[Archive] Say yes to RedBull Centaur!

Salmanazar II:

Hi guys ! :hat off

Let’s follow this link and find something NEW and tasty :


(scroll down, middle of the page)

Thommy H:

Those bases look like 50 x 75mm to me…


Those are pretty cool… Only thing missing is a very big hat!


Those bases look like 50 x 75mm to me...

Thommy H
Jep, you're right. 50x75 seems fitting.

I must say, those BC do look nice and agressive.
Also I'm not so fond of these "giant-/orge-like faces" and the puny little shields ;P
Let's see whether they come with options *fingers crossed*

Great find and thanks for sharing Salmanazar :hat off



Nice. And if that indeed is 75x50, then I won’t have any more problems with my huge converted ones. So, very good. Still, I have to rebase them, but that’s not such a big deal.

Mad Dave:

are these sneak peaks of the forge world ones due out later this year?


crap, I just bought a bunch of 40x40 bases:mad



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Goddamn they are good.


Um FW take my money… its ok i can live on air for awhile!


That looks awesome. I want them I want them I want them.


That does not say “2 attacks” to me. :~

Hashut’s Blessing:

Look beautiful, although the shields are a little puny (oh well) - I’ll probably glue them so that they’re not running downhill without the hill. The sculpts themselves look pretty awesome though. Yep, demigryph style bases are the new thing it would seem :wink:

Any word on pricing yet?


Well, i’ll get me some of those.


crap; I hate when I spend so much time on conversions and then feel like I have to buy the official models.

On the bright side, those are definitely amazing! :smiley:


That does not say "2 attacks" to me. :~

Yes something this size should easily have 4 attacks.


2 attacks could be 40x40 but definately not 50 x 75 Hopefully Forgeworld will decide to bump up the stats and points cost accordingly.


I do like them quite a bit, but I was expecting something… well… a little different.

They remind me of the Shaggoth a bit. I kinda was hoping for something more like the infernal, something less monstrous and more sleek, but I’ll take them any day.

And YES 2 attacks seems very unfitting considering the model. 4 attacks would easily be justified for something that looks like a Shaggoth and Mournfang had offspring and dressed it in armor and threw a beard on it.

Way to go Forge World!

I don’t like the base size though. The bigger the base, the more things that can attack it and the less of them you can fit into combat. Should’ve stuck to the 40mm IMO.


I’d like to see the old edition Bull Centaur measuring up to these guys. That would look rather comical.


Wow about time I like the look of these.