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lord marcus:

Quite good. I will be showing this to my friend who is sculpting his own chaos dwarves. He lives in Germany.


Thank you for all the kind words my friends, I’m still bogged down with the christmas clean up. I’ll hopefully have some more pictures after new year.

The new hero sculpt will be from scratch, depending on how he turns out I will think about creating my own Chaos Dwarfs, which may or may not make production. I have no idea how to produce or sell models so if anybody can give me any advice on who to ask or places to check then I would be most greatful.

The main point with my current models is that they all use a plastic dwarf as the armature, most but not all the detail is sanded off and then built up from there. These won’t be for sale for the obvious reason that the conections between parts are the same as the regular dwarfs. Also faces and some details are still unchanged.

If the hero comes out well I’ll think about getting him cast up and available for anybody who might want one.

I hope you all had a great Christmas, and thanks for all the kind messages,


lord marcus:

Go talk to Ed Fortae of troll forged (goes by hive trygon on TF forums) about casting. He’s the best home caster I know. as for selling, that depends on how much it costs you to cast up the figs, along with packaging and handling.


I am so very glad that my videos were of help to you!

Your work is top notch and you don’t give your craftsmanship nearly enough credit.

This army is looking absolutely stunning. I love the newest models which match the upcoming forge world designs!

I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t been on the forum much, but seeing your work brightens my day!


Cheers Xander,

Those videos were really great, I would have never even contemplated starting chaos dwarfs if I hadn’t seen them first.

I hope I can continue to surprise, and that it adds something to the site as a whole.

Thanks for dropping in,



Hey Sparrow!

How are your guys coming along?

Would love to see some new pictures!




Hey Borador, my guys are coming along real slow. heh :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve been pretty under the weather recently and so there is very little progress as such to talk of. I’m currently working on a whole bunch of things at the same time which is never a good idea. 2 death rockets are nearing completion, a unit standard and musician to go along with my champion. A bull centaur body mock up and a sorcerer. None of them are really worth posting quite yet.

I’m working on the head for my hero, and it’s killing me. Here’s where it’s at so far. I’m not totally happy with it, but still lots to do so it still might turn out usable.

Again guys, thanks for looking.



Nice looking head mate, looking forward to seeing that hero completely!

Keep it up! ^^


That hero is coming along nicely!!! I love the face in particular! I know that he is too in an early stage to be commented, but he looks too much like your ordinary troops!


I can bear lurking no more! I’m back.

As many of you may know (unless you’ve lived in a box) there was a massive earthquake over here just over a month ago now. Due to this I was unable to do much hobby related stuff and found it difficult to concentrate on anything other than not soiling my underpants through the many aftershocks we’ve suffered.

I am now going to try and get back into this army building malarkey, post haste, so expect some updates from me here in the near future.

I’d just like to add I was happy to hear Morden (a fellow CDO user who also lives in Japan) is safe and well. Happy Birthday mate, looking forward to going for drinks and getting some games in if we get the chance.

Anyway, lets get this ball rolling once again, Jon :hat off


I noticed a few weeks ago that ‘Sparrow’ had stopped posting, and feared the worst.

I’m glad to hear you’re doing well, and am looking forward to seeing more of your excellent work!!



Just checked your blog for the first time and I must say - wow! I would honestly prefer to buy your models than the new FW stuff. They look amazing :slight_smile:

I was wondering, as a fellow caster, what you make the sprues for the mould shape out of? I generally try to use small funnel ones from old sprues but lately this doesn’t seem to work so well. Perhaps I’m pouring it in too fast.



Originally I followed Xander’s Tutorial for resin casting (see earlier in the thread) and for the most part it works fairly well. I’ve also tried just pressing the two halves of the mold together as the resin is close to setting. Both techniques have their draw backs, and I still feel the injection gives a better finish to the model.

Resin itself is quite sensitive to the environment and mix. I still can’t seem to flush out all those little air bubbles, and due to my fairly lax mixing techniques the quality is different for every casting. I tried using sprue for my molds originally but now use plastic tubing (the stuff that you can find at most model shops).

At the end of the day just keep plugging away at it, the silicone for the mold is quite expensive mind and currently I have probably spent more than I would if I’d have bought new models from forge world. Just remember your mold release agent… I’ve messed up a couple of times, and it can be a pain in the @rse to carve the parts out of a solid block of rubber heh heh.

Looking forward to seeing what you can come up with,

Sparrow :hat off


Sorry to be a pain, but where do I find Xander’s tutorial?

With mine it’s pretty hit and miss, with some pretty ridiculous miscastings occurring every now and then (such as my cats bumping the mould and a CD ending up with two arses) or weapons being fused.

However, I think I’ll get back to moulding after seeing your great work :slight_smile:



No worries, here it is http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/archive/index.php/thread-5922.html

One thing I’ve noticed is to make sure the two halves of the mold line up perfectly, and keep plenty of pressure on the mold while the resin sets (I use a card board sandwich and elastic bands).


Well, a minor update. I need to get back to logging my progress on here, otherwise my progress all but stops. So here goes…

Since my group have been going crazy for the new Storms of Magic stuff I found myself in need of a monster… and being slightly hard up at the moment I thought I’d have a shot at making one myself.

I picked a Bonegrinder as my monster of choice, mainly because I didn’t think he’d be too difficult, and the fact that I doubt anybody else in the group is likely to buy one. He’s still in his very early stages with no detail. I’m just trying to get an idea of proportions and size. The Forge world model comes in at about 8 and a bit inches tall according to their site. Mine weighs in at about 9 inches.

Just for size comparison he’s standing next to my CD command (which will get a post of their own when they are finally painted.

Cheers, Sparrow.


Wow, quiet big dude here ! :cheers

Can’t wait for the final stage of sculpting :hat off


Fricking awesome! He is quite huge, can’t wait to see him when he’s finished!


I hope the dude realises he should not figth for tha stunties. He can make them a pancake with his smallest toe. :slight_smile:

He looks awesome, can’t wait to see him sculpted/painted


I don’t know how I missed this log. Impressive work!

However, judging by the rough shape of the Bonegrinder, he looks like he could fit in an Empire army.