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Hello out there!

Thanks for stopping by �?" First, let me introduce myself:

Im a 23 young man living in Denmark and I recently began my biggest Green Stuff adventure ever! I have been in the hobby for around 8 years, and the last couple of years I have had an increasing fascinating of sculpting and converting, and now I have decided to try my luck at sculpting miniatures from scratch. As much as I like sculpting I have some problems of keeping focused If I don�?Tt have a purpose �?" so random miniatures was out of the way. I somehow needed a goal �?" a line of miniatures that I could make my own version of. I have followed this forum for some time, and after some time, I chose Chaos Dwarfs! Guys like Baggronor and Grimstonefire have been a great inspiration in my choice of models I wanted to sculpt, and I really admire the work they have done.

This blog will be my way of keeping track of things, and show the models to the world �?" and hopefully get a few pointers from some of the pros out there :slight_smile:

With the introduction out of the way, let�?Ts talk a bit more about the dwarfs I want to sculpt… I really like all the different versions of CD that are available out there, but I have some clear favorites. FW�?Ts are awesomely detailed, and I like the overall style, but they look a bit to much like little chaos warriors. Baggronors im really impressed with, and I have been a bit influenced by his style, but I have tried to make them unique and personal.

The first unit I decided to make was a Blunderbuss Unit �?" I haven�?Tt been able to find any other models with blunderbusses (with no hats :wink: ) So it was a natural place to start �?" And now the first model is so far in the process, that I feel I can show it to you guys:

All he needs is some details and a little touch-ups.

Heres a pic of the other guys im working on �?" all set to be blunderbusses.

Im really hooked on this project, and feel like im getting better and better each time a mix another batch of putty :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think, and Ill be happy to answer any questions

- Jon

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The first Blunder looks pretty good! Looking forward to see what you can do mate!


Keep at it! Poses are great.


Looking forward to following this blog and welcome to CDO.

It’s a pretty need blunderbuss dwarf. When you reach number 20 in the regiment your skills will be through the roof.


Looks pretty awesome, keep it up and from what it looks like you’ve picked up a fair bit of skill already.

Like the way you’re going with them.


Thanks for all the awesome comments guys - you really make a newcomer feel welcome :slight_smile:

Bloodbeard - I dont plan to sculpt 20 though… Only around 4-5 + command, and then get them cast :slight_smile:

I got a bit more work done through the afternoon, and my lovely girlfriend took some better pictures of the sculpts (she has way more photo-fu than me)

First Blunderbuss is nearly finished - only need some rivets and bits and bobs:

Cleaned the back armour up and finished the remaining arm…

Got the helmet and first arm done on Blunder number 2:

Lot of work left, but im really happy about the helmet :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think…



Consider hollowing thw muzzle out a bit - just so it isn’t completly flat.

If your casts are good you can easily sell some here.


You sculpts are very impressive. But I see some trouble this proportions. The shoulder too close to the head. And such big hands, like mechanic arm.


How are you doing your beards? I like them, they seem way more natural than what I produced, and what tools are used?


Thanks again for all the replies guys - you make me want to make these guys perfect!

Bloodbeard - I have tought about it, but ultimately decided against it, for the ease of casting… If i want them hollowed out a bit, i can easily do it when they are cast, though :slight_smile:

Rozmax - Wow, thanks man! It means alot when it comes from a talented guy like yourself! Im pretty new to sculpting, so my proportions may be a bit of - the big hands are done by purpose though… I like the slightly cartoony look it gives them - like the old 3ed. Chaos Dwarves…

Clawleader - They are pretty easy actually… I mostly follow this guide: http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=6848 Only difference is i hollow out the bottom of the beard :slight_smile: And the only tool i use is a standard sharp sculpting tool - but a scalpel or hobby knife could produce the same result :slight_smile:

I hope to get more work done today - maybe the beards and scales on the two armatures, and the details on the other two…



Appreciated Traxo, your work is pretty good, and I’m always looking for ways to make mine better


Looks very nice!!! Gonna follow this thread!


Thanks Yodrin! Im honored to have you following here :slight_smile:

DISCLAIMER - Apparently photobucket (or me) is acting retarded right now, so the pictures might be a  bit funky… I will look into it tonight…

Heres a quick snapshot from my workdesk here mid-day… I plan to make another update tonight too :slight_smile:

Blunder number 2 now got both his arms!

Stay tuned!



Love all this step by step stuff! very inspiring. models look great. keep them pictures coming (:


Ooooooh, daddy likes… Is his other side done where the blunderbuss is shouldered?


Thanks guys!

Bolg - glad you like them, and the step by step updates… Since im not a fast sculptor (at all!), its a good way to get regular updates :slight_smile:

Clawleader - the other side is more or less done… Its still missing some rivets and the gun some details, but its not much :slight_smile:

I know i promised pictures for tonight, but my son came in the way :slight_smile:

I will try to get an Update tomorrow - finished the scales and chestplate on two more blunders today. :slight_smile:


Fuggit Khan:

Somehow I missed seeing this thread earlier…very glad that I did not miss it entirely though, some great work here!

Keep up the good work, and please continue with keeping us posted with your progress…even if it’s not Big Hats :wink:

Great stuff :hat off


Impressive project, looking forward to see how it all goes. Welcome to CDO btw!

Time of Madness:

Threads like this put my poor greenstuffing skills to shame! Looks great so far, keep it up!

Time of Madness


You have my envy, sir. If only they were big hats…