[Archive] Superfella Vs Starscream... Round 2... This time its Fantasy


Hi Peeps!

Starscream and I have decided to start another 1000 point challenge, only this time, we are going to paint a warhammer fantasy army, and allow ourselves 8 weeks to finish, rather than 6.

Im going for bretonians, and Ive written my army list first and will paint to that specification, rather that repeat my previous mistake of painting the models I thought Id need and find out the day before the deadline that my list was illegal… hehe.

I believe Starscream to be going for Vampire Counts.

As mentioned in the previous thread, if anyone else wants to join in, then Im more than happy for them to do so. Starscream and myself will be meeting up for a game at our local store at the end of the challenge, but if anyone who cant make it to GW Newcastle wants to join in, then I say we have a vote off at the end for those who complete the challenge on time to see who wins.

So. First things first, my army list: (ive left out points and what magic items / virtues im going for to stop Starscream having an early lead!)


Paladin battle standard

Paladin on Pegasus

5 Knights of the Realm

5 Knights Errant

6 Knights Errant

10 Peasant Bowmen

15 Men at Arms

I figure that this will give me two units to occupy my table quarters, one of which I can use to try and pick off a rank bonus from an enemy unit, and 3 clips of knights supported by characters to try and break through his lines.

also, Ive included the Paladin on Pegasus because:

1) you get one in the batalion and its a shame not to use him

2) he can go wizard / warmachine hunting as required, meaning I dont have to take the scroll caddy damsel you normally see.

Ive bought myself a battalion and an extra character blister, and I have the ltd edition battle standard from when they released the army a few years back. All I need is another box of Knights and Im good to go.


Yeah I’ll be putting together an army of the walking dead (and I dont mean the inhabitants of Sunderland).

I just finished reading Massacre In Marienburg so am quite inspired to do an undead force.

My gf has wanted me to paint a vamps army for a while so I have some minis already bought still boxed up.

So far I have the battalion, a box of dire wolves, a box of grave guard and a few vampire character models.

Being in my last challenge I went very elite the undead are a good way to go the opposite way.

Gonna build and paint a couple of test minis tonight.


Good luck! Go Bretonnians! Yep, shamefully I am on superfella’s team again. Good luck to both of you.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’ll see how much stuff I have to get painted and let you know if I’ll join in :wink: Most likely Warriors of Chaos, maybe Daemons of Chaos :wink: In fact, I should have enough for Daemons of Chaos and it’s only basecoated. I have a lot going on, but will see if joining in is plausible. As long as I’m welcomed, lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not worried about being included in the challenge part to be honest though :stuck_out_tongue:

Still, whether I join in or not, this should be another blast to read ^^

I’m eagerly awaiting.


of course your invited HB, having another person in the race to finish a 1000 point army will encourage me to finish on time!


Have put together 10 dire wolves, 20 skellies, 10 ghouls and a corpse cart and I’m currently putting 10 grave guard together, Painted up a couple of test minis too, pics to follow.


Have put together 10 dire wolves, 20 skellies, 10 ghouls and a corpse cart and I'm currently putting 10 grave guard together, Painted up a couple of test minis too, pics to follow.

Just out of curiosity. But, what is your list?


finished my paladin on pegasus last night… well… apart from his shield…

also finished 3 peasant bowmen, their stakes & half finished the other 7.

have the men at arms, the other 2 paladins and 8 knights built too.

will get some photos at the weekend to try and get a weekly progress update.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, if I’m going with Chaos, I have it all built, but will need to strip a load of models, including plastics (which will be a 3 day job per batch :wink: ) and if I go with Daemons, I am not sure what I have yet, other than multiple horrors, some screamers and a fully converted Herald of Tzeentch. Regardless, I won’t have decided which army to create for this until Monday-Wednesday.

Having said that, I have managed to paint 6 Marauders of Chaos as I have 22 with me (not sure how I have 22 though, lol) to get a head start on my painting. I took pictures beforehand (after stripping the ones I needed to, except for one) and so you can see the progress when I get round to uploading them :wink:

Should be fun :smiley:


Skeletons! Raise! Raise, my pretty minions! Go and defend your master!

Go VC =]

Good luck to all!


Have put together 10 dire wolves, 20 skellies, 10 ghouls and a corpse cart and I'm currently putting 10 grave guard together, Painted up a couple of test minis too, pics to follow.

  Just out of curiosity.  But, what is your list?

I'm not sure to be honest, I'm just gonna paint what I have and then make it up to 1k with things I like.

I bought another 10 skellies off ebay last night to bolster that unit and I intend to buy a varghulf this weekend. I've no idea how effective they are but I love the model.

Have finally finished putting together the grave guard (what a fiddly job) and have made some unit fillers.


another 2 archers done.

so i have a pegasus paladin & 5 archers… you scared yet?

Im toying with dropping the Men at arms & getting a second unit of Archers… just realised that Men at Arms suck almost as much as skeleton warriors at fighting!


Hashut’s Blessing:

Wel, I’ve not yet progressed any further and don’t even know which list or what composition I’m having yet, particularly since my army books are 60-100 miles from me until Monay :wink:

Still, I’ve been having a few thinks and I’ve got a few ideas for what will go into either army. Having sad that, I’m not used to 1,000 points and may have to test out with proxies to see if tey’e sensible lists or not :wink:


okies, been hard at works this weekend and have painted:

5 direwolves

6 ghouls

5 graveguard

Mannfred Von Carstein

3 bases of spirit hosts

5 skeleton warriors

phew!! beat that boys!

Kera foehunter:

Yea beat that !! well sweetie picture would prove that you did it
but i do trust you !!! ahhhh  just pulling your leg  i wish i had that motivation !!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Dang, it seems that I’m flailing behind ^^ I’ll check tomorrow/Tuesday to see which I should go with, but I have half painted a further 6 Marauders. I was a little side tracke dby going to Golden Acre Park with my grilfriend to take pictures, lol :stuck_out_tongue:


i didnt make much progress this weekend, i only managed to finish another 5 archers.

however, I did spend half my weekend driving to Manchester & back for a dog show. We came second, so thats Superfella & his hairy best friend qualified to go to Crufts next year!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Congatulations on the qualification for Crufts!

I have drafted up a couple of lists for Daemons to see what I should include in my army and I’ve been unable to find my Warriors of Chaos book. Mostof the stuff in my Warriors of Chaos army would be repinted though, whereas most of my daemon stuff shall be from scratch.

Anyway, Daemons list 1 is as follows:


The Changeling

16 Horrors

10 Bloodletters

10 Daemonettes

3 Screamers

1 Beast of Nurgle

My other, more likely list is:


18 Horrors

10 Daemonettes

10 Bloodletters

6 Screamers

3 Flamers

Considering the fact that I already have the bloodletters fully painted and the daemonettes mostly painted, I may have to do both armies (as in WoC and Daemons) to compensate.

Warriors od Chaos stuff to paint/repaint:

26 Marauders (-6 as I finished those earlier in the thread. Not sure how I have 26, lol)

6-12 Chaos Warriors (Not sure how many I didn’t paint. I bought 2 boxes worth from someone, but some weren’t put together yet)

5 Marauder Horsemen (Need an update to their paint scheme to fit my newer colours. Never completed the shields either)

7 Chosen (No notes, lol :D)

5 Chaos Knights’ Boots (Need to change their colour to match them to the rest of the army)

Tons of bits and pieces from a lot I won about a yearago with Sousunou (including plenty of characters).

So, I think I’ll aim to complete most/all of the daemons and a sizeable chunk of the above Warriors of Chaos. I’ll give a total of points painted at the end :wink:

So far, 6 marauders with shields (will also have light armour, but need to gather a few more pieces for them), maing it 30 points thus far :smiley:


lol @ HB… 30 points lol.

Ive not made any progress last night unfortunately.

But ive got about 230 points done (80 for the archers, 150 for the Pegasus Paladin)

I reckon starscream is still in the lead though

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’m concentrating on trying to get an essay out of my way to make my dissertation easier, balancing it with a practical dissertation and medical visits about a slight worry over my heart (they’ve done two ECG’s and an ultrasound now and keep saying it’s fine, then sending me to the GP or the hospital…), but shouldn’t be anything to worry about.

Anyhow, that’s what I’m currently using as an excuse for just a pitiful number of points lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Having said that, if I use daemonlist one, I have done an extra 350 points on top of that (as they were already painted, lol) and if I use daemonlist two, I have one 300 points.

But, in terms of models I’ve painted, it’s still resting at 30 points. I may paint some more during my essay breaks today :smiley:

Shme you made no progrees. I wonder if we have, combined, painted more points/models than starscream? Can’t let him win now, can we :wink: