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As promised in my variety of collecting thread, my Chaos dwarf army has begun!

So far I have completely made 8 bolt throwers, 16 Hobgoblin crew and 22 hobgoblins. In progress are 10 wolves (though their bases are made) and 38 Hobgoblins which need heads and hoods.

On Thursday and Friday I should hopefully get some Chaos Dwarf army stuff finished - the 8 bolt throwers and crew, as well as 22 Hobgoblins. If all goes really well, I’ll have the remaining 38 Hobgoblins made as well as the 10 wolf riders and Earthshaker. Oh, and as a side point, drybrushing and washes - oh how I love them when painting fodder troops.

Till next update then.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage


Kera foehunter:

nice bolt thowers . nice hobbos bring on the C. D.


by Khorne, those are awesome. keep up the good work.

Ghrask Dragh:

Cool hobbos Gek’, I really like the wolves too!!

Oh, and as a side point, drybrushing and washes - oh how I love them when painting fodder troops.

Yeah, washes are the best thing to happen to painting for a long time, I will use them for all my army painting from now on!!


The boltthrowers look great.
And those hobbos are really cool from this perspective. I’d like to see a closeup photo of the hobgoblins
so one could see more of the detail (maybe some ideas to borrow :)).


once again, your mass assembly line method of getting armies together puts me to infinite shame. haha, oh Geck. STOP MAKING ME LOOK BAD! :stuck_out_tongue:


nice boltthrowers

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8 bolt throwers? Is that cheese in your beard? :wink:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Yeah, a close up of a normal hobgoblin and bolt thrower crew and a wolf would be really nice. Again, great work on getting so many made so quickly. I like the bolt throwers, nice use of the telescopes. Is that a small lever under the bolt? (The pictures are a little small/far away to tell.) Also, if I can see correctly, your wolves are made from wargs with wolf heads and tails, right? Good use of mixing the “genres”.


Thanks everyone. Cheese? Nah, cheese would be 2 Earthshakers, 2 Death Rockets and 4 Bolt Throwers.

There are the little levers under the bolts, and yes, that’s how the wolves are made. There’ll be more pictures and closeups on Thursday or Friday, depending on when work is done on them.


Nice bolt throwers. They have a distinctly nautical feel to them.


Like the look of this, will follow this blog.


Thanks Wallacer, Snyggejygge. Here’s some closer pictures of 2 finished Hobgoblin bolt thrower crew, bolt throwers and the wip wolves.

Today I managed to finish just 3 crew and the 8 bolt throwers, though I did finish the skin, robes, metal eyes and wooden hafts on the remaining 13 crew. They only need bandages/teeth and the bases done to finish. The Earthshaker (Hellcannon) has also been made, but tomorrow I’ll only be trying to finish the remaining crew and 23 normal Hobgoblins and, should I have time, wolves should be made.


How do you make those wolfs? They are by far the most awesome wolfs i’ve ever seen!


Trimmed down wolf head, wolf tail and a warg body from Lord of the Rings minus its head and tail. I prefer the result to the normal wolves as I feel it looks more like an actual wolf. The usual GW wolves are stocky poor little things.

Kera foehunter:

thanks for the better pictures geck


those hobbos are incredibly well painted Geck. my goodness. even the eyes.

they’re also incredibly ripped… apparently they’ve been hitting the gym recently. lol


Heh, several people have mentioned how buff the Hobgoblins look. I figure if slaves are fed well and given rewards for working, then they’ll be even more productive. My Chaos Dwarfs aren’t going to be ruthlessly evil to their minions, just evil to a practical degree. After all, an emaciated or dead slave is an unproductive slave.

One thing I’m regretting however are the bases. I’m not really liking the cork that much. It looks kinda nifty, but just feels like more pain than it’s worth, considering the bits that come off, how figures don’t stick to it easily etc etc… It’s severely tempting to rebase everything, even though 76 Hobgoblins, 10 Wolves and 8 Warmachines have the bases completely made…


Amazing dude! Simply stunning. Keep up the amazing work!

Ghrask Dragh:

Awesome paintjob Gek’!

Wolf conversions look very promising too, can’t wait for more :cheers