[Archive] RE: Hypnotic CHD --> Taur'uk


I am personaly quite happy with the wheels, they keep it up with the rest of the army.


I quite like the idea of the heated metal blades! Plus, it adds some brighter colour to the otherwise dark model.


Plus, it adds some brighter colour to the otherwise dark model.

That was exact reason I have decided to make it. But on such a large element the transition between colors doesen't look good. At last with the method I am painting it. Maybe I should try "glazeing" but I am not to good at this technique.


the train, and all the army of course, have a pretty cool colour scheme…by the way, the front blades of the train are really amazing!!!:hat off


Nice Iron Daemon. I’m not too sure on its heated blades, but it sure gives it a unique look. Keep 'em!


My castellan is ready. I have planed to cut his axe hand and replace it with banner but the model is so graeat that I couldn’t :wink: I have heard that Ravenswood is planing to make BSB model so that should solve my problem.


He looks great, very nice colors and the base is great as well!!


Fantastic castellan! His skin is really well done!


Nice one, though he could probably do with some little spot colour to make the red and purple work better together.

How about a teal detail, like on the knob of the knives and scimitar?


This is the most evil Beshukk I’ve seen yet. The red armour is awesome. But the best thing about your paintjob is the ultra evil eyes and they way the white work with the beard and hair. Awe striking and fear causing. This guy will enslave demons with his gaze.


After long break I am getting back to painting CHD. I stuck with bull centaurs last time ,as they are nightmare to paint for me. So I decided to leave them unfinished and work with bale taurus.
Hooves are magnetised so I can cheange base whether I want to field bale or giant taurus. I wanted to achieve splashed lava evect when rock cracks under landing taurus weight but I find the results moderate.


I really like your base, feels very “in action”! :slight_smile:

The painting of fire and heat might be intentional, but its usually done the other way around. With white at the core and darker at the edges, its a common mistake to make myself included. As I said the choice might be intentional, but if not heres a suggestion on how to paint fire: http://hot-lead.org/advance/fire_theory.htm

Edit: As said before, your Destroyer is wonderful!


Love the base, the lava that splashes up when the bull lands on the rock, is brilliant!

I don’t like the taurus’ skin so much, it’s too black and red to me, some more fluent transitions would work better imho (maybe just a red glaze?), especially to be more in harmony with the rider, where everything looks a lot smoother.

Armor looks great too.


Very nice paint job and choice of colors, striking;). Love that base, great job!


Glade that you like it guys. I am perfectyly aware that the way I am painting fire is unnatural, but I just like it better. After all, if I start thinking about physics and reality over gigant burning bull with wings ,it might be dead end :wink:

Transitons on the skin are in fact sharp, but that was my intention.


Very good Bale Taurus, and great base. Have some slaves!


The base is really great! I thing the effect is spot on! The Drazhoath and Cinderbreath is my favourite ridden monster from any line of miniatures. I large, detailed and very full of movement - no other mount (IMHO) comes close to this. Now adding a base like this is super great icing on an already nice cake. A can hear that rock breaking under the weight of the beast.

Regarding the colour of the flames I learned a lot from the link Tjub posted. I also painting my daemonsmith with “opposite” flames. And I would never repaint it, just made it different from then on.

A camera can mess up any good paintjob. I’m not good at wet blending and paint my lava like you have done the wings. I find that a layer of Gryphonne Sepia (current seraphim sepia) over everything, and a layer of baal red wash (carroburg crimson) on the red part and some of the orange part. Really gives a more natural progression of colour - and it’s fast to do.

Point is: great job. I’ll send a couple of slaves for your Hashut BBQ!


Thanks for all comments and fresh slaves :slight_smile: I ll try your method Bloodbeard next time when I have large, hot area to paint.

I have finally finished bull centaurs, also Tauruk should be ready in few days. Combination of hero level detail and monstrous size of the bulls was very exhausting. Saddly I just realisend I need 3 more to field them effectively :o


They look oldschool with the red bodies. Great paintjob and basing. :smiley:


Great Bale and Castelan

I like your Bases, how did you make them?