[Archive] Superfella's Bull Centaurs - with photos


how do all.

ive decided to do this thread for two reasons, firstly, im very proud of my work on these and secondly… im very proud of my work on these…!

anyhow, first and foremost, I feel it only fair that I should say thanks to a few individuals for contributing to this project, especially as some of them will likely be unaware that they have helped me!


To Starscream, my partner in crime in the work place and a real source of encouragement to finish what I start, I want to say thanks for providing me the horse bodies for the excellent cost of “show me regular photos and you can have them”.

To Xander, your BFSP tutorial video was so easy to follow, it has given me confidence to try using green stuff for more than just gap filling, and I think you have done a great service to the Chaos Dwarf Community.

And thirdly, to Kera, I liked your bull centaurs so much, that they were my initial inspiration to do something similar.

Right. So, thanks aside, the following components were needed for each bull centaur:

Plastic Lord of the Rings Rohan Horse

2 Beastman Gors

Beastman Weapon Heads

Chaos Marauder Arms & Sheilds.

Chaos Warrior Head

Lots of Greenstuff or the equivolent.

below is some photos of the progress at each stage so far.




the above photos show which models are required for the main part of the model, plus which parts to remove.

basically, remove the head and legs from the horse (I also removed the tail as Im planning on sculpting a different style of tail) and scrape away the saddle. Remove the legs from the Beastmen mid-thigh, and dispose of the torso into your bits box.

Trim away any unwanted details, such as excess fur, hooks, medallions or the loin cloth, then remove the hooves from two of the legs, as these will need to be turned back to front to look right.


glue the legs into place, making sure that you position the front hooves the correct facing, otherwise the model will not look right. I assembled the initial piece without turning the hooves around and couldnt work out why it looked like it was going to tip forwards, so i refered to some pictures of horses and found that their rear legs have “knees” on the rear of the leg, whereas the front legs the knees are on the front.


once this has dried, i mixed some greenstuff and formed a rough torso shape where I wanted the body to be. I wasnt too fussed about neatness at this stage, as the detail work will get sculpted over the top.

once the torso is built up to an acceptable level that your happy with (I used a BFSP Chaos Dwarf on foot as a rough size guide), let the green stuff set for a few hours.


here you can see the height of the horse’s body compared to a CD on foot. obviously once the torso is built up, the model is an extra centimetre or so taller.

once the green stuff has dried, my next step was to sculpt on some detail, in the form of the belt, skirt and shoulder trim.

to do this, i rolled a green stuff sausage and wrapped it around the models waist, flattened it and trimmed it so that i had a neat strip going around the midriff, about the thickness of the belt on a BFSP dwarf. the I did the same for the skirt, so that the scale armour can protect the models front legs. Then for the shoulder trim, I pushed a ball of greenstuff onto each “arm” position, flattened it a little to make a disc, then smoothed and rounded the edges. once I was happy with the size, i put a pair of marauder arms (one with a flail without the flail head) into place to make sure he wasnt too broad.

Hashut’s Blessing:

That looks incredibly good. Could you not use the beastmen arms and bodies with appropriate changes to utilise more of a model at once? That way, you don’t need to keep buying separate maruader arms also. Just an idea. It’ll be good to see some up close pictures of the belt etc to see the detail. Do you need to remove the fur from the gor legs or add a little to the horse body to make it look good? What about simply covering the fur with some armour? (Apologies if you’ve said this is what you did/planned to do.)


Well, you’re obviously a quick study.

I particularly like the pose of it as seen in the final picture.

It’ll be good to see it with more details added.

Kera foehunter:

great job and thank for the step by steps too


Looks to be great (the finished product that is) can you provide a better pic?


I’ve given him some slaves, Willmark, so that should encourage him to post more pictures.

dangles another slave enticingly in front of superfella


Looking stellar! Glad I could fuel the flame!


hehe, thanks guys!

in response to Hashut’s Blessing:

I removed the fur from the Gor’s legs and havent added anything to the horse’s body as of yet. the armoured skirt covers the front legs from the knee up.

also, i looked at some pictures of bulls and cows, and they dont seem that hairy to me, more like thye have body hair like a horse that just lies flat on the body. Im not sure how I would do that, butif any one has any suggestions I guess I could give it a try!

Also, I used the marauder arms cos I had some spare and wanted my unit to be equipped with great weapons, and they use less adjustment than trying to do so with Gor arms. Though I am intending on doing some with two hand weapons, in which case the Gor arms will be used.

Ive got my camera on charge this morning, so hopefully I will get more pictures uploaded onto here tonight!

Thanks again for the feedback all!


Unless you’ve gotthe Gors spare, would it not be simpler to use Empire horse legs? They’d give you the extra bulk without the ‘furry little problem’


that is true, however, my reasoning was as follows:

Kera’s BCs used Gor legs which was my initial inspiration for these, so I wanted to emulate those, and I had 10 Gors spare from my beasmen army… surely a sign from Hashut himself that this project was meant to be!

also, I wanted cloven hooves, which horses dont have, so I would have to cut the horse hooves to give the desired effect.

Finally, when i was talking with starscream bout how to do some BC when I made my first few CD as per Xander’s video tutorial, we decided that the plastic Empire horse was too large for this project and the BFSP pony was too small (which i discovered AFTER trimming all the details off… grumble!).

so that left the LOTR horse bodies as they are sized between the two.

Im pleased with results so far.

I just wish I had a holiday in for this afternoon so I could go home and do some more work with them!

BTW, when they are built, should I post the pictures of the paint jobs in this thread, or should I post a new thread?


Wow, they be awesome, almost making me want to get back to my bull centaurs.

Maybe bulk outt the upper end of the bull centaur bull part, it’s just if you do look at bulls, there much broader at the front than back

still, awesome work there:)


there i was, mindlessly chatting away…

Superfella: "so I’m gonna try Keras bc thing, i have some spare skeletal steeds i can flesh out with green stuff"

Me: “nah that’ll be difficult”.

Superfella: “What do you reckon then”.

Me: “Rohan horses would be about right”.

Superfella: “yeah that could work, I could get some of those”.

Me: (still not awake) " oh I have some ".

Superfella: "yoink!"

and that dear readers is how my never-really-got-off-the-ground Rohan army lost their rides. Take this as a warning, never let someones enthusiasm take advantage of your hungover state or you’ll lose your minis…

… I got my own back when he let it slip yesterday he has 3 unused Chimera (and me having just bought some steel legion? Suits you sir!


well I have now finished the first model bar the axe head, but the macro function on my camera has decided not to play nice, so Im afraid the picture quality is terrible, even worse than my mobile phone’s camera.

I will “obtain” my other half’s camera over the weekend and post better shots, as you cant make out all the details on the armour / beard from the ones I got.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I assume you have filed the legs to make it look like muscles. As for the fur like a bull’s/horse’s you needn;t do anything in that case, surely? (Also, I know bulls aren’t furry


if you want them Hashuts blessing you are welcome to them.

Kera foehunter:

well thanks guys . iam glade my bc helped

Hashut’s Blessing:

PM sent…


ok, well, i have now finished two of my bull centaurs, a standard BC and the unit musician.

photos below!

btw, i have added a weapon head to the standard BC now, will get a pic asap.









extra drool Ok, I need more GS, the BC pull is too strong to resist

very nice models there, cannot think of much to say:)


nice one matey. Keep going.