Archive search weight

Hey guys,

I’ve lowered the archive search weight a bit so they don’t flood the searches as much. They still pop up but now newer threads should mostly get pushed up the list, unless the archive has a pretty exact match.

It feels a bit more balanced now as the archive outnumbers the new forum by quite a bit.

If you want to specifically search the archive you can always either add the [Archive] tag in the search box or just go to the archive and search it specifically

Let me know if it’s no good.


This is great! It was indeed the case that, simply because there are so many archive topics, that it was a little difficult to find current topics. Didn’t even think it was possible to decrease their weight in search results. Fantastic that you could do something there. Technology, right?



Making discourse do our bidding instead of the other way around. Like the proper dawi zharr we are!


We enslave Daemons, not the other way around. Hashut is proud of you, @MichaelX . Great work! :beer: