[Archive] The Clan Vongalazthag (updated 15/11 painted Duo Tournament force)

Lord Aldades:

Roightie, time to start progressing the paintworks in order to prevent a smattering of postings.

Wont be to much action here at the beginning, as Im still cleaning up oldies, but at times I do manage to get something painted in between, which Ill be placing in here till the full extent of my modest force has been overhauled.<br><br>To start off: the Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower<br><br><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v328/the_hobbit_home/GW/P1060354.jpg"><br><br>and many more pictures:<br><br>http://tomsche69.blogspot.com/2011/11/hobgoblin-bolt-thrower.html<br><br>Yes, Im a fan of the old red and blue Dawi Zharr colour scheme…

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



I love the old school bright colors, looking forward to more updates.


I love the old school bright colors, looking forward to more updates.



I like the colours too. Good thing about going with grey lava bases, since unlike Goblin Green they don’t risk to put a colourful model out of harmony.

Lord Aldades:

Because you all asked so nicely then hehehe

and more pics as usual on my other blog

An Old Belgian Otaku: Chaos Dwarf Petard

Now it might be while for the next thing to get done, Crisis show build up and all` the comming days

Lord Aldades:

Old school hero and a couple of odd pets

More pictures, fluff and what those biters are, as usual on the other blog:

An Old Belgian Otaku: Zargath of the Burning Flame

Lord Aldades:

Being all thumbs in this part of the hobby, I never the less endeavoured to sculpt and build one of these scenery thingies for Warhammer Storms of Magic for my Chaos Dwarf sorcerers to use:

An Old Belgian Otaku: Building an Arcane Fulcrum

Now back to painting a couple thousand points of models x.x


would your fire-spitters do the job for the new K’daii maybe. Good bases, I’ve decided not to try lava yet (don’t think I’m good enough) and I really like your Khazek’s cloak’s lower edge

Lord Aldades:

Nah, they are way to small to be a monstrous firebound monstrosity for my tastes, topping barely an elf.

I do have some models on the eye though for the k`daii, I have a bunch of MegaMiniatures 40mm genies and djinns lying around here somewhere, just thinking how to change them to more fiery thingies, probably greenstuffing flames on them (I did get trained in that with my Fulcrum hehe)

Lord Aldades:

These are the models I`m planning on using for my K’daii

Lot of sculpting will be needed, as one even lost an arm somewhere over the years, and the fang lady will become the unit champion.

Will take a while before they are ready though, life and thingies

Lord Aldades:

The Tribute to First of Many

No, this isnt a tribute to the Borg or some other mass alien invasion race from movie X or serie Y.<br><br>This is a tribute to the single most important figure in any wargames army, wether it be fantasy, sci-fi or historical.<br><br>He is included in every force, or enjoy a happy old day in a relegated borderpost called display cabinet.<br><br>No, Im not talking about the General. Nor the Standard Bearer, and it ain`t the Mythical Hero either.

First of Many is the valiant soul that fights shoulder to shoulder with the troops. A Thousand Death’s are his destiny, he will march many miles, and run many more.

He will face off against cavalry, dragon or tank alike. He will dodge bullets, evade laser beams, survive artillery barrages and block sword strokes.

He will gather around his flag, and will be prepared to lay down his life for the ultimate goal in order to secure victory for your forces.

He is First of Many, he is that very first Rank and File model you paint up in order to test the colour scheme of the army to come…

We are Legion:

good looking model there, are you painting up a whole regiment of the old big hats?

Lord Aldades:

More like regimentS actually, got about a hundred of these fellows lying around here in various stages from oh my god, was I able to hold a brush back then? to unpainted


Aaaah, the good old footsloggers! The infantry, queen of battles :slight_smile:

Good painting style, really 5th edition and that’s a good thing :wink:

Great skin, I like it so much. Just yellow needs to be improved.

Longing to see the other 99 :slight_smile:


Nice Gatekeeper and Firespitters. I like those little themes. Will they be wound counters when playing?

The warrior looks really good. That’s a 5th edition colour scheme if I ever saw one. I like the bright colourfulness even though I’m aiming for a dark and dour style. A little criticism: There is a visible mould line on his hat, the moustache don’t gets under his nose (the upper lip look a tad strange), and the yellow lightning bolt on his shield could do with one more cover with yellow (or white and then yellow on top of it). I hope your sort the issues out on him and his many comrades in arms, because if you do, this will be a fantastic army.

Lord Aldades:

Firespitters prolly will be just Blunderbusses

Yellow is a bitch, its my personal Stairs, but it aint a mold line on the top of the hat, it`s the darker red as he has been painted half half with lighter layers (one front, one back)


OK. I’ve found that the trick with yellow is to prepaint the surface with some two-three-four layers of white for the yellow to sit smoothly upon. (Gryphonne Sepia works well as shade.)

Lord Aldades:

Chaos Dwarf Insanity week 0: the Army List

Well, no matter what I rant or bitch about on this little corner of mine in the webwide world, Im a clubman by heart. <br>So when of our clubmembers suggested at first, then concretisised the plan to run a small scale Warhammer tournament the comming 12th of february, I jumped on board and pledged to join in. An army of 2000 points of Chaos Dwarfs would take the field...<br><br>... and then I realised that as usual, I didnt think about the practical side of things. My forces are in shambles, less then a dozen has been restaurated to battleworthy status with the rest in various stages of stripping, cleaning, greenstuffing and more of the likes.

Of course, being sidetracked in the meantime with things like Brushslave where I converted a Dawi Zharr Present Delivery Service for didnt help either, so now Im faced with the task of painting 46 models in about 25 days… a ratio I barely manage, so itll be a tough one.<br><br><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v328/the_hobbit_home/Sculpting/P1060581.jpg"><br><br>For such, I drew up an army list placeholder, a list to focus on completing before I *moght* have time to add the extra bit and bob to make it actually more playable and definitly more into my style of gaming. Ill take large blunderbuss blocks anytime over wizards for one, but need breaks law for now.

The resutling list, which is seen below, is drawn from the Legion of Azgorh list. There wehere ideas to play with the Indy GT, but I personally refused this, we FINALLY have an official list now, so they better well start get used to it. Okay, technically we have two, the Ravening Hordes list is still official as well, but thats a detail and I never could repaint as much models as my all conquering relic of days gone by in a month time...<br><br>The List for Now tallies up to 1965 points at current, as I still have some playspace that way for some items and stuff, and is focussed on one large Blob of Doom, in order to set up a painting factory row for the old and venerable plastic warriors.<br><br>Lord - 320 pts <br>Sorcerer Prophet level 4 Wizard with Channeling Staff, Ironcurse Icon, Seed of Rebirth and the Lore of Hashut<br><br>Hero - 180 pts <br>Deamonsmith level 2 with Dispel Scroll and The Terrifying Mask of Eee! wielding the Lore of Metal<br><br>Hero - 165 pts <br>Castellan with Dark Mace<br><br>Hero - 180 pts <br>Castellan with Black Hammer of Hashit and Stone Mantle<br><br>Core - 527 pts <br>30 Infernal Guard warriors with great weapon, full command and Razor Standard<br><br>Core - 198 pts <br>11 Infernal Guard with Hailshot Blunderbuss<br><br>Special - 175 pts <br>3 Kdaai Fireborn including Manburner

Rare - 220 pts

Hellbound Dreadquake Mortar

As you can see, not to much soup or great ideas in that one, but like I said, itll have to do the job of being manageable to get painted` for starting again.

And if I keep nagging by best matey Centurion, to get his Beastmen (yep, the ones from the Retunr of the Relics batrep ages ago) aslo battleworthy so we can duke it out in classic style with the Next Generation…

Lord Aldades:

To Mordheim!

Heroes of the Dawi Zharr

Titan Wargames is a company with a small range of Chaos Dwarf models for skirmishing. Read: Mordheim. I ordered there warband set a few weeks ago, and started painting up some of the models to serve in my army as characters for the Insanity Project.

These models are great sculpts, with nice detailing and not to many flash and extensions that required clean up. And it has a noce female blunderbuss lass that will make a great unit champion or castellan to go into that bunch.

Thorgrim Kindleflame

Master of the forges and wielder of the flame of Hashut in the temple of the Clan Vongalazthag, Thorgrim seeks ways in the old world to intensify his fiery magic before the Curse of Stone starts to overtake him.

A sorcerer for my forces, this model comes with a flame dancing on his hand and a staff. Hell serve as the Sorcerer Prophet in the initial army.<br><br>The Blue Guy behind him is a rebased Horrorclix renamed Hexie. Hexies job on the battlefield is to take position next to enemy, you guessed it, remain in play Hexes to remind my swiss cheese I call a brain that there is one active…

Kurgarth Steelbeard

Castellan in the Clan, Kurgarth leads the men with valor while wielding his magical mace to smite the foes and enslave the lesser species.

This bloke will lead the large unit of Warriors in the force that is being prepared for the 12th of february

Fiery Feisty Fridhilde

Nobody knows the true name of this ravenhaired Thane that leads regiments of blunderbusses on the field of battle, but the enemy has come to know her as the Black Widow Of the Badlands.

The sexy Thane will command the small blunderbuss unit that will guard the mortar in the army. Armed with the Black mace of Hashut, she should be able to take care of enemy fliers that try and take out the mighty war machine.


Looking good, especially your 1980’s models (but I am biased anyway so don’t mind that comment to much ;P)

The models by Baggronor (he runs titan wargames ;)) look very nice as well, original choice of colours!!