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Hi all,

After the postive encouragement from my chaos dwarf log it was suggested I post pics of the other non CD minis I’m working on here… so here it is.

First up I’m working on a Soul Drinkers army for 40k. The fluff mentions they are an orbital strike force so every mini in the army will have means of deepstriking.

These are still WIP, some more thatn others but most need a least a little more work.

first up heres some tac marines with a scratch built pod

heres wip of the 2nd tac pod

a couple of dreads with a wip dread pod

2 of the terminators

wip terminator commander and jump pack commander

finally, heres the first mini from my SST arachnids ( I’ve bought loads of all 3 factions).

I really should concentrate on one army at a time but I can’t help it.


Great work! are those scratch built drop pods I see?


yeah thats 3 built so far, i need 1 more marine one and one more dread.

these were built from card but I’m gonna try and build the next one from balsa.


I’ve just finished this mini, I think forum member Roll Jordan may recognise it…

Kera foehunter:

nice purple How much sst stuff you have??I like the bugs


lots and lots of it kera. I bought loads of it up when my local store reduced it and I’ve been snapping up bargains on ebay ever since.

theres still a few bugs I dont have but I have so much SST to get through I’m in no hurry right now to find them.

I’m currently keeping my eyes open for a Skyhook retrieval boat. Mongoose only did a limited run in resin at a whopping £50. luckily the galoob toy is the same size so if I can find one I’ll paint one of those up instead.


check this out, thats the same kit with one hell of a mark up



Harakoni Warhawks! am attempting to build a unit of these (will count as Storm Troopers) and if all goes well I may expand to (another!) full guard army. The last of my bitz arrived yesterday so the plan is…

use a cadian body with these drop packs (yeah i know they dont look like Harakoni ones but i prefer them):

with these guns:

and these heads:

and a bit of greenstuffing here and there.

I put some together last night, heres the pics so far. need a bit of cleaning up and I’m gonna try sculpting extra armour plates on one. My sculpting skills are limited tho so we’ll see if I can manage.


edit… update…

I have painted one of them as a test piece, I like the scheme and reckon I’ll do the whole squad. I’ve had to make another couple of troopers as I hadnt thought that storm troopers cant have a missle launcher!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Good conversion and a damned fine painting level as well as a good paint scheme. You could possibly save some time by getting some Kasrkin, which have similar style armour, if I’m not mistaken. Might also be a little cheaper…


This stuff rocks, man! Keep it coming. :slight_smile:


cheers! it probably would be easier to just use kasrkin HB but wheres the fun in that? I really enjoy the conversion side of it. Having an unusual army really appeals too.

actually Kasrkin = £2, my dude: cadian 90p + head 15p + gun 30p + backpack 30p = £1.65! so its cheaper (though not by a massive amount).

Hashut’s Blessing:

Conversion opportunity AND cheaper! Good Lord how I envy you! That is so much AWESOMENESS!


Wow, loving your Harakoni warhawks. I have been waiting to see how well the Pig Iron heads mix with Cadian bodies, and your samples have shown they go quite well. This may be the answer for my Iceworld themed guard…

Paint schemes are great so far, looking forward to see more Starship Toopers…


I have the whole week off work, I intended to get some CD work done but other than half a taurus on Sunday night I havent touched them.

I got into another Apoc scratchbuild, I keep building these things yet havent played 40k in years.

It started last year when I built this…

Then this year I built…

Anyway this week I was browsing various forums and I was inspired to build another super-heavy. I have gotten this far in 2 days so its certaintly going together quicker than previous scratch builds.

As you can see it is (or will be) a Thunderhawk! I tried following some templates but they werent very good so a lot of it I had to come up with from studying the blueprints in Imperial Armour.

I have built the gunship version but have added magnetic clamps to the bottom so it can double as a thunderhawk transporter. The Rhino you can see underneath is also scratch built, I need to build another as theres room there for 2!

Hashut’s Blessing:

At first, I wasn’t sure if those titans were scratchbuilt, but about that Rhino, are you 100% sure you made it yourself? It’s exactly the same lol. Kudos, excellent job! Ever thought of making these as commissions? Where abouts in the world are you? Only, if postage/picking them up would be easy, I’d ask you to make some (for a reasonable price), assuming I have some money. VERY well done. I am most impressed.


yup, 100% scratch built… heres a WIP

I also did a russ

I’m up in Newcastle. Havent thought about commissions, the rhino took a few hours so not really worth it as they only cost £18 for the real thing.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, the WIp’s prove it, but it’s still a fine compliment for me to be hard-pressed to see a difference. Well, it was only hypotehtical, but theoretically, how much would you charge for a predator? Assuming it were to be picked up or what-have-you…


I honestly have no idea. If it was for a mate I’d probably do it for a pint.

If you fancy a go I can provide templates.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Yeah, i was going to ask that as my next question: where did you get the materials, can you provide some instructions and templates/dimensions, please? Thanks. It’d be much appreciated. Have you tried with a predator yet?


I havent tried the pred yet but it shouldnt be much more difficult. The rhino wasnt hard, just time consuming.

check out http://www.geocities.com/wh40kcardtanks/

they have both old and new predators as well as many other templates with instructions.