[Archive] So, when's Golden Hat 7, and what's it going to be?!


So, when’s Golden Hat 7, and what’s it going to be?!:rolleyes:


Ya I was fairly upset with the last one because I joined CD online 2 days before the end of the last one s dead line :frowning: I atleast want to enter one lol


Funny you should mention this the Staff has been discussing this very topic. More to follow.


Hehehe, just trying to speed it up! :wink:

Pyro Stick:

I think a bull centaur would make a cool competition, converted or not. I would totally enter that cause i really need to get more bull centaurs painted lol.


It should be a faerie then Pyro :stuck_out_tongue:

what have the 6 entries been so far? what’s left? :slight_smile:


How about a converted demon prince of hashut?

If not that then lets just do Bull Centaur


We haven’t done immortals yet have we? Could be a good shout…

If not then Bull Centaurs all the way, but i suppose we humble hobmodellers are at the mercy of the mods


I would actually really like to see another ‘group of guys’ entry. I know it is a lot more work, particularly to keep a high standard up, and also that we tend to get less entrants (likely cuz it is harder to do last minute haha), but even so, I think seeing a war machine with crew, or simply the front rank of a unit, would be mega cool. Also, great to challenge us, isn’t that the spirit of the GH contests anyway?


Pyro Stick:

The only war machines i have are 2 death rockets (1 painted, 1 half painted) and 2 bolt throwers but i doubt i would enter a bolt thrower into a golden hat, unless a hobgoblin war machine was the competition.


how about a chaos dwarfs sorcerer. I need some more of those :stuck_out_tongue:

Pyro Stick:

how about a chaos dwarfs sorcerer. I need some more of those :P

A sorceror would be interesting. Im sure it would spawn loads of awesome conversions. I would probably enter a marauder mage.


There are still so much options for GH, which of course is a good thing! :wink:

A Hero/Lord, Sorcerer, Warmachine, Bull Centaur, Immortal, Sneaky Git, Hobgoblin Warrior/Archer, Lammasu/Great Taurus, Blunder Busser and the last what I can come up with at the moment and what would be a great combination with the Artisan’s Contest: A self made special character!:slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

I say ,let just get this happening!!! the staff is eating cake and drinking again. Willmark broke his last pencil.

we need to get them focus!!!

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’m not drinking!

The previous Golden Hats (I can’t recall the first two, annoyingly enough) were: 3. Rykarth the Unbreakable. 4. Slaves. 5. Standard Bearer (any race CDs can use). 6. Gaoler for Mordheim.

Talk is underway. You lot can be impatient :wink:


I’m in the Bull Centaur camp :slight_smile: I’d really like to see a lot of them.


I like the sorcerer idea! n.n

let’s do eeet. :wink:

Kera foehunter:

Sorjourn don’t you meen Sorceress!!!

lets see you tuff guys do that!!!

ps * kera lights hb shirt on fire * now that’s impatient !!Kera says take the massage back to the mods… As Kera let out a evil laught muuurraaaaahhhhaaaaa


I hope I’m right in saying this, the staff have done various versions of the competition schedule…

The next Golden Hat is due to start in September and run until mid October, with the results announced at the end of October.

The theme will be unique, something not seen before and probably not seen again until this time next year…  At the moment we are finalising the exact nature of the theme, and the format the competition will be done (itmay be different to usual).

I won’t say more at this point, as it will probably change anyway.


Unique, never seen before, done annually…hmmm, very suspicious Grimstonefire. orders a slave to start a drumroll to build tension