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Oh gosh it hurts to do this.

I am piecing out parts of my forgeworld chaos fwarf army for sale. Please help me out guys. All benefits are going towards helping a single father recoup a slew of medical costs for his daughters health. I know you are thinking “how in the hecks did he afford an entire forgeworld chaos dwarf army?!” I don’t really know either, but when news came of the impending release I sold my 2 painted warhammer armies (my dark elves, and my ogres) to fund the purchase. I am a HUGE chaos dwarf fan, and have been since the white dwarf presents release way back when. I am trying to avoid the best I can to take too much away from this army.

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Holy crap if i had the money i would.

I hope your daughter is well.


This could make a great Group Buy, if someone wants to set it up.

Here is POSSIBLE $ breakdown of the parts. Some of the prices seem really reasonable, but keep in mind this is just a suggestion. You can change it if you want. AND you will also need to group them in some way, so people know what they are requesting. Have a look at the previous group buy for an idea of what i am talking about.



$30…$30…1…Tamurkhan; The Throne of Chaos Book, signed by Alan Bligh, the writer and the Forgeworld Art Director whose name escapes me

$10…$10…1…Limited Edition Prophet/Daemonsmith on foot

$8…$8…1…Converted Prophet/Daemonsmith on foot

$8…$8…1…Converted Dark Castallan Battle Standard Bearer

$8…$8 …1…Converted Dark Castallan with aimed pistol

$19…$19…1…Bale Taurus with Converted Sorcerer Prophet

$16…$16…1…Finecast Lammasu

$16…$16…1…Finecast Great Taurus

$215…$5…43…Infernal Guard with Full Command, hand weapons and shields

$215…$5…43…Infernal Guard with Full Command, hand weapons and shields

$215…$5…43…Infernal Guard with Full Command, hand weapons and shields

$215…$5…43…Infernal Guard with Full Command, and fire glaives

$180…$4.50…40…Converted Hobgoblins with Full Command, hand weapons, and shields

$20…$20…1…Magma Cannon

$20…$20…1…Magma Cannon

$20…$20…1…Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher

$20…$20…1…Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher

$20…$20…1…Forgeworld Chaos Siege Giant

$15…$15…1…Metal Hellcannon

$30…$30…1…Dreadquake Cannon


Dibs Tamurkhan book and Bale Taurus, I would buy more if it helps Vesh.
That would be a start.


I’d be in on the Hellcannon, one of the magma cannons, and the siege giant if anyone wants on this.

Hope your daughter is doing well!


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I think I’d rather tear out my own organs and sell them on the Chinese black market than have to part with a set like this.

…My god, this must have cost a hell of a chunk of change.

G.2, your breakdown almost makes it look like we’re screwing him over on the price per item basis. And you know what, that list doesn’t even include the Iron Daemon that’s sitting next to the chaos giant!


If it happens I’m interested in the Iron Daemon, Hellsmith, Bale Taurus with Converted Sorcerer Prophet and the Dreadquake, 1 Magma Cannon, 1 Deathshreiker.

The IG are still a little pricey. Although including the Iron Daemon and balancing out the cost of the IG a little more might help matters in the price dept. If they came down in price I’d consider taking some.



Best wishes for your daughter in the new year.

I’d be interested in 10-20 of the fireglaivers and 10 of the normal infernal guard


Too late for BIN…somebody placed a bid.

Bronze Bull:

I hope her health continues to improve!


So I am struggling big time coming to terms with selling this set but at the very least I need to come up with about 400usd. Would someone like to take 45 of the infernal guard with command off my hands with hand weapons, and shields, the fine cast Taurus and lammasu and two boxes of ork kills kans (intended to be fireborn). I also have an unopened box of gnoblars, plastic minotaurs and plastic chaos hounds. I really don’t want to give this army up though.


I also have a brand spanking new iwata c series pro plus airbrush and compressor worth 300$ if that would interest anyone.


Too late for BIN...somebody placed a bid.

No, it looks like Veshnakar has reconsidered.


So I am struggling big time coming to terms with selling this set but at the very least I need to come up with about 400usd.

PM me and we'll talk. I'm only interested in Chaos Dwarf stuff, though. I'll take one of those sets of 45 IGs, the Taurus and the Lammasu, and we'll talk about what else. There should be no need for you to sacrifice your entire army on eBay to some guy looking to turn a quick dollar, though.


All the best mate. My thoughts are with you and your daughter! If I can be any help taking any of the forgeworld stuff off you pm me!


All the best for your daughter. Hopefully the treatment goes well.

Knight Of Awsome:


Are you going to be taking any requests for buying individual models or smaller groups of models? I’m interested in buying a few dwarfs and war machines. I can only pay through e-check, which takes ~8 working days to process – is this alright?

Thanks in advance, and good wishes to your daughter.


So wait is this gonna be a group buy? And at the prices G2 Mentioned?

Because if so I’m interested in the Iron Daemon, Dreadquake, Bale Tauros, 1 Magma Cannon and possible some IG

Also best wishes to your daughter Vesh, I hope everything’ll work out for you, I couldn’t imagine being in your shoes


I only suggested it as a group buy. I am NOT running the group buy. The person who organised the group buy gets first dibs on everything. Then whatever remains, is up for grabs.