[Archive] RE: Hypnotic CHD --> Taur'uk


It is just natural cork (I use 20mm and 2mm thick sheets) and PVA white glue as magma.


That is one wicked paint job man! It’s pretty hard to make FW stuff stand out, because there’s so many of those armies - but those eyes are the best I’ve seen.

Even harder to make your lava bases stand out, yet yours are dynamic in a way that’s quite unique. Perhaps is the different heights and rubble like nature of the rocks. The result is stunning.


Looks truly awesome, and I love your bases!!!


Thank you all for that possitive feedback. Its time for Taur’uk now.

And whole beefy gang. I wish I had 3 more already but that will take some time.


Very nice Bull Centaurs!


hot stuffs in your growing army of Dawi Zharr.

I had never really thought about the sponge style smoke plumes before, nice and ominously airy - going to look into that technique.

The fire eyes captivating… all this great looking magma 'n fire makes me want to continue working with it, never really liked how mine come out. Perhaps its the colors - colors and practice are key I hear.

Mivrash Faz:

fiery hooves and red glowing eyes. Nice! That way they have a demonic presence.

Ditto for me. You really did a great job on the fire/glowing effects.


Great work on the Taur’uk as well. That unit looks awesome… That glow effect just stands out, love it!!!


Thanks guys. I have been painting my Wood Elf lately which tourn out to be perfect timing becouse of the Khain book comming up. So I ll probobly focuse more on my DE/WE armies for some time now. Nevertheless my ~1600pts CHD army is pretty much completed and that was my goal. I really enjoy playing it, I even won both local tournaments I have attended in last two months. It was nice to hear from some of my opponents ,that their loss was not that bitter becouse of nice looking army winning :slight_smile:
I still got some ideas for conversion and models that I want to have so probobly will expand the army in the future if GW will support it, which is my biggest concer in this creazy end times.