having more in the rules themselves isn’t going to be bad. If they decide to rewrite a lot of the CD fluff with a few paragraphs to go with the list, that would piss me off. We would be worse off in many ways, we wouldn’t even know what the army is. It’s not as if we really know what it is right now, now that the hellcannon fluff has been tacked on in an undefined way.

We’ve done alright with the current list for the last 10 years - the worst thing is that it pushes back the possibility of a full army book. Having rules that people know about, can get hold of more easily, will help us for the time being. There is so much that can be done with just the rules in the main rulebook.


I do not think another RH will ever be released but in case of a great change of core rules like the switch from 5th edition to 6th.

eventually GW has two options (well three, leave it like it is now…):

one, a White dwarf article updating RH list and add some flavour to the same dish (for me would be ok, we will have a better list and thanks to our creativity we would be able to create background, miniatures/conversions for our beloved Chaos Dwarfs not bad but won’t happen IMO).

Two, a brand new Chaos Dwarf book. This would be more logical, profitable and could bring back Chaos Dwarfs on gaming tables all over the world. There will be a full range of miniatures (plastic and metal) and we will be rightfull back in the warhammer world… but will it happens? :wink:


I would like to see them do a White Dwarf version. The Ravening Hordes list takes up two pages. It could easily be updated to work in the current rules without taking up more space. Any member of the design team could make those changes in less than an hour.

Added to this they could do a 3 or 4 page article on how to convert the necessary models from the existing range.

So for minimal effort and 5 or six pages in White Dwarf, they could re-introduce the Chaos Dwarf army and encourage a whole load of people to go out and buy models to convert. They probably won’t make millions on it, but I would expect (hope) the gains would cover the costs of doing it.


Sorry, I was not very clear.  I meant what would you think if they did a proper book based on an updated version of the Chaos Dwarf Ravening Hordes list.  No other armies in there. Edited OP.

Gar Shadowfame:

I think this actually may happen since the rumor states that we will use D10 for 8th eddition. If that happens all AB’s will become, …collectible items.

Alan the evil:

Being agree with Nail, for me it could be enough just some update like

to give spears and a minimum number of 5 models to wolfrider

to have the possibility to buy chaos armour to CD and BC

I’m not asking too much to GW!!!


I think this actually may happen since the rumor states that we will use D10 for 8th eddition. If that happens all AB's will become, ...collectible items.

Gar Shadowfame
Sorry what did you say I assume a D10 is a 10 sided die, but what is a AB?

A new RH list would probably mean Rare: Hellcannon (see the chaos army book for detail) and that would be awesome.


AB = Army Books

they will not switch to a D10 in 8th, though. And GW has stated several times they will never do a rules overhaul so extensive that it invalidates all the army books. So there will (theoretically) never be the need for a Rav Hordes type book.

Gar Shadowfame:

Bold you can use hellcannon in dwarfs of Chaos armybook.

Border Reiver:

Updating the RH list in an army book, yes I would like that (I’d also like it if they asked Mr. Coleman if his Indy list could be purchased and released as a proper army book too, basically I’d like a proper army book).

Do I think it’ll happen? Hard to say - there are indications out there that someone at GW or FW is thinking about the Dawi Zharr, but people have been thinking about how to bring them along for some time now. I’m stuck in wait and see mode. Wait, and you’ll see me play using both CD lists at my local GW.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I think it’s not that hard to do, considering many people on this site are already doing it (have done it) with the FAQ, old RH list and GT day rules. I think it would only be a matter of a few hours for someone at GW headquarters on a computer compiling the info.


I meant what would you think if they did a proper book based on an updated version of the Chaos Dwarf Ravening Hordes list.
I would be very happy with an army book based upon the Ravening Hordes list. It would give me an up-to-date army with the minimum redundancy of my existing collection, and it would also probably mean that I didn't need to go out and by new models for all the new troop types.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Could they not just add this as a WD suppliment like they did for the Canadian WD magazine in Feb 2006? Something with minimal (or no) pictures? Something stating that for this army you need to “Buy and convert a BFSP set”…like they did in 2006?

Wouldn’t that save them from just dropping this army like they sort of are doing now?


Another point to consider is that they would have to make this appealing to those without existing CD armies as well, as they would make up the vast majority of sales.

So can the RH list ‘cut the mustard’ any more, or fluffwise and ruleswise is it just unimaginative?  By fluffwise I mean based on WD presents with a few additions for the new things.

Not that it fits in perfectly with my vision of the CD, but for many reasons I would be happier seeing the indy list made into a book than I would the RH list being updated.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

But GW doesn’t own the Indy list, does it? If not, then it would have to be an updated RH list…or something better.


Bolg you can use hellcannon in dwarfs of Chaos armybook.

Gar Shadowfame
I know, And I already am working on some of the Indy units. but for now I'm playing with the RH list.

But the challenge to convert a Hellcannon is way to cool, maybe I just need a nudge in the back with a painting competition (;