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Project Name: The Chaos Dwarf Wiki Project

Project Leaders: Xander, Cornixt, Ellimist

Project Goal: To collect, organize and prepare all information regarding Chaos Dwarfs in a readable and usable format using the Media Wiki software.

Xander’s Notes

The Wiki is one of our most important tools.��It allows for easy collaboration and contribution from any and everyone.��At this stage we are trying to get as much content as we can, but quality of content is also very important.��We must try not to go beyond the scope of Chaos Dwarfs and instead only focus on information that directly relates to the Dawi Zharr.

We must also try to uphold quality standards that include page construction and citations.��When all is said and done, all information on the Wiki should be cited with proper page references to the books the information comes from.��One such example page is [[Grudge Bearer]].

Another note is to check the [[Code Reference]] section for how to include pictures and other things.��Thanks for your help!

Cornixt’s Notes:

If you want to help out with the Wiki, one of the most important things is content.��There is a list of pages that are linked to but have no content here: http://chaos-dwarfs.xandor.ca/wiki/index.php/Special:Wantedpages

If you look at it there are quite a few obvious ones with no content.��Grab what you can from other sites like wikipedia.��If it needs reformatting then say so in the summary box at the bottom of the edit page and either myself or one of the other more experienced Wiki editors will do it for you.

Ellimist’s Notes!

In the interests of furthering the updating of the Wki, I’m creating this thread. I’ve noticed that there are a number of articles that are lacking very basic info (or are just stubs) on certain important topics. If you feel that any page is in need of attention, post it here and state your concerns. I’ll add the pages in need of attention to this initial post, and remove them when they’re corrected to a satisfactory degree.

General Observations

- There are a number of dead-end pages (pages that link to nothing) and pages that are not linked to from any other article. There are easy two ways to solve the first problem. The first is simply to add links to other articles in the body of the article using Wiki tags. The second is to add a “Relevant Links” section to the end of the article and post the links there.

To find out if a page is linked to by another article, click the “what links here” option on the sidebar. If nothing is found, find a page that would probably link to the page you’re editing, and add a link there.

- A number of pages could use some images. Plain text pages just aren’t as interesting.��

-Certain pages are copy-paste verbatim from other pages. While this probably isn’t a problem with Wikipedia pages, be aware of copyright. Also, please bother to get rid of things such as the edit tags, article titles etc. when copying, and reformat properly for the Wiki page.

-Several pages are stubs, or don’t contain Accurate/Relevant/Clear/Current information. Simply add to these pages with better information! Also, mind your spelling & grammar. If you’re unsure, run it through a spell check in Word first.

- When creating links, check that the page you link to exists. If it doesn’t, try to write up something for the new page, even if it’s a small amount. Just post in here afterwards to request further information for that article.

-Check that a page doesn’t already exist covering the same information as a new article you create (a good example is “Orcs&Goblins” and “Orcs and Goblins”). If you do find pages that cover the same information, combine the information of the two,and redirect one page to the other.

I think that covers most of this, Hashut bless your endeavours! :hat off

kilik flameblade:

i’m working on the wood elves one.

The Slaver:

Fixed up the Minotaur section, plann to fix up DoW, Leadbealchers, Ogre Kingdoms, and Chaos Later today sometime.

EDIT: these have been added, but with some glitches. im not tremendously computer literate, so if someon wants to fix this, they are welcoem to it, simply tell me how it can be avoided in the future!

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’m surprised that there are 50(!) undone pages. Let’s get to work, peoples! (Chances are that I’ll merely spellcheck them…)


I’ll help out as soon as I get the time (damn this job and my constant need to eat and sleep)


I’ve gone through and made some entries for the ones��which I knew something about.��I’ll do more later when I have the time.

I would like to add some pictures to the display area for Chaos Dwarfs (for such things as Kludge, The Black Dwarf and the Zombie ninja miniatures) but am not sure where to upload the piccies to.��Is there an FTP server they need to be put on or can I just upload them to my Photobucket account and send the link to Xander or Cornixt?

[EDIT] nevermind, I just found the upload files link :slight_smile:


Good job everyone. Not all the pages are strictly required, some might be better as redirects to existing pages and some are just not referencing correctly.

One thing I forgot to mention is that every page should have a relevant links section, if only to point at the source of the info or the page(s) that link to it. At this rate there won’t be much left to do apart from occasional improvements.


Hey Cornixt,

I’ve added the pictures and also updated over a dozen of the glossary entries that didn’t have anything there for them (you may want to update your list above)

Most of them are off the top of my head based on what I know about CD, but the one that was a quote from WDP:CD has been footnoted as such.




Great to see people contributing to the Wiki effort!

A great example of a professional looking entry is [[Grudge Bearer]]. You can edit the page to see the code used. It lays out everything nicely, and cites its sources. This is optimal. :slight_smile:

Great work!


Actually, that was kind of interesting (takes me back to my programming classes when I was a student).

I’m not sure if there are many more pages that require that level of organisational complexity, though?��If there are, then i’ll have a crack at it (he says, not seeing the large hole appearing in front of him :P)

[EDIT] maybe some kind of synopsis of what is in WDP:CD?


One thing to watch out for is slightly differently spelled titles for the same thing. I noticed that there is a [[Zharr-Naggrund]] and a [[Zharr Naggrund]], and I have come across a few other similar ones. I think the latter one is the correct spelling in this case so the other should just be a redirect. My net access is rather intermittent at the moment but I should be properly online by the end of the week (give me my router Comcast!)


A couple of things: use the preview button to check your work before you save it, that way there won’t be so many revisions needed (and they each get stored, taking up space on Xander’s server)

Also put a little note in the summary so that people have some idea of what you have done. Some pages have gone through 5 revisions, adding and removing the same stuff, ending up almost where they started and it isn’t clear why the changes were made.

Hashut’s Blessing, do you realise that you are deleting pictures in each of your revisions?


I will add and remove articles as they are brought to attention in this thread. Please post more, with your requests for articles to be fixed!

Current Articles to be Fixed

- [[Archaon]]. It needs information about Archaon during/ after the Storm of Chaos. It could also use a tidy up to make it seem less like a GW advertisement from the SoC.

- [[Warhammer]]

Copied from Wikipedia. Needs to have all the tags removed and to be properly spaced.

- [[Chaos Dwarf History and Fluff]]. This article needs to have more added to the Chaos Dwarf References Section. There are several mentions made of them in the Dwarf Army Book, Grudge Beaerer, as well as various articles in White Dwarf from the time of the SoC. Remember: only 6th edition onwards, and cite paragraph, page and book.

That should get you started! Please reply in here when fixed.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I had no idea I was deleting them. I look at the difference made to a page and then, if I see anything wrong with the revision or something that needs changing, I change it. My most sincere apologies…


Ellimist, you can add that code to the [[Code Reference]] page! :wink:


Any comments are welcome.

I’m not happy with the current arrangement/content of the following related pages, they need a bit more organisation:

[[Chaos Dwarf Model Range]]

[[Chaos Dwarf Bits]]

[[Chaos Dwarf Catalog]]

There is a bit too much overlap between them at the moment, and it’s partly my fault for not organising it properly in the beginning.

I propose the following:

[[Chaos Dwarf Model Range]] has painted examples of the official models.��It doesn’t need to be comprehensive, just representative of each type of unit.��No catalog pages, no bits, no conversions.��Eventually try to have only fan photos of their painted miniatures rather than the scans of the GW models. I’d like to only have the current range, but there isn’t one really so group models under their edition(s).��There is a big lack of 3rd edition models that fit in here so if you know of any good examples of painted 3rd ed models then let me know.

[[Chaos Dwarf Catalog]] has the catalog pages, including (or especially) those with bits.��Any adverts, box art should also go here.��I’ve already filled it with links to all the relevent pages from Stuff of Legends (if there are any I’ve missed then tell me or add them).��I’d like to clean up the catalog pictures and have a thumbnail gallery to supplement the links rather than replace the links.��Most 2nd/3rd and 4th/5th edition models have been done.��I’ve cross checked all the models and the older pages of CDs on foot are far more complete than the 3rd ed pages, but the 3rd ed pages are better quality so I’ve used them as a base and just created an etxra page with the ones that are midding.��There are a massive 100 different CDs in 3rd ed, including six war machine crew (but not BCs).��I have produced a cross reference spreadsheet of the pages they are on in the various catalogues and associated names but I’m not sure what to do with it at the moment.

[[Chaos Dwarf Bits]] will have its content moved to the catalog and then the page will be deleted.

Finally: Catalog or Catalogue?��Seems to be mostly UKians or Canadians here so the latter seems more appropriate.

Catalogue Pages to have (split some pages where necessary):

(3rd) CDs1 - full page - DONE

(3rd) CDs2 and renegades - full page - DONE

(3rd) crossbows - partial page - DONE

(3rd) whirlwind - full page - DONE

(3rd) tenderiser - full page - DONE

(3rd) juggernaut - full page - DONE

(3rd) mortar/swivel/bazooka - partial page - DONE

(3rd)odds: beastmaster, 303(11, 14, 15, 17, 19, 22), 304(01, 06, 18, 19) - Created a page, so DONE

Change of plans, separate renegades from CDs2 and put these extra models in their place.

Black Dwarf and Zombie Ninja need a page - might include Kludge, spikey dwarf and AD&D Evil Dwarfs on it.

Siege Gun not anywhere yet.

Hobgoblin pages needed

Related Games

(3rd) Bloodbowl - partial page - DONE

(4th) Bloodbowl - (4 CD players, 4 HG players, Hthark) - Need to make page

manowar1 - partial page - DONE

manowar2 - full page - DONE


Good stuff Cornixt. No need for a new topic, just post it in this one.

Cornixt, I have upgraded your Wiki account to have Admin powers (I think).

Quick test, can you edit this page?

3rd Edition painted:

GD UK 2005
Regiment: Silver



Can’t edit that page, the best I get is to view the Source. I have proper internet connection now so it will be much easier to update the wiki when I need to.


Hrm, you were logged in, right?

pokes around some more


I’m not sure if I was actually. Logged in now and it works!

Must have lost a cookie in my PC update or something.