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OBS! This thread is now OBSOLETE as regard exact prices. Please visit our Etsy store for relevant prices. You can still order via E-mail if you like.

PM me to place an order or contact me via ofancienttimes ( at ) gmail.com

All products sold unpainted and unassembled. The smallest orders are likely to cost �,�3,5 in shipment.

On Sale (click product names for more information and pictures in linked announcement posts, incl. if bases are included, and what bases)[/align]

Of Ancient Times (Fantasy)


* Deathspitter Blunderbusses

* Big Hats

* Bazooka Team

* Animated Dwarf

* Hobgoblin Slavedrivers

* Slave Orc Heads

* Taming of the Wildman

* War Booty

* Wall Relief Plates, 1 kit of 2 different plates (Triumph & Thralldom, Four Reliefs)


* Elf Heavy Archers

Elf Heavy Archer Price

* Dessicated Corpse

* Houseware Vessels

* Ceramics

15mm Tjublings

* Rank and File (Axemen, Hammer Guard, Blunderbusses, Skull Masks, Fireguard Axes, Fireguard Hammers and Command Groups: Hat [3 minis], Fireguard [3 minis])

* Blunderbuss Extras (2 miniatures).

* Flamethrower Team

* Dog Pack

* Thunderhammer Rocket

* Tjubbutaur Leaders

* Tjubling Characters


* Ashen Dwarf Escort Vessels

Of Distant Times (28mm Sci-fi)

* Alien Heads

PM me to place an order or contact me via ofancienttimes ( at ) gmail.com


Yeah, that’d make a good unit filler.

Can I order one?


Good job, Matte! I’m gonna get two (later today when I haven’t got multiple kids pulling at me).


@Petterwass: Tackar! Yup, please PM me.

@Roark: Thank you very much! Both kids and vengeful statues in the house? Watch yer back, matey. :wink:


Updated with smallscale escort vessels.


As Roark has ordered some as well as I, would it make sense (financially) to send it all to me in one package? and then I could forward the smaller package on to him using our local post.


Whoops… I just paid up like 10 seconds ago. x.x Well, let me know if you still want to do something like this, guys. I think I just muddied the waters though…


Neat idea! Regrettably, I’d already prepared a package with stamps etc. for Roark to just drop it in the mailbox. No more space for other statues in that package, sadly, otherwise it would’ve been easy to fix. If you insist, I’m willing to repackage it all, send the two orders to Roark (since he’s already paid the shipment cost) and ignore the used stamps if they can’t be re-used, but otherwise we’ll take it in two separate shipments. You say.


Not a problem. It looks like the postage from there (for both packages) is way cheaper from just from my place to Roarks anyway


Alright, cool. We’ll just proceed as planned then. Thanks guys.


Have jsut recieved my Petrified Sorcerer and Support Ships. Wow! Just wow!

The sorcerer sculpt is absolutely excellent. He’s gonna ride a pallanquin carried by four honour guard. great looking miniature and great extra bits. Mine will be with the flaming bull. But the ripped apart goblin will get used in some other conversion for sure!

And the resin quality of the ships is A+. The detail is insanely crisp and there’s an absolute minimum of very thin resin mold line to remove - perfect really.


I’m glad you like minis. Looking forward to see what you do with them! Zealot Miniatures pulled off a baffling resin casting with the boats. :slight_smile:


Mine have all arrived safe and sound.


Really nice casting :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing the painted miniature, Petterwass! Everyone who wants to, are more than welcome to do so. It can help others get an idea how the models can look like with a lick of paint on.

I particularly like the lava streams on the base, and the paintjob showing off the details well. :cheers


Beautiful! Really lovely tones.

Ikkred Pyrhelm:

Statue and ships arrived in the post today, and wow! :o

The statue’s detailing is just sublime, I could continue gazing at all the little cracks and designs all day.

The ships are beautiful, details again are fantastic, and almost makes me wonder what the Hell-Pit GW were doing with finecast! :stuck_out_tongue:

For some reason I can see the escort fleet being part of a fleet in a bottle diorama. Something I might look into in the future. :yar

The only issue i’ve had was one of the chimneys (ironically the smallest one on the smallest ship) had broken off in the post. However, a quick dab of glue and it was just as good as new.

Overall, top work, Admiral!

I now need to learn how to paint well… :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks Ikkred! Zealot Miniatures achieved some flawless resin casting with the boats. Bottle diorama is a great idea!

Too bad about the chimney, my apologies! First reported damage in transit. If it turns out a reoccurring problem, I’ll have to look into different packaging solutions. I’ve only got one idea right away which wouldn’t involve a silly amount of work, but not sure if it would work out at the end of the day.


I just recieved the statue (yesterday) and opened it up and I can say with certainty it is a marvelous casting and sculpting. Great work, Admiral.


@Darkmeer: Thank you kindly! I hope you’ll enjoy painting it too. :slight_smile:

War Booty and Taming of the Wildman are now available, see first post for details.

However, the Animated Dwarf Statue is running low on stock and may be sold out within hours. I’ve ordered new casts of it, but they’re late in coming. As such, should you wish to purchase an Animated Dwarf Statue, you might wish to hold off ordering other miniatures as well until stock is replenished. I will inform you when it is restocked.