[Archive] Starscream Vs Superfella: a tale of 2 northerners


5 marines and 1 aspiring sorcerer now painted. Greater Daemon painted, dreadnought almost done.

Have been teasing Superfella regarding the “surprise” I bought. Would anyone like a clue?


Thanks to Boomstick my terminator lord arrived today, I have built him as a sorceror (or course). Strictly speaking he should have a helmed head but I liked the look of the bare sorceror head better.

Its such a nice kit, I always thought it was overpriced - and while it isnt cheap you get a LOT of options, I’m sure I’ll find a use for a lot of it.


well, ive now run out of badab black and wont get a chance to get some more until pay day, so i likely wont be able to finish anything else this month.

so im currently making sure everything else is ready for inking, as despite my early headstart (thanks to a weeks holiday from work!), its gonna be cutting it fine to get them finished before the deadline.

anyone got any ideas how i should paint my leman russ? ive only ever painted marine tanks before, and a single, flat garish colour is the way to go (green rhinos for my salamanders!).

But as Ive got a bit of time on my hands, I may try something different.

Hashut’s Blessing:

You could always try to do a camo effect. If you have a spray, place some blu-tak or something similar in lines on the model, then spray. Place some blu-tak over the MAIN parts of the pre-sprayed parts and spray again. Try to get a cross-over at the edges :wink: Alternatively, simply have blu-tak to create “wobbly-edged” lines and just paint it a flat colour, with the parts under the blu-tak painted a different colour before hand. Hope that helps :wink:


Yeah I was considering something like that, a it looks quite effective.

Alternatively, Ive been looking at the camo patterns on tanks online, and a lot of them seem to have angular patterns painted on them which make the tank stand out, but stop the person shooting at it being able to identify exactly which part of the tank they are aiming for.

Not sure how it would look on the table though, and might make more work for myself.


Quick Xmas update for you all!

I would have provided one sooner, but Ive been stuffing myself with pies and cherry!

Anyways, Ive now finished all four infantry squads from first platoon, along with their special weapons team and the pair of Commisars keeping moral in check.

Next on the agenda is to finish the Platoon and company Command sqauds (which are both half done), and the Ratlings.

Once those are done I will finish off the Russ (only got as far as painting in the metallica areas), and try and make my mind up whether to paint my Kasrkin, or build a unit of Veterans & paint these & their chimaera… will all depend upon how much time is left before the deadline I guess!

Pics will follow as soon as I get some time to sort them (i.e. while Im watching ink dry!).

Hope all our avid followers have had a Merry Christmas and all the best to you all for the New Year!

Much Festive Love etc


Kera foehunter:

Hey !!!put down that pie !!!lets see the stuff !! it time to shake off the over eating and get exercising it the new year now !!do i need to send you my Richard Simons dvd to get you going superfeller???

love Kera


got more done last night. Will get pics up soon.

Have been a bit of a bad 'con as I spent xmas painting the FW khorne daemon prince my GF got me. As much as I could use that in this army I wanna keep it Tzeentch.


apologies for the delay in getting this uploaded.

I think it was Kera’s threat that made me jump to it! Thanks me dear!

anyways, the below link will show you my army as it stands.


I just need to paint three more shock troopers to finish my mainstay infantry (one plasma gunner in the Command HQ at the front right, & a junior officer & sniper in the Platoon command loacted in front of the Leman Russ).

And finally, I need to paint a unit of Kasrkin to represent my storm troopers. Ive done one trooper and Im certain I am happy with it, so I will finish the squad and get some more pictures up. (I “inverted” his camo scheme to make the unit stand out as elites - grey fatigues with black Armour instead of the other way around).

also, it looks like our deadline is going to be 11 January 2010 - with a best of three game on 12 January at our local battle bunker.

Im planning on taking some photos on the day to finish the thread off, and once the dust has settled, we are planning on doing a similar thread for warhammer fantasy battle. any one interested in joining our 1000 point six-week challenge?

Hashut’s Blessing:

Excellent work to you both! starcsream: what an AWESOME present :wink: superfella: I think I joined in on the overindulgence :smiley:

As for the angular tank patterns, that style was used on ships in glaringly bright colours because it confused radars and, as you said, distorted the outlines of the vessel, making it diffciult to target weak or useful to destroy areas. However, this was later replaced with the more recognised and modern grey paint that dulls their radar signature by absorbing the signals, rather than refelcting them and helps them blend into the horizon visually (particularly on overcast days).

I can’t wait to see the last few touches to your work superfella! starscream: I want to see more of your painted models and I’m very intrigued by this surprise!

Where would the battle part of the 1,000 point challange be?


The battle part of this will take place in the bunker upstairs at GW Newcastle.

Heres a few piccys. I’ll probably go back to these and add more detail at a later date but they are at least usable at the mo.



sorceror lord (note I changed the head for a more 1k sonsy feel)

Just gotta finish the base and I’ll post a pic of the daemon.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Looking VERY nice. I especially like the head/crest thing from the Tomb Kings on the dreadnought :smiley: Might steal that idea myself :wink:

By the battle, I was referring to the invitation to the fantasy tale of 2+ Englanders :wink:


Is that a suggestion of interest there Mr HB?

Im not really sure about the battle part.

If people lived close enough, we could meet somewhere.

If not, we could post our lists & strategies once the army was painted, and have a vote to see who people feel has the best ideas!

got another 4 kasrkin basecoated last night - 5 working days & 10 models left to finish…eek!

Hashut’s Blessing:

It most certainly is :smiley: I don’t yet know which army I’d do, though. I’d consider doing Wood Elves so that my girlfriend had a base for her army (that she’d likely wish to repaint, lol :stuck_out_tongue: ). Well, at the moment, I live in Chester, near Leeds and Harrogate and also in Essex, lol :stuck_out_tongue: (University, girlfriend’s place and my parents’ place, respectively).

That’s just two models a day :wink: You know you can do it. I am encouraging you both! If one of you doesn’t complete on time, the other shall get slaves and you won’t :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


the problem is that I have such a terrible attention span that im likely to lose interest with 1 model to go… lol.

well Leeds / Harrogate is only an hour away on the train my good man!

Hashut’s Blessing:

In that case, batch paint these last 10 :wink: Doing all 10 at once may disinterest you, so try doing 5 at a time. Enough to make it feel like an accomplishment and few enough to not feel too daunting.

Well, we’ll see how it goes then, eh? :wink:


i try and paint in 5s and 6s, as i usually only bother painting my wfb units which are 5 or 6 models wide (none of my friends at home play 40k, only starscream, so there is no call for me to paint my 40k stuff!)

Im confident I will meet the deadline though… I just hope we roll “take & hold” as our scenario… because there’s little to no chance of the 1000 sons taking out ALL my guardsmen before turn 6 arrives… but if we roll a kill point based scenario… well… im shafted… lol

Hashut’s Blessing:

You’d be surprised :wink: I had my Chaos Space Marines play against ym friend’s Daemonhunters and one of his Imperial Guard killed a Chaos Space Marine every turn! (It was actually the same model every time too, lol :stuck_out_tongue: With an ordinary lasgun!) If it’s kill-point based, just concentrate fire until a unit is destroyed. Then, move onto the next one. Sheer number of shots means that you should kill some each turn and get you your points more easly than splitting up your fire :wink:


advice noted Mr HB!

this time next week we will be deploying our forces…

are you nervous starscream? no? WELL YOU SHOULD BE!!!

For the Emperor etc!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, you may well need it considering each of his shots has a 2/3 chance of hitting, a 2/3 chance of wounding and will ignore your armour saves, you may need a hand :wink: 4/9 of his shots will kill a man. At long range, that’s basically at least 8 a turn, then when you are 12" apart or less, it will ramp up to 16 per turn (due to rapid fire) :wink:

Emperor Palpatine that is!