[Archive] Starscream Vs Superfella: a tale of 2 northerners


It was foretold by an Eldar Farseer, in an attempt to remove humanity from existance, that if horus didnt win, there would be an eternity of war. Which to me suggests that the Imperium can hold out indefinately.


Hashut’s Blessing:

Or they’ll die and some other beings will fight forever :wink:

Anyway, let’s try to keep on topic guys and gals :wink:


quick update for y’all

currently built:

4x infantry squads - 2 heavy bolters, 2 missile launchers, 2 vox casters, 4 grenade launchers & 2 commisars

platoon command - junior officer, heavy bolter, vox caster & medic

company command - senior officer, missile launcher, medic & vox caster

ratlings - x5

leman russ (without tracks yet)

still to build:


veteran squad

special weapon squad

this takes me to about 1000 points, and i think will form a strong base for the army, and from this Ic an expand in several directions… though i admit i would love to include some valkyries!

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Sounds good so far. Got the majority of it built, but we need pictures :wink: We also want to see the test models :smiley:

Since you have your basic thousand points, most of which is made, you could always plan the enxt 500 or s, then you know what to buy after this friendly rivalry, such as the valkyries :wink:


Test model painted…I win a cookie… gonna work on more of the squad today and also try and get the dreadnought done:


Nice marine. Although it is chaos. :cheers

Hashut’s Blessing:

looking good! Trying to think of some advice to give, but none comes to mind. I considered suggesting a Tzeentchian symbol on the robe part, but that might give too much blue/purple/dark colouring. You could consider painting a shoulder pad white/yellow and having a symbol of Tzeentch on that and the robe part. But, it looks great as it is and isn’t something I’d say that you need to do. I can faintly see some lighter blue framing inside the metals on the armour plates. I’d like to see a better shot of that if possible as it’s not enough to see properly yet, but enough to intrigue me greatly. Excellent job! I’ma give you some slaves for getting the first fully painted model in the compeition up :smiley:


Nice work Starscream. I’ve got some Dornian alt-heresy marines I’m working on at the minute, Chaos all the way!


quick update for you:

the army is now built except for the veteran squad.

ive finished painting my first 15 cadian infantry (squad 1 is complete, squad 2 is halfway there), plus a special weapons squad, a ratling sniper (in urban camo… which is cool) and the junior officer & medic from my platoon command.

I have pictures, but for some reason it wont allow me to upload them using the attachment button at the bottom, even though ive made sure they arent too big.

Any suggestions for getting some photos on here?

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Create an account on Photobucket and then upload them there. You can then link tot he album and use the [ IMG]


Watched a vid on Youtube last night by our very own Xander about greenstuff molds. Have attempted to make a mold of the “bunny ears” on a thousand sons head so I can make 1k sons terminators.

Also purchased a little surprise to add to my force…mwahahahaha


I dont like the sound of this…

BTW Starscream… I should totally take a week off work more often… Ive painted more in the last few days than I have in the last 3 months!

I might actually make the deadline after all!


sorry for the double post, but managed to get some picture of my first platoon, ratlings and leman russ.

I still need to build the second special weapons squad and the veterans, but these will ave to wait until I can afford to buy more cadians… roll on 21st december!

also, im sorry for the poor quality, but im using our spare camera (which is pants!) as my other half has got the decent one with her today.

more to come as and when I can upload them.

army so far (excluding company command & chimaera)


business end of my flamer team


my ratlings


infantry squad one



Nice one mate, that infantry squad is looking great, especially the heavy bolter team.


Very nice infantry squad. Blurry pics are ok by me as long as you got pics up.


thanks buddies!

got the rest of the cadians drybrushed with grey now

just in the process of paintint in their fatigues, then its time for some ink!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Excellent job! Shame about the camera though. Once you can, get some better piccies up ^^

A couple of suggestions, if I may: the ratlings’ guns could do witht he stocks being painted a non-metal colour, maybe wood or the same colour as the lasguns that the Imperial Guard have. The guard of the Heavy Bolter could do with a similar lick of paint, but keep the eagle and rim as they are.

Just my thoughts, but excellent nonetheless and not entirely necessary. Good job and have some slaves!


Hurrah, well Boomsticks sale thread on market place has saved me a few squid on a terminator lord, I have had some success casting some 1k sons heads so I can tzeentch it up when it arrives. More pics to come this weekend. I think I should actually sit down and write an army list too as I dont have many points left to play with.


Thanks for the comments & Critique Mr HB.

Im intending on “tarting” everything up once Ive got the initial 1000 points painted, but for now, I just want to get everything to a gaming standard before I give myself extra work.

almost got 1st platoon 2nd sqaud finished now… just waiting for ink to dry… so im doing the fatigues on 3rd squad while i wait.



1st Platoon, Squads one and two are now officially done. As is my first Commisar.

Which means Im a little over halfway there… Gotta keep going!