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Hi there guys,

due to lack of time recently, my sculpting on my Warriors and Blunderbussers have slowed down. Usually what takes the longest for me however, is doing the scalemail.

I do my scalemail in strip by strip, bottom upwards to create the effect. But this is tedious as I wait for each section to dry before starting up on another.

So does anyone have any suggestions, or ideas on how they do their scalemail and how efficient and good looking it is in the long run.



hm, i sculpt every part of the armor from one piece of Green stuff. first i make the “strips” with a modelling tool, then the vertically lines with a knife. try it, i needed some practise, but it would be much faster than your method .

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I Do the same as Snot.

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Ya, I blob it on, then sculpt out rows, then horizontal lines.

If you want to do your technique, just do 10 guys at once. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ive done it both ways.

characters I use(and will use) the technique you outlined.

RnF though just slap it on:)


Xander has that video, one of them shows the scalemail. Personally, I don’t like scalemail. his method is very effective though