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Round 1: Armylists

Round 2: Armylists

Point Table

Short Stories and fluff pieces

Battle Reports

Schädel Island

In ancient times there was said to be a mighty and rich coastal city. A city made rich by trading with precious metals and gemstones. A city from where beautiful and magnificent items came.

It was a city where dwarfs and elves lived in harmony and used eachothers strength and guarded eachothers weakness. For hundreds of years it was good.

But the power of the mighty city didn’t last. Now lost in saga and myth, the facts of the doom has been lost.

What’s known is that a pair of renegade wizard and marauders - The Schädel Brothers attacked the city. A great battle was fought and by the end a cataclysmic event destroyed the city, sunk the island upon which it was build - and shrouded the area in a magical mist.

Millennia has past since then. Different races have diffenrent stories of what happend to Schädel Island - as it has since been named.

Now rumours has started, the Island has returned to the surface and treasure, minerals and power awaits those who get control of the ruins.

That’s pretty much the setting for our campaign. Inspiration har been taken from noumerous threads on this and other forums. I’ll post battle reports, score boards, pictures and so on in this thread.

It’ll be an escalation campaign, points determining the winner. We’ll change the rules as we go, first time we actually start a campaign.

Players include:

A Chaos Dwarf force - having sagas of the mineral wealth on Schädel Island. Coming to claim what is theirs.

A Dwarf force - same claim as above. It’s been so much time, perhaps it was before the chaos dwarfs became truly evil.

A High Elf force - Returning to restore the beautiful city.

A Dark Elf force - Pirates, hating their light cousins. Also claiming what once was.

An Empire force - needing materials for the Emporers war efforts, having stories of the Schädel brothers. Not seeing the brothers as bad guys - but explorers of the human race.

A Chaos Warrior force - When magic, war and treachery is brewing, they will be there.

A Nightgoblin force - natural inhabitants of the island.


Disclaimer: Written in danish, translated with google. So excuse all the spelling mistakes. Will remove as I find them.

Escalation campaign
We play a campaign for a competition model. Will play five rounds. In each round, all players have a game against each other. All rounds culminating in a big game Triumph and Treachery. Rolls of scenarios as always - not “the watchtower”.

1st round - 500 points - only pitched battle
2nd round - 1000 points
3rd round - 1500 points
4th round - 2000 points

Campaign Point
At five players have to play 5 games in each round (4 games 1vs1 and 1 T & T). Please provide the following points:

1vs1 game:
Win = 2 KP
Draw = 1 KP
Loss = 0 KP

T & T game: No points.

Additional CP
1 CP given extra if an opponent gives up during a match.
1 CP given extra if the enemy general killed.
1 CP given extra if the enemy BSB is killed in close combat or run down.

One’s army must comply with the applicable regulations ( min. 3 units , min 25%. Tuna, etc.).
All regiments and heroes to be named .
A armylist must not be changed when a round is in progress. Must be adding devices , changing the number and switch heroes / lords between each round.
Before a round begins published all armylister the campaign’s facebook page.
You must score with any * of the units that have been given a bonus or tax not count points.

You have to change his general between rounds instance because a lord can not be purchased before on several points) .
Heroes and lords may be dropped completely from the list between game rounds. In that case, they will lose any found items and statincreases . Ex : Between 1000 and 1500 rounds points dropper Soren one daemonsmith , for a Taur’ruk . Daemonsmith lose his skills and purchased a new between 1500 and 2000 points rounds , it is a new model.

You are allowed to change a hero’s gear / items between rounds.
You are allowed to upgrade a hero to a lord of the same type . Example one thane who becomes a lord . Or a noble who turns into a prince . The container abilities and name.
You have to upgrade a wizard’s level , plus 1 to 2

Regiments to be named.
Regiments Do not write out the list after the first game. However, they may have increased or decreased their number of soldiers , the command group and banners between rounds.

Set up
treasure chests
In order to have a little extra to fight for , there are treasure chests with great content - efterlaft on the island since ancient times.

During setup of the battlefield before scrolling to select the page and put units up . All players roll a d6 , on 5 + placed a treasure chest on a board. Minimum 8 ‘’ from the deployment zone . So there are between 0-2 chests in 1vs1 game between 0-5 in T & T game.

Lords , Heroes , Champions can open chests of being in base contact with them. If you open a chest beat a d6 on the following table .

Chest Table:
1: Trap , take d6 strength d6 hits - no look out sir.
2-4: The coffin is empty !
5 : d3 extra CP
6: Something magical ! Scroll again . 1-3 state increase, 4-6 magic item.

Stat increase:
1 +1 WS
2 +1 BS
3 +1 S
4 +1 h
5 : In +1
6 +1 W

Magic item:
There are a few simple rules of found items :
- They do not count in the character’s magic item max
- You still can not have two items from the same category .
- Banner enjoy free access to the BSB ( although they usually can not have magic banner)
- Banner can go to the device standardbearer .

Roll 1D6 for item category. Then scroll to the item .

1: Magic Weapon
2: Magic Armour
3: Talisman
4: Magic Standard
5 : Arcane Item (re -roll if the hero is not wizard )
6: Enchanted Item

Magic weapon :
1 : Warrior Bane , 2: Tormentor Sword 3: shrieking leaves 4: Relic Sword, 5 : Biting Blade, 6 : Sword of Striking

Magic Armour :
1: Charmed Shield, 2: Enchanted Shield, 3: Dragonhelm , 4: Gambler 's Armour, 5 : Spellshield , 6: Shield of Ptolos

Talisman :
1: Luck Tone 2: Pigdeon Plucker Pendant , 3: Dragon Bane Gem, 4: Seed of Rebirth , 5 : Talisman of Protection , 6: Obsidian Trinket

Magic Standard :
1: Scarecrow Banner 2: Gleamin Pennant , 3: Banner of Eternal Flame , 4: Standard of Discipline , 5 : Lichebone Pennant , 6: Banner of Swiftness

Arcane Item:
1: Scroll of Shielding 2 : challening Staff, 3: Sceptre of Stability, 4: Power Stone , 5 : dispel scroll , 6: Earth Ning Rod.

Underdog bonus
When one rolls to start , put up or choose gaming site 's bonus to a player with a few points.
For every 2 campaign points you are behind his opponent gets +1 to his roll .

Ex: Oscar has 4 CP and playing against Lau who has 8 CP . Oscar will therefore +2 on its roll .

If it has the most CP rolls 6 , he wins regardless bonus.

After Battle
Experience and skills
Any campaign to give heroes and units to develop and become stronger and famous.

Lords , Heroes and Champions :
A brand must roll for ability / state stigning if :
If such killing another brand of challenge or during a match .
If such udryder an enemy unit .

After the game is given a new ability on 6 +, you get plus 1 for each thing done. Ex: A completely kill a hero to challenge and destroy independent another regiment. He will get a new ability / state 5 + .

Then given on d6 : 1-3 ability , 4-6 Stat

Units :
If a device wipes out another device will feature an ability roll 6 + after the game . Obliterating the more than one device gives +1 to roll . Ex: A unit wipes out three other units in the course of a game , they will have a capacity of 4 + .

Has a hero joined one unit , then the unit to roll to kill other units .

1-3 : Movement or Initiative
4-6 : Weapon Skill or Ballistic Skill

1: Fear
2: Magic arrears ( +1)
3: Regeneration ( +1)
4: Devastating chage / wood elf special rule
5 : Amour piercing on main weapon
6: +1 Armour save

Capabilities stacker with each other. Fear + fear = terror.

[/u]Upon the death and destruction


Sounds great. Good luck with it all.


Sounds great. Good luck with it all.

Thank you. Hope to bring honour and blood for Hashut!

Armylists round 1
We're gonna play with public armylists. Units will get experience through games. So to keep track everything is public.

First round is 500 points. We'll all have to play 5 opponents.

The Chaos Dwarfs
You can see my list for round 1 here: .

Hobgoblins would have been nice. But the models I'll use for the conversion doesn't come out before autumn.

The Dwarf Scum
Haven't played this guy after the new codex has come out. Gonna be exiting. Brought the magma cannon to counter that nasty organ gun.

Karak Grimazul

Svein Axegrinder
Runesmith, Shield

Defenders of Grimazul
23 dwarf warriors, Shield, Full Command

Etaz Skyseeker
Gyrocopter, Steam Gun

Organ gun

The Warriors of Chaos
A band of marauding chaos warrior raiders has come to Schädel Island. Blood and war for their false gods.

The Wasteland Champions
Torstein - Herald of Chaos
Exalted Hero, warrior bane

11 Chaos Warriors,shields

Chaos Chariot

War Shrine

Captain Otto Christoph von Sparr
Captain, Full Plate, Shield, Lance, Warhorse, Barding

24th Middenland Gunners
10 handgunners, champion
Skill: Regneration 6+

3rd Reikguard Squires
7 knights, FC

Great Cannon

Hero (lord Anouilh Veilien, bringer of justice to the lands of Orc and Man alike,Scourge of The great Skull Land and defender of the true way, heir apparent to the throne of great city of Tor Arabak and claimant to the surronding realms)[/size]
Barded steed, heavy armour, enchanted shield, sword of might, Iron curse icon 121

5 Silver helms [/size][/i]
shields, full cmd 145

11 swordmasters of Hoeth [/size][/i]
Mus, cha 163

1 boltthrower [/size][/i]

total 499

Tribe Boss Bnox da Bright Night
Goblin War Boss, 1 Additional hand weapon, shield, glittering scales

Jargo da Brutal
Big Boss Night Goblin Big Boss 1 Battle standard, great weapon, light armour

Da Sneaky Few Night Goblins
41 Spears, Netters 168
Redmoon Murderers
Night Goblins 25 Bows 75

Special Units
Deep Cave Poachers
Night Goblin Squig Herd 20 10 Squigs, 10 Night Goblins 110
Total cost 500


It sounds fun. Good luck! I’ve never played a campaign before, but would like to. Yours seem like a good system.


It sounds fun. Good luck! I've never played a campaign before, but would like to. Yours seem like a good system.

Thanks Admiral. Some of the ideas are our own, others are stolen, modified and inspired by other campaigns/rules. The point system is at least simpler than implementing mighty empires.

First couple of games played today.

Round 1
Chaos Dwarfs  12 CP / 5 games
WoC: 12 CP / 5 games
Empire:            10 CP / 5 games
Dwarfs:           7 CP / 5 games
Goblins: 6 CP / 5 games
High Elves:      4 CP / 5 games (1 conceded)

Round 2
WoC: 5 CP / 1 games
High Elves 4 CP / 1 games
Dwarfs 2 CP / 1 games
Chaos Dwarfs 2 CP / 2 games
Empire: 1 CP / 1 games


Updated 05-05-14:

Armylists, pictures of armies, point table.

First three battles

Four players met and played this saturday, kicking off the campaign.

Didn’t attent the myself. So I don’t have many highlights from the games.


The empire handgunner regiment killed off an enemy unit. Got a skill role on 6+ and gained regeneration 6+. Didn’t save a single handgunner over the next couple of games though.

The Wasteland Champions didn’t fair that well in their games. But in the final battle managed to secure 3 campaign points from a treasure test. Putting them in the lead.


A few random pictures from the games.


Shortstories and fluff

Some of the guys have written stories or text for their armies.

Torsteins promise

These words were spoken upon the wind after The Wasteland Champions had gained a foothold on the shores of the Old World.

“All ye Mortals beware! The ritual to summon the 13 prince of the storm has begone. The immortal Lord Baleflame will arrive to devour your souls. Voe to fathers, voe to sons. Voe mothers and daughters. You will all perish, and you will all serve him in the realm of chaos. Dark will be the days that lay before you. You were warned mortals.”

- Torstein - Herald of Chaos

The Tale of Lord Anouilh Veilien of the lost Colony of Tor Arabak

Now living in the grand port city of Lothern, the lord of Tor Arabak still waits for a chance to reclaim his lost Realm and restore it to its former glory as the jewel of the Badlands. By settling in the busy sea port the Lord Anouilh is awaiting news and rumours of ways the once mighty dynasty can once again play their part in the shaping of the world and the banishment of the four Evils from the mortal world.

By the reemergence of the lost island, known as Schädel in the tongues of man, a court meeting was held in the House of Veilien. Though without a Realm to rule, the nobles of Tor Arabak still hold on to their titles of ages past high. As the rumours of the fabled island were specious at best, coming from traders of the free city of Marienburg, only six of his nobles agreed to undertake the dangerous journey to further investigate the island. Amongst those who would follow was Anouilh�?Ts close friend and first amongst equals Imlandrik. Having fought numerous times at the side of his liege in the lands of the human tribe of the brettoni, where he had gained a reputation of valour, slaying many a brettonian noble in honourable single combat.

As word of the expedition spread to the mage tower of Hoeth, The High Loremaster Teclis decided against sending Anouilh�?Ts brother Magnulion, preferring to send a contingent of his agents the famed Swordmasters of Hoeth. The Loremaster argued stealth was of the essence and the mere presence of a mage could draw the attention of the Ruinous Powers or stir other evils lurking in the mysterious parts of the world.

As preparation of the voyage took form Lord Anouilh�?Ts Hawkship Windrunner was stripped of one of its Eagle Claw Boltthrowers. Speed and maneuverability was deemed more important than firepower and the cargo of the excursion already impaired the grace of the fast construction. The single Eagle Eye would furthermore be unloaded with the rest as landfall was made. It was to provide defense against whatever hostiles they might encounter. This would allow the Windrunner to swiftly return to Ulthuan with news of the group and to impart messages to the High Loremaster of the White Tower.

EDIT: Read part 2 here: PART 2

How he was named - a chaos dwarf short story

Wrote a little piece on how my general got his name, what happens to captured enemies and why it’s bad to be a dwarf.

Read it hear:


Nice fluff pieces. I imagine that’s always a good spice for any campaign.


Karak Grimazul

Disclaimer: Translated by google, so their might be a few grammatical errors.

Karak Grimazul is a dwarf fortress that lies deep inside the mountain KARAZ Grimazul . Like so many other dwarfs had their heyday for many years , then they could earn fat to act with elves and humans. Karak Grimazul are under pressure from all sides and especially goblins causing problems in the lower levels have frequently been spunget break to close an intruders horde enemies.

Karak Grimazuls king is now very old Arok Galbaraz , who has led the fortifications for over 300 years . For ganskee recently goblinernes intrusion , however, been somewhat more aggressive and dwarves are so pressed that they have had to fight day and night to keep their iron veins free from goblin hands . Kong Galbaraz and his council realized that they could not keep , and only a miracle would do that they would survive this angeb .

The miracle never came , but tilgengæld turned one of Karak Grimazuls gyrokoptespejdere back with news from the outside world . The island people call Schädel Island is again surfaced, Galbaraz family’s ancestors lived there once for generations since then dwarves and elves were still allies in the fight against Chaos .

King Galbaraz sent his sons off to claim the island. The king himself is too old to travel and stayed behind to keep the fortifications with a minimum of defending until all residents could pack up their things , and all the gold that were left . The gold was spent on buying ships, and as soon set sail for the mysterious island . The journey was soon perilous , and a huge storm scattered dwarf fleet and the ships floated each end.

The first who reached the island was Svein Axegrinder that with a small group of warriors, a single organ gun, and a gyrocopter scout , claimed the island for Karak Grimazul . The small group moved onto the island to ensure it until the other ships took the safe harbor. the gyrocopter scout was quickly back with bad news. Several banners were seen around the island , old enemies like the familiar Redrock Tribe , which dwarfs have been at war for as long as anyone can remember , Tor Arabaks banner is still written into Karak Grimazuls Book of Grudges , and everyone is excited about the possibility for vengeance.

But also new enemies are reported on Schädel Island . A group empire soldiers have been seen , and everyone knows that they do not give new country without a fight. A small group of Chaos worshipers are seen on the coast, and if you do not turn them down immediately , it is impossible to say how much the group can grow.

The final report , however, are all dwarfs to be quiet , and knue their axes . Another group of dwarves who long ago should have been disappeared into oblivion is , for some reason on the island. The monstrous brothers who have long since fallen to Chaos, and only worship evil. Svein know that this is his moment . It is now he can take revenge on the worst things that are written in their Book of Grudges .


Good ongoing story.

Me thinks you speak better english than the google (american) translater ever will


Good ongoing story.

Me thinks you speak better english than the google (american) translater ever will

Thank you Abecedar. A friend wrote his fluff in danish, and I just put it through google translate.

Updated points table.

Played my first game, won against our cursed couisins. 3-1 to CD.


Hey Bloodbeard.

I stumbled through this thread. I haven't seen the reason why you call it "Schädel Island".
Maybe I've overlooked it. But just to get sure you know that "Schädel" is German and means nothing but "skull".

So you have a German/English mixed named creation. Schädel Island = Skull Island.

P.S.: "The Schädel Brothers attacked the city" - Schädel is for real a surname here in Austria. It's not common but there are a few.

With best regards

I know. But thanks anyways. There's a lot of porridge german and porridge latin in warhammer and 40k.

That's why we did it. Sounds more Imperial in german - and skull island would be too easy.

It could be really cool to be named Herr Schädel. Especially as a teacher.


Udates in this post

Updated pointtable.

Updated with high elf armylist

Updated with night goblin army list.

Added battle reports.

Battle Reports

Round 1 - 500 points

High Elves vs Chaos Dwarfs

Read the battle report here:

Warriors of Chaos vs Chaos Dwarfs

Read about it here:

Empire vs Chaos Dwarf

Read about it here: Battle Report

Night Goblins cs Chaos Dwarfs

Check it out:

Round 2 - 1000 points

Dwarfs vs Chaos Dwarfs

High Elves vs Chaos Dwarfs


Update 7/13/14

Added battle report: WoC vs CD.

Updated points table.

As of the latest game CD is in the lead with 8 campaign points in 3 games. With the warriors of chaos being second place with 8 CP in two games. Next up is a fight against Empire.


Update 30-7-14

Added battle report: CD vs Empire

Updated point table.

I’ve played all my battles in round 1. Currently in the lead with 12 points. Only the WoC player has a chance of getting the same amount of points, if he plays a perfect game against the night goblins. This round has generally gone very well for me. The WoC player was lucky finding 3 campaign points in a treasure cheast. Hoping the false gods fails him.


Added a new battle report.


Round 2: 1000 point army lists


Great to see the lists and both your and your friends characters stories! Sending you some slaves for coming up with the name “Thunderbolts of Hate”, classic Dawi’Zharr :cheers


Battle at the mines!

The report is written by the campaigns Dwarf Player. My good friend The Law. It’s written in a fluffy way, rather nice writing.

This was the setup. Pretty much the only movement was done by the Iron Demon and the Gyrocopter. See the armylists here: Armylists

From a Dawi Zharr persepctive

That was a different kind of game. My unfortunate daemonsmith Zantromm, miscast on turn 1. Getting a strength 6 hit, failing his armour save of 5+, an failing his luck stone re-roll. But he turned a lot of dwarfs into gold. After this I only used 3 dice for the Sword of Albain, to enhance the shooting ability of the Iron Demon.

I put the Iron Demon wrong from deployment, it was angled in between enemy units. Stupid mistake, cost me some turns!

I decided to hide both infantry units in the forest all game because of two things. My enemy held back the first couple of turns and that organ gun Oath Keeper has a strength 5, armor piercing x2 because of skill increase. That’ll take out my infernal guard quickly.

I turn 5, my daemonsmith miscast again (despite only 3 dicing), fail his toughness test and dies. The dwarf cannon hits and kills the magma cannon. So now the game is a draw.

There’s hammerers left, should e easy to kill. But my Iron demon only kills 1 in turn five, he pass LD-test. In turn 6 it fails its charge y 1 inch. Had I crushed that unit, the game would have been a win.

Great game. That Hellbound Iron Demon is awesome!