[Archive] Soul grinder!


dead sexy… deamon binding is so sheik…

more daemon stuff…

Kera foehunter:

are those the new deamonetts??


there are pictures of the daemonettes, the plague bearer command, blood crushers, piles of characters…

Kera foehunter:

i don’t like them. They look more like fishmen or merelfs.but i like there hair style


I prefer the 6th ed daemonettes…

but these ones dont look too bad painted…

the unpainted plastic pics we got a few months ago were pretty hideous…


Must…resist…must… resist… least till november… must resist. Daemons or Mortals, that is the question.

Cheers for the pics btw, those bloodcrushers are just awesome.



dead sexy... deamon binding is so sheik...

Nice play on words. As for the pictures.... DANG. Dang. These are all pretty much really awesome. I actually don't mind the daemonettes so much. All of the new daemons are going very 80s/90s Realm of Chaos style so they fit as far as I'm concerned. And the bloodcrusher is amazing.

Ghrask Dragh:

Isn’t it amazing what a good lick of paint can do, those deamonettes look much better now!! :slight_smile: (cool hair too!)

juggernaught is also looking better with a bit of paint…

I’m loving these bloodletters even more now, I think I’ve spotted my next army! (might even convince me on the whole Chaos Dwarf Deamon-binding thing!)

Whats the big green thing in the background here though…


that bloodletter champion does have a big hat…


Great pose for the daemon on the jugger; the Juggers look much more dynamic too.


Loving the new stuff. :slight_smile:



angle grinder



more fun than i’ve had at a Games day!


Gotta love the guy and girl in the background. The girl : “oh, what have we here?” the guy: “wow…”.

Like I´ve said before… crap my mind is conflicting again. Daemons or VC… it hurts! Meh! Be what it will. Somehow it feels daemons would be kinder on my wallet hehe.

Cheers for them pics mr gnome :cheers



That juggernaut is going to find is way into CD armies.

Ghrask Dragh:

Nice pics, :cheers Metro!

The big green thing must be a sculpt for this guy…

…they look similar in this pic.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I thought the pic in the post was a conversion at first. Oops! :smiley: I dislike the return to the older fleshounds. Well, I’d prefer if they weren’t so cartoonly built at any rate. Still don’t like the new bloodletters. Is the one with the cape a character or unit champ? I think it looks really pathetic if it’s supposed to be a character. Literally looks like it’s got a cape and a couple of skulls on. I DO like the Khorne character (mortal one), but I’m not sure why there are undead formin a path for him… The Nurgle palanguin is a good idea, but the one in the throne doesn’t look, well, decent in any way. I preferred the older juggernaught. It looked less run down and much heftier. I do agree that the daemonettes look better painted. I’m confused as to what made them go back to the cartoon effects of fiends of slaanesh and to some extent the fleshhounds…


the mortal hero is Harry the Hammerer… he causes fear in the undead…

the daemon with the cape is a character… yeah hes pretty disappointing considering the rest of the khorne line…


So is the Soul Grinder purely a 40k thing or can it be used in Fantasy as well?


um well its very roboty…

I guess you could run it as a shaggoth…

Kera foehunter:

thats cool they are coming out in plastic