[Archive] [split] this is my last post

Kera foehunter:

due to the on going harrament from the staff  here   i QUIT  !!! there

you won !! THAT WHAT YOU WANTED !!

* Kera crys as she leves the site for the last time!!! *




EDIT: I’ve split this as the reasons why are nothing to do with what happened before. This puts this thread in context. - Grim

Tarrakk Blackhand:


What happened this time? I don’t get it.


What’s happened ? Please don’t go Kera


It is and has always been Kera’s choice whether she stays or leaves. Enough said really.


I’m missing something here… and now I need to read 5 pages of topic to get half a picture.

whatever the situation: I dont get it…

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Me either. Last time, when this post was originally written in 2009, there WAS some things going on where I could see Kera wanting to leave, but this time it really doesn’t make sense.


I think its because of the new 30 post a day limit, which does seem rather ridiculous, but there you go. I could be wrong but that’s my hypothesis.


Much like this came up last year there is no forcing of anyone off the site unless their actions warrant it. That is not the case with Kera despite how she might want to phrase it.

If Kera wants to continue to post her she is welcome to. If she wants to cool down much like she did last time from this post then come back she is welcome to do so. We do not bear grudges nor do we act out of spite or malice.

I suggest that Two Heads Talking’s comments from a year ago on page two are still relevant to this.

(edit: see top post - Grim)


due to the on going harrament from the staff  here   i QUIT  !!!! there
you won !! THAT WHAT YOU WANTED !!
* Kera crys as she leves the site for the last time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *

Kera foehunter
Buh by ,
BTW I usually read your post but I never look at anyones post count so I have no idea why you say you are leaving.


To bad you are going kera. You’re still a great person and we’ll miss you, at least I will.


Welll untill you have the grace to return Kera II will miss you chaos dwarf pirate queen.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

We do not bear grudges...

Yeah, that's for the "Good Dwarfs" over on Bugman's Brewery. - just joking.

Come back Kera. 30 posts per day isn't a small number by any means.

Thommy H:

What 30-post-per-day limit? Where was this announced?


A few people run into it, apparently. Obviously not me, so I have this on 2nd hand information, but if its true its a recent development. I don’t think it has been announced. If it has been recently put in place, then I guess some people didn’t think it would be much of an issue.


Holy crap! I’m gone for a few days and this happens. I think we’re all making a fuss over nothing…this wasn’t really needed at all I don’t think.

But, regardless of my opinions good bye Kera. We will miss you.


It is true that we currently have a 30 max posts per day (around 900 per month), but seeing as this is not directly connected to this if people want to discuss it more in depth please start another thread.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

So there’s some “Behind the scenes” stuff we don’t know about? :smiley:

Sounds “juicy”.


So there's some "Behind the scenes" stuff we don't know about? :D

Sounds "juicy".

Tarrakk Blackhand
Yeah. Anyone care to elaborate? ;)

Just kidding of course. This business is none of mine. :cheers

Hashut’s Blessing:

Sorry to see you leave, Kera.

As other members of staff have said, Kera chose to leave and was never pushed. I’d also like to point out that, contrary to her statement about us wanting her to leave, we wish she wouldn’t.

Hopefully, things blow over like in previous cases and she decides to return. If not, I’m very sorry to hear so.


So, seeing as this post has been split to allow people to make sense of an unspoken situation, is anyone going to actually say what happened? This has obviously been spurred on by something. Anyone?