[Archive] Swiss's Tzeentch Chaos Mortals (renamed)


I’m a little stumped on how to do the Chaos armor. I know what to do with the arms, and shoulders… but I don’t know how to handle the torso.

The location where the chaos hand glues to the arm will have a little greenstuff fur around it. Thinking I might do that for the top of the boots too. This would make it seemless, and fit the Chaos theme a tiny bit.

I’m happy with how the horror heads turned out. It required a little greenstuff to make it work right, and I felt that I needed to add a tongue otherwise it just looked a little odd.


Looking good so far. I’d add some feathers to him, for sure- Cant wait to see more!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Looking pretty sweet to me! Two options arise instantaneously to me for the torsos: the first is a symbol giant eyeball in the gut (if you want armour, whack some shoulder pads on and a gorget, so covering for the breast and back, etc) or to have a toothy maw/swirling internal vortex…


Changed the hand a bit. I had a few people say the Chaos hand looked odd, due to the proportions. So I took an Ogre hand and gave it the Chaos weapon… which also let me extend the height of the weapon to give more of a great weapon impression.


What a great take on the chaos ogres :slight_smile:

Keep them coming mate


looking good! But the beak makes me think of the keeper of secrets.

Eagerly awaiting an update!


I figured out how to do the armor perfectly… scales.

I was thinking scalemail armor, like Chaos Dwarfs have… and decided… Chaos Armor grafts with the skin, and Tzeentch is about mutations… so why not give them scales??


Scales are always a good option mate! And indeed the fur on the boots is a nice add on. What are you thinking to do with the gut plate?


Changed the topic as it’s more than just Chaos Ogres now. I have some REALLY cool conversions in the pipeline for Chosen.

I tested out the paint scheme I’m going with.

What do you think? If the basing effect is cool, all the figures will have that, including the Ogres.


Paint scheme is looking like a great choice. Very much like the green of the armour. Those green and sickly yellow colour wouldn’t make a bad Nurgle colours either.

Great start on the ogres!



Here’s a WIP of the Chosen test model. I might do more work on the haldberd, and he needs his left arm (which will be from a horror most likely, though I have other ideas too).

Edit: Forget the horror hand for this guy, he’s getting the plague monk hand holding the book! Sweet…


Here he is so far, I want to do some more work on the pages of the book…


Very cool conversion Swiss!

But I’m not sure of the colour scheme - imo it looks too much Nugle like!

What about another colour for the armour?! Perhaps Brass or Coppper … as an idea!



Altered the chosen a bit…

I wasn’t happy with the metallic green. It still seem too Nurgle from the front. I also got rid of the Medusa hair, the chosen will now have the Tzeentch mark on top of their helms.

I will add more to the basing. I will have two types of crystals on the bases. So the basing is still WIP. However you can see the direction this is going.


I’m loving the eery almost sickly colours.

good work!


I’m stuck on the chosen helm. He’s wearing the new fire one, and his “alternate” is on the ground.

On the right is the warrior with a very plain helm.

This is a WIP of the Chaos Ogre? Thoughts?


Here’s another helm option.

Thank you for the comments and advice so far… even constructive criticism!


I think you need to make the armour a different blue to the cloak. Personally I would go for darker on the armour, regal blue maybe.


I may have gone a tad overboard on the crystals, but I wanted to see how it looks. If I remove any, I’ll remove the one by the instrument first… than the yellow one by his leg.

Might shorten the big one in back too… thoughts?


I may have gone a tad overboard on the crystals, but I wanted to see how it looks. If I remove any, I'll remove the one by the instrument first... than the yellow one by his leg.

Might shorten the big one in back too... thoughts?

Stellar idea!! Fits Tzeentch theme nicely. I agree though, maybe a couple fewer. Less is more (maybe??).
What about drilling a small hole through the bottom of the base under those crystals and putting a watch battery under there along with some LEDs so that the crystals glow? If you had some varied height crystals on almost all of your themed units, all of them with glowing crystals it would be totally sexy. I've been thinking about some 'real' lighting on my models, but haven't bitten the bullet yet and done it. I do, however, have a huge stash of various coloured LEDs ;)

Where did you find the crystals by the way?