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Ishkur Cinderhat:

Wow, truly an impressive start. I would never want to play against 8 Bolt Throwers, but since you don’t use any Earthshakers (yet) people might let you get away with it. :wink:

BTW these hobgoblins of yours are obviously doing some serious workout!


Cheers for all the comments. Just as a side point, I will be using a single Earthshaker too, heh.

Unfortunately another 2,000 point game of 40k distracted me, so I merely (re)finished the 8 Bolt Throwers, finished the 16 crew and 5 normal Hobgoblins. I also got another 5 regular Hobs nearly finished, with only a few quick stages to go.

A selection:

The enemies’ view:

Not too bad I guess, nearly a third of the way done for the 76 Hobgoblins on foot. Unfortunately no real progress on the wolves, but they’ll be done eventually. I removed the cork basing because drybrushing it occasionally broke bits off and it annoyed me greatly, so now everything is going to have a more traditional basing style. As for everything else, the Earthshaker is assembled but I need to make a custom 100 mm by 80 mm base for it, and the 3 crew have a single base colour on them.

I hope to fit in some more painting around work during the weekend, so with luck (lots of it) I’ll have nearly all the remaining 18 currently made Hobgoblins finished by Monday, ready to spend the day building and sculpting the rest of the Hobs and wolves (hopefully).

As always, comments and slaves appreciated. :cheers

Kera foehunter:

nice !!! great painted tourches

Hashut’s Blessing:

I would have suggested coating the cork in PVA and letting it dry before anything else. It’ll keep it together and allow things to stick to it more easily. Shame I’m too late though. Still, those hobgoblins not only look amazing, but have been painted outstandingly. If these are the slaves, God help me when the CDs arrive, he he he. Bolt throwers are looking good and your wolves do actually look like wolves. The WH wolves are way to short of leg IMO, but still, good job! Keep them coming! I also like the torches, is there any particular reason you decided on them?


Thanks. The cork just annoyed me, so pva or no pva, it was going to go regardless. Cheers for the compliment on the Hobgoblins, I’m fairly plased with them considering they were batch painted in a production line style. I decided on the torches because the idea of a fuse on the Bolt Throwers was appealing. Plus it allows me to quickly work out which figures are for the crew.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Hey, you’re the one that has to make and paint them, so don’t make life difficult :wink: Not a problem, what are they made from and how are they painted? Night goblins and flagellants? Painted: green lol (maybe goblin green) and scorched brown cloth, inked (are they dipped?) with balck and/or brown ink, blood red eyes, kammando khaki teeth, chainmail or mithril silver metals with brown or chestnut ink on? Yes, power-assisted bolt throwers are appealing. Many moons ago (it can be seen in my blog type thread), mayhaps even the first powered bolt thrower, you can see my very simple cannon-come-bolt thrower conversion :wink: Flaming brands do make it easier. But, not all of the crew have them?


They’re made from the BfSP Night Goblin heads on Empire Flagellant bodies.

How’re they’re painted isn’t too complex - Drybrush Scorched Brown and Bestial Brown, paint metals Chainmail, paint flesh Knarloc green, paint bandages Khemri Brown. Devlan Mud the entire figure. Highlight flesh with 50/50 mix of Knarloc Green and Camo Green. Devlan Mud flesh again. Dot in eyes with Blood Red, dot in teeth with Khemri Brown. So, you managed to get 3 colours right.

As for the crew, only 8 of the 16 have flaming brands, as the other 8 all have bolts with which to reload. One brand and bolt crew per thrower.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, I was right about the body parts and considering I’m not big on paitning, I’m pleased to have got three and a rough idea of how to paint them :stuck_out_tongue: I was wondering about the bolts, but I, for no apparent reason, was thinking the other hobgoblins would have spears, which would provide confusion. :smiley: We all make mistakes sometimes, eh?


Well I eventually managed to finish the Hobgoblins made so far, finishing off 5 and painting another 13 today. I also managed to put together the wolves, their bases and the riders’ legs, though I still need to fill in gaps, sculpt fur etc.

Army shot thus far:

Next up (eventually) will be the remaining 38 Hobgoblins and 10 Wolf Riders when I get round to cutting Goblin heads and so forth, etc etc. I still need to find parts for the riders, so they may be a little while. Hopefully I’ll finish up all the Hobgoblin elements by the end of the month, giving me September to work on the 86 Chaos Dwarfs and Earthshaker.

It’s good to have a plan eh?

Hashut’s Blessing:

It sure is. I like the weapons of the hobgoblins and the colour scheme in those massed blocks just looks so… right. Also, it looks like real soft-boiled leather… Very nice job. Coming along nicely as a whole as well…

86 Chaos Dwarfs? Have you made any? What is the plan for them then? Any ideas for the Earthshaker? 58 models (equivalent) in 12 days? Approximately 5 a day. At the rate you’re churning them out, you can start this time next week…


Well, 38 Hobs and 10 Wolf Riders is 48, so that’s 4 a day.

The Earthshaker is just going to be a Hellcannon with a few pieces left off, as I had one unassembled in a box. As for the Dwarfs, 3 are Hellcannon crew and have a bit of paint on them, but the remaining 83 I’ve not started yet.


the flames and robes look so alive and lifelike, as if I were to touch them, they either burn me or feel like leather. Even to accomplish 4 per day is incredible as I’d say these are beyond a basic tabletop quality :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

I was counting the riders and wargs as two (like unit strength :wink: ), hence the numbers :smiley: Even so, with the quality of your painting, Sojourn is right, 4 or 5 a day at that level (amongst anything else, like work/school perhaps) is immense! Still, if anybody can do it, you seem to be the one :smiley: I second what Sojourn said about the flames and leather.


Incredible progress so far, man! Looks awesome!

Can’s wait to see how you plan to make your Chaos Dwarfs! :smiley: I’ll assume you are using Miners, that, or you have friends with Miners who gave you the Harpoon gun components as leftovers, … or you have a Dwarf army already… in any case, I can’t wait!


Thanks Xander. The drills were taken from boxes of Miners I bought, and then sold on. I still have a box of Dwarf Miners going in my sale thread for a mere £9…

My Dwarfs will be made from BfSP plastics since they were so readily available and cheap to get. I initially had a high capital to start the army, but thanks to some careful planning and a kind gift, I’ve managed to sell nearly everything I didn’t need, recouping a vast, vast chunk of what I spent.

Without going in to too much detail, I’ve spent around £250.15 on the army, and managed to get back £204 so far. So, that’s a total of £46.15 spent on a full 2,000 points, plus the parts to make 5 Bull Centaurs, another unit of 20 Warriors, another unit of 20 Blunderbusses, a Death Rocket and 11 Dwarfs spare. Not too shabby eh?

As for an update, I re-based another 10 partially made Hobgoblins, based the 10 Wolves, found torsos to make 5 riders and that’s about it. I didn’t really do anything today aside from relax and play Warhammer 40k and Necromunda, so a pleasant day overall.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Glad I helped to make your army cheap by buying those three boxes of miners :smiley:


Oh indeed.

A verbal update for now - I finished the greenstuffing entirely on 3 wolf riders, and the remaining 7 wolves themselves, but the riders will still need the hoods finished. I’ve also managed to get another 10 Hobgoblins waiting for their hoods to be finished before priming, so there is progress, just nothing overly worthy of being shown yet. By Monday at the latest I should have some wolf riders and a good chunk of the remaining Hobgoblins finished.


What composes the rider’s bodies I wonder? What legs, torsos, etc, have you used? :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Good lad and I’m curious as well :smiley:


Well rather conveniently the Wood Elf Glade Rider legs almost clip on to the Warg body with a minimal gap at the front, so those were used. The head and arms are the same as all the other Hobgoblins, and the torsos are from Empire Free Company for the lightly armoured leather look.

Some bulking out was needed around the Glade Rider waist on the legs, but other than that it’s all good. Since it’s now 1.30 am and I’ve spent the past hour and a half GS’ing 13 hoods on 3 riders and 10 normal Hobbo’s as well as putting together the Earthshaker’s base (gaps pending) I reckon I should have some more pictures of finished stuff after tomorrow’s painting session, motivation willing.