[Archive] Swiss's NEW Chaos Dwarf army (Helms/Masks)


There will be a few masks in here. Mostly Helms though.

I am considering using Big Hats for characters possibly. Possibly unit champs, not sure about that one.

Well I’m revealing my GH8 entry… kinda reluctant, but oh well…

I’ll have my first warrior painted probably before I go to bed. I’ll post him soon.


nice masks on the crew!


so the GH#8 entries don’t have to be annonymous? :wink:


Love it. I made my earthshaker (Da skrap shoota’) from scrap


AH! Yes! I’ve been wondering whose wonderful minis these were! It seems that I have fallen in love with the style of your CDs, sir. Please make many more so that I might live vicariously through your success. Also the beards are great!


Nice entry :wink: Would really like to see more of those Warriors - any greens??

Really think those warrior also could be used for blood Bowl as well.

Great work, Swiss - looking forward to see more

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Looks great Swiss. I’m still going to leave mine annomynous until GH is over…and maybe even after that.

Everyone built better looking models than me.


Amazing stuff, Swiss, your skills are really improved since your first big hats!

The shaker rocks but crewmen are even better!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

That’s a great paint job. Love the shades on the armour and the metal finish.

so the GH#8 entries don’t have to be annonymous? :wink:

Of course they are, don’t let Swiss’ fool you! :slight_smile:


I should probably point out that the torsos of the crew are from the Impact Minis line. When you get their Bullcentaur guys you get a couple extra torsos. I hope the paint job is good though.

Some WIP pics of the cannon


After pulling my hair out as my camera decides to be stupid for a while…

I got a picture of a warrior. I plan on finishing a block before more pics.


They look great. The weapon crews in particular I really like. Interesting to see some different types of masks.


Hm, well I’m somewhat disappointed that you didn’t sculpt the crew yourself, but I still submit that you should continue in a similar style, cuz they look great! And yes, the painting is very good haha so no worries on that front.


In that angle the warrior looks like a tiny Chaos Warrior… :stuck_out_tongue:

They look good btw!


In that angle the warrior looks like a tiny Chaos Warrior... :P

but ain't chaos dwarfs just (very) beardy chaos warriors? :cheers


Here’s the crazy thing.

I did my entire Gh8 entry in a matter of days.


nice find on the models, I wasn’t aware of them before, maybe I need to check those out :slight_smile:

At first I thought you used a bell as base for the cannon, but now I see I was mistaken.

good looking model


Cool stuff!

Successful conversion and nice paintjob!


Tarrakk Blackhand:

So what’s next on the agenda?


Well last night I got 18 or so warriors done. Well, they still need arms… but the rest of them are done.

I’ll paint up the arms today and get a couple group shots.