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Ok, great!


The catalogue is practically finished now.��You can see it on the [[Chaos Dwarf Catalog]] page.

I’m doing a page for all the minor armies (that is, the armies that don’t have a full page of their own on the wiki because they aren’t significant enough to Chaos Dwarfs - the armies that are significant already have their own page).��All references to these armies should point to this one page.��There are quite a few references to these armies from other wiki pages so it does seem to be required in some respect.��I’ve got it partially done but needs a lot more work.

The page is called [[Other Warhammer Armies]] and it contains brief descriptions of the army, including main fluff, unit types, and how the army works.��I’ve filled in bits and pieces but not much, all of it needs improvement.��It is entirely text so if you’ve never edited a wiki before it is really easy to do.��Just click the edit tab at the top of the page, find the section you want and start typing.��Don’t be afraid!��You can’t screw it up, any mistakes can be easily undone.

Edit it here: [[Other Warhammer Armies]]


Most impressive work Cornixt!

A quick note, I always put “Related Links” at the bottom of pages where you seem to put “Relevant Links”. I don’t really care which is used so long as we keep to one or the other. :slight_smile:

Thommy H:

So, at Cornixt’s suggestion in another thread, I had a look at the wiki to see if I could find anything that obviously needed editing. I clicked around randomly until I found the Zorn Uzkul page which seemed pretty lacking, so I beefed it up with some Gringor Ironhide stuff and a closer description to what’s given in WDP: Chaos Dwarfs.

I hope I’m not stepping on any toes…?


I’ve been working on expanding some of the information regarding Orcs and Goblins, due to the fact the units (or indeed models, in the case of Night Goblins) can be used in Chaos dwarf armies, this isn’t causing any problems I hope :).

Thommy H:

I’ve added a few pages, including [[Zhatan the Black]], [[Gorduz Backstabber]] and [[The Black Dwarf]] (which still needs editing, since I can’t remember exactly what magic items he has). I also expanded the [[White Dwarf]] article and the [[White Dwarf Presents: Chaos Dwarfs]] one, since it was kind of lacking for what is the only real source of almost all the Chaos Dwarf fluff.


Good work people.

We originally had a separate page for each greeenskin type but found that there wasn’t more than half a page of info for each of them, so they were consolidated into a single page. If you think you can come up with a full page then by all means, but otherwise it would be better to be a subsection of the [[Orcs and Goblins]] page.

Just for reference on this thread, there is a [[Wiki Plans]] page.

Thommy H:

I’ve done some work on the [[Bull Centaurs]] page, since it was pretty lacking when I found it.

I’ve also been adding quite a few pictures to various pages too. I think it makes everything look a lot nicer and more like an actual reference page rather than just something someone has quickly typed out. If that contradicts policy for some reason though I’ll stop doing it.


Excellent work, pictures are good in general as long as they are relevent. The aim is to get entirely fan-based pictures eventually, but until then the GW pics are fine.


Recent wiki changes

See the full list at [[Special:Recent Changes | Recent Changes page]].

For people updating the wiki, I’ve created a [[Wiki Editing#How to Add Images | How to Add Images]] section to the [[Wiki Editing]] page, which should make things a little easier for people new to the wiki. It is probably a good idea to add it to the weekly wiki threads (which are averaging out at monthly!).

Check out [[Wiki Plans]] if you want to help with the wiki but don’t know where to start.

I’ve updated the sidebar to better classify the links in it. For some reason it turns some capital letters into small letters. It looks like a font or format issue. There is also a new [[Contents]] page, which should help people browse the wiki more easily rather than aimless wandering (especially since the search function only really works if you really know what you are looking for). The [[Glossary]] now is an actual glossary rather than a partial contents page. There’s probably a lot more terms that can be added and it should save the need to create entire pages for some small matters.

I wasn’t happy about having a separate page for each of the races of [[Orcs and Goblins]]. I don’t see how there is enough info on each type of greenskin to warrant an entire page without going into a level of detail that is unsuitable for the wiki. They are all so similar that it could lead to a lot of repetition and make it more confusing for readers. I’ve consolidated most of the O&G info onto a single page.

The same goes with certain unit types in other related armies. The more pages we have about similar things, the more difficult it is to find information. I might create a [[Bestiary]] page and if anyone feels the need to add the less important creatures/units then they can go on there, but generally it is beyond the scope of the wiki.

The special characters pages are pretty good now. Very descriptive.

I’m pleased with how the [[Other Warhammer Armies]] is being fleshed out and it is nice to see a few more people contributing. Slaves attributed.

I got logged out without realising it so a few changes were done under a normal IP address rather than my name. I’ve replaced the Code Reference page with a more general [[Wiki Editing]] page. It contains all of the code reference stuff, plus more to do with what this wiki is about.

Kudos and slaves to Thommy H who has put a lot of work in recently, plus thanks to some of the others who have tried their hand at wiki editing. It’s nice to know when my bad typing is not only noticed but corrected.

I wrote this post gradually over the course of several days so some of it might not make sense!


I’ve recently updated a few pages on the wiki and created a load more. Additions include [[Banners]] and separate Hobgoblin unit pages. There have been some good additions by Grimstonefire, Revlid and Uzkel Werit. I’d like to go through and add a lot of the conversion pics on the modelling forum to the wiki, but I’m not sure I have the time.


ooooh… banners.

Good job :cheers


As suggested by someone on the site a while ago, I have come up with a page which is more about the Chaos armies rather than Chaos itself. I’ve stuck it up so that people who have more experience with chaos armies can add to it or change the bits where I am wrong.

Here’s the link: [[Chaos (army)]]

Wiki weekly will be starting again after xmas


Holy balls, the Wiki is working. Any page that uses thumbnails will display a bunch of errors, however. I will try to sort this out. I will make a news post about this once I have resolved these errors. But for the most part, it is usable! Huzzah!


Booya, image thumbnails are now working. Some of the images are not showing up, so it looks like not all the images were backed up. I am trying to grab those from the other server now to fix that all up!

Ok, so I have re-added the pics, but the thumbnails are still all black for some of them. To fix this, click on the images, save them to your hard drive, then upload a new version of the picture, with the same image. Overwrite the current image, and it should recreate the thumbnail.


Working on the “Wanted Pages”. I’ll update the list in this post as I do new pages.

Mostly just locations on the edge of the Darklands.
- Pigbarter
- Black Fortress
- The Sentinels
- Flayed Rock

Thommy H:

Quick wiki question: can we have some kind of consensus on how pages should be laid out? I’ve noticed that some of the pages I created/edited have been altered so that the images are all on one side. I think it looks more aesthetically pleasing if they alternate (because otherwise the article looks too image-heavy), but apparently someone feels differently.

So can we discuss it?


I built the Rykarth the Unbreakable conversion page, and added those images from the Golden Hat #2 competition that I could get to work without editing or slimming down the file sizes (which I’ve never been very good at). If anyone else can get the rest of the entry pictures to work or want to add other conversions from around the site, feel free.


I began poking around the wiki a few weeks ago and I noticed that there is actually a lot less of the background on there than there should be. The [[Chaos Dwarf History]] page is mostly a list of references in recent army books rather than a proper history of the race. I think this page should be more like the beginning of the WDP:CD book, a good solid page of details even if most of it is more or less repeated in the unit description pages.

This is what I think we should have:

The Dwarf trek to the Dark Lands

Creation of CDs through Chaos

Bull Centaurs, Taurus, Lammasu

Sorcerers, Zharr-Naggrund, slaves

Creation of Black Orcs, rebellion, brief timeline?

Recent history

Ancient History:

Added some stuff. Note that the old WDP:CD sourcebook and WoC offer different dates for some events.