[Archive] The Clan Vongalazthag (updated 15/11 painted Duo Tournament force)


Love the oldschool citadel pieces! good looking color scheme… the fire flamey things by your champ are nasty looking… where did they come from! Cool stuff!

Lord Aldades:

They are from the Monsterpocalypse range from Privateer Press, kind of Godzilla and co collectable prepaint thingie

Lord Aldades:

So I gathered all the models together Im going to need for the Tournament at our club on sunday the 12th of February, and the first thing that pops up in my mind due to it is... oh boy (end quote Sam Beckett)<br><br><strong><span style="color: red">NOTHING TO SEE HERE COME BACK AFTER THIS ROUND OF THE GOLDEN HAT</span></strong><br><br><i>Which has now passed the voting deadline, so here the picture of painting row</i><br><br><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v328/the_hobbit_home/GW/P1060628.jpg"><br><br>This is still a lot of models to toggle between. I currently have exactly one month (the last saturday will be varnishing, basing retouches, and reading the rules to get a reminder on how the game works) to paint this whole bunch.<br><br>That means Im going to have a strict planning, and keep to it even if it is going to cost me many an hour of nights rest. The Kdaii are as good as done, just need to do their bases, after that I should really start working on that huge block of Chaos Dwarf warriors.

When those are finished, or partly in between, Im going to do the Earthshaker first. Rounding out would have to be the blunderbuss unit and the Deamonsmith character.<br><br>Feisty and fiery!<br><br>I actually in between should paint up some more Blood Bowl models to complete the full staff, but at current I finished the 12 starting line up players, so they can be put aside for a few weeks. I can play, I just cant deploy all the not used extra bits and bobs for the moment, first things first and the likes you know.

I`ll update on any progress during the comming weeks, keep your fingers crossed that the forces of Hashut will get ready to march to war!


Ziggy says there’s a 96% chance you will be very busy painting.


Woah, really nice old school models! I love the Hobgoblin Bolt thrower and the CHaos Dwarf Mortar. Nice paintjobs on these. :slight_smile:


Lord Aldades:

Ready to start rumbling in the Blood Bowl League at our club, the Tin Soldiers of Antwerp, the Vongalazthag Violators have been painted up.

Now truth to be told, it has been over a decade since I took the pitch, in the era of pre living rulebooks, when it all came in two boxes.  the game and the Deathzone expansion, so my skills might be a tat rusty.

Never the less, I still remember the two things I need to know.  Fouling is fun and Dirty Player is my beloved skill.  Im going for the red card record this edition!<br><br>More pictures and some in character fluffcan be found atmy other blog` on this link

An Old Belgian Otaku: The Vongalazthag Violators

Lord Aldades:

Project Insanity week 1: Kdaii... and not much else</strong></i></u></span> <br><strong>So it happened that at the worst possible time, Nurgles Rot caught me. I cant say what exactly is wrong with me, as my collegues or boss might read along and I dont want them to know I can drop stone-dead any day on the workfloor. Insurances can be a real pain in the ass you know…

The introduction also has several exagerrations to catch your attention, but YOU try to paint bend forward with snot running out of your nose. Hmmm, reminds me of a funny quote I read earlier this week Kids used to have snot-noses, now snot-noses have kids.

But back to the order of business, the 2000 point army Im painting up for the tournament of the 12th of February. Due to the setback that prevents me from painting decently nearly for 3 days now, I actually managed only to finish up the bases of two remaining Kdaii models.

One was already done and was entered in the Golden Hat contest over at Chaos Dwarfs Online, where it understandably didnt score any medals. First of all, there is some mighty competition overthere, and secondly as I always say, the day I start winning prizes in painting competitions, there is something seriously wrong with the competition!<br><br><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v328/the_hobbit_home/GW/gh16_entry_06.jpg"><br><br>Now, Kdaii are large bronze statues with a fire spirit magically bound into it, and unleashed upon the enemies of the Chaos Dwarfs to burn and slaughter. Understandably, one would expect these, as no official models have so far been made by Forge World, to have some kind of flamey- Bully- like theme, those two things being trademarks of the Chaos Dwarf iconography.

I however opted to go for a more middle eastern / indian looking style of models. Why I hear you ask? Because I had them lying around in my bitsbox serving no use at all.

Fluffwise though, I tend to stick to the next story for myself. The Chaos Dwarf empire is rather vast though not heavily populated, so it makes sense their enslaving bands wouldnt all go to the Known World, some are surely destined to go and search slaves for the forges in the opposite direction. <br>I wouldnt as such be amazed if some Hellsmith has the genius stroke to create Kdaii in the image of local godstatues, to strike the fear of heavens into the local populace as their own idols start running amok in their midst. Makes sense doesnt it?

The only other things I managed to paint up this week are the movement trays for the tournament. I found them rather cheap on eBay, being made of resin they barely costed me 5 pounds for the set.

The smaller one is for 10 bases of 20mm, and will serve to hold the bulk of the 12 man blunderbuss unit, while the large one is created for a 40 man horde. This will hold for starters the 32 strong (including characters) warriors unit, and Ill fill it up with additional warriors afterwards to make it one big unit of 40 Infernals.<br><br><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v328/the_hobbit_home/GW/P1060634.jpg"><br><br>I added the bloke to favourite sellers, Im quite certain over time Im gonna go and order some more of those things for traying my forces.<br><br>On a final note, remember I had 35 points left of my 2000 available army points which I was going to use to distribute amongst the characters for some more magic items? Well, after seeing some games played at TSA and reading up on 8th edition, I instead opted to add another model to the army list (as yeah, i dont have enough to paint already). My earthshaker (Dreadquake Mortar) will receive an Ogre loader. This edition is all about big blocks, and last friday I saw one player on the table with a block of 200+ goblins!!! If I land the shell in the centre, no matter how far it scatters it still is dead on in such a horde! And thus avoiding the 1/3 chance that it wouldn`t fire, the loader is a welcome addition to circumvent the slowloading. He also helps if the machine decides to eat someone of course…

Lord Aldades:

Project Insanity week 2: Big Gun, Number One!!!

Yes, I know thats from AC/DC. You tube the song, and enjoy Arnie himself doing the infamous leg hopping in it. <br>But this is a true blast to memory lane, as this model, long ago sculpted by Alan Perry, was the number one reason I fell in love with, and always remained, the Dawi Zharr.<br><br>You see, I haul from an era of Warhammer in which War Machines where mostly labelled as smallandcute, and then this beast came along. The fact it had the holy shell bearers crew only reinforced the image for me. I fell in love with this model from the very first time I lay my eyes onto it in a White Dwarf ages ago.<br><br><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v328/the_hobbit_home/GW/P1060656.jpg"><br><br>And that was even before I read the rules of the cannon. You see, in my heighdays, when I shuffled from tournament to tournament, I towed along two of these guns in my list. Not for the damage it did, but for the earthshaker by-effect, which gave my infantry otherwise force the chance and more importantly time, to line up those blunderbuss volleys. Getting caught in those days in the crossfire volley of two units of 21 blunderbusses tended to ruin your day, not to mention your battleplan...<br><br>So now it is back in the game, under the disguise of the Dreadquake Mortar and optionally mounted on a traincarriage. But as I have an old school army (even though I already have quite a few of the new FW thingies) I am so including my beloved gun in the list. Its expensive as hell, the quake rules are changed and you need an Ogre loader to fire every turn with success, but it… is… still the Earthshaker.

The Ogre itself is a normal Bull of a terribly painted, 40k bumpers and spiky bits glued onto them lot for nearly naught on eBay. Nothing some detaching and repainting can solve, even though at 6 Bulls, not all my cannons in the Earthshaker Grand Battery (dont ask...) will get an extra crewmember. Yeah well.<br><br>In addition to the gun, I also managed to paint up the level 2 , Lore of Metal wielding Deamonsmith this week. This bloke, dubbed the carrier of obligatory Dispel Scrollwill linger near the gun. This way, he can benefit from the Look Out! rules with the crews, while the gun can re-roll due to the Infernal Engineer rules.<br><br><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v328/the_hobbit_home/GW/P1060657.jpg"><br><br>Why I take the Lore of Metal is because I like to use the lesser used magical lores, it adds a dimension to thestanding out of the massthat you have with the Chaos Dwarfs to start with. Though I admit, if I know I have a battle against someone playing aflying circus Im probably going for the Lore of Fire, as people tend to race towards the big fat cannon with those things.

An Usurper? What is This!

I learned that in the small tournament on the club, someone else will also play the Dawi Zharr. TWO of the noble armies in a 16 man or so event, surely I must throw this little lordling into the fold and crush him under the hallowed boot of Hashut before his political ambitions reach to far.

Or I`ill line up the Earthshaker Grand Battery against him… DODGE THIS MOTHAFUCKA!


Ok so first, you are using red and blue, and just for this, i respect you.

Then, your love and respect for this machine and the army is felt through what you write, and that’s cool.

Your models are beautiful, and i hope mine will show as much respect for “old times colours in old white dwarf” than yours.

Hope you’ll bury your little rival in the ground so that only his head and arms remain out !


Lord Aldades:

Project Insanity week 3: Many of First

Remember that first colour scheme test Chaos dwarf warrior I brought an ode to a few weeks ago, labelled Fist of Many? Well, here he is again, and this time, he brought some friends.

The main core of the way to small army Ill be fielding the 12th is this humongous points block, consisting of 30 Warriors and accompanied by the Sorcerer Prophet and a Castellan, costing almost 900 points out of the available 2000. I know, that is many eggs in one basket, and way to many eggs in there for my own personal tastes, but necessity is a very cruel mistress.<br><br><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v328/the_hobbit_home/GW/P1060661.jpg"><br><br>Once the tournament has passed, the unit will be filled out to the 40 the base can accomodate, and the character excluded from it. Unit champions in my forces will become the 3rd edition Chaos Dwarf models so that they are sprinkled and integrated in the whole army.<br><br>So now it is down to the last line, with only 6 blunderbusses remaining to finish, Im actually going to make it about two weeks ahead of the tournament, a rather spiffy effort for my doing…

The Battle Plan

Roight, about this time, I should start thinking of a modus operandi, aka a plan, to tackle the tournament. Fact is, I wont be able to get a preliminary battle in to see how it all works, as tonight would be the last chance. Release events and drafts for the new Magic set the comming weeks you see.<br><br>So my force will be appearing on the tournament with low expectations and no mileage at all on the counter. Okay, so I had decided for myself already that this year would be a get the feel again year anyways, so Im going to have to resort to my veteran years, adaptability on the field of battle and sheer luck to pull of anything else then being slaughtered.

One flank of the huge block will have to be anchored by a board edge, while the other will have the hailshots to protect it. The Earthshaker willl hopefully reduce some enemy blocks with a few well lobbed shells and hope the Quake! effect does the rest, while the Kdaai will have two jobs. The first being to tackle all kinds of light infantry, flying circusses and the likes that head for my in table flank and cannon, the second to try and not burn themselves apart.<br><br>Looking at the opposition, I must say I dont have to much of a clue how they play these days, so Ill have to pull on the one resource I still have, how they played in 6th and hope / pray they havent changed to much in style over the years.

Registred sure are a Nurgle Deamon army, a Chaos Warrior army, a Dwarf force, a High Elf force, an Araby force and a Nippon force. Dont really know the last two, but drawing on the historical periods on which they are based, I expect a light infantry force for the first and a lined up, heavy infantry bunch for the second, but none to speedy armies with either. <br>The Nurgle force I know as it is Patricks one of Nelsons Revenge, their S might be to hard but I hope I play him for sheer relaxness factor. The High Elves consist of blocks of 20 - 25 spearmen and 3 bolt throwers, so the main job there will be to find a way to take those out, and lob shells in the ranks to reduce their re-roll to hit thingie.<br><br>On the list of still awaiting army list is probably either a second Warriors or Chaos Dwarf list (take the latter, Ill crush you! ROAWR), a Skink force which I already saw being played, lots of the little buggers and a serious flying circus, a Zombie force (wait, I can outmanoeuvre something???), a non Night Goblin Goblin force (slavvveeess) and my nemesis Guy with his Beastmen. Beaten those ones in the current edition (also, only battle ever so far in 8th… and thats almost 1.5 years ago) so will do again (I hope).<br><br>Its going to be fun for one, as Im slowly (hey, Im old, everything goes slower and takes longer to complete then it used to be. Hey ladies, yeah, that also :wink: ) getting the tournament anticipation pumping in the old veins again. Used to be times when I could get hyped, now THAT is going to take quite a while longer though this stint around, try 2013… IF the Maya`s proved wrong that is…

See you next week, for the finale of the painting project!

Lord Aldades:

Project Insanity week 4: I did it!!!

Success! I actually managed to paint a full 2000 points army in even less then a month, even though I had a deadline for myself and a painting schedule drawn up for a month and a week to pull it off.

But past sunday the final figures where completed, and this week they got varnished, so now the army, albeit to small to my personal game taste of ages past, is ready to battle it out at the TSA Fun Tournament on the 12th of February.

I even may squeeze in a practice game next week friday, to at least having had a feel once how it is going to handle.

The final unit that needed to be completed was the Infernal Guard with Hailshot Blunderbuss unit, aka just the good old Blunderbusses. They work differently now, but they still can tchuk out a whole lot of low strength, high number of hits which still get boosted the more of them fire. A Castelland with the Hammer of Hashut and the Stone Mantle is included in the unit, as it is going to be the job of these guys to anchor the huge warrior blocks side and fight off any light troop slooking to disperse my battle line. Of course, with their Blackshard armour, hand weapon and shield as basic equipment, these guys can seriously stand their own in combat...<br><br>So that brings us to a renewed picture of the full force as the one I started the series with, only this ime it is in full technicolour.<br><br><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v328/the_hobbit_home/GW/P1060668.jpg"><br><br>But how do I hope I will fare? The other Chaos dwarf player apparently isnt going to be able to make it, so that means the goal has to shift a little and now I am going to need to try and beat my archnemesis in the final placings.

Him playing Beastmen, if i can believe magazines and websites, is certainly going to help in this effort…

My goals are first and foremost to try and get back into it, like Im doing with small scale Magic tournaments as well at the moment. Building up the competitive mindset again and stuffsies you know, as it requires a whole other way of thinking and playing then casual play like I did the last years. You know, not throw away units / cards with the well see what happens mindset, as that usually just means easy points for the opponent.

Apart from that, its going to be a lot of chestpounding and alpha maleing against the current TSA generation of warhammer players, as the Three Old farts that came back out of retirement all managed to re-collect a full painted force in a months time, while the week-to-week players haven`t…

Now if I can only find one of the Chaos Dwarf Online moderators to grant me that medal on the site for having and showing a 2000 points completed force…


Awesome work mate! You paint at an insane speed!

Just PM an admin or mod with the link and your list so that they can see you have 2000 pts and you will get the medal ^^

Congratulations on it by the way!

Lord Aldades:

First time on the table with the new list (and as good as the new edition tout court)

An Old Belgian Otaku: Project Insanity week 5: Battle of the Kindreds!!!


I thought I recognised that paintingstyle from somewhere… welcome Tom :stuck_out_tongue:

Lord Aldades:

draws blank here

By Hashut I command you to reveal thyself! :wink:


't Is I, Roland, of the clan Maenhout from Antwerp… :slight_smile:

Lord Aldades:

And the tournament has passed, here is a view from the trenches

An Old Belgian Otaku: Project Insanity the Finale: the come-back tournament


Great tournament report and beautiful pictures. Love your tables, I’d love to battle on such good modelled tables :slight_smile:

Great achievment for our beloved Chaos Dwarfs.

I appreciate you made a good use of Dreadquake mortar. I still have to try it.


Lord Aldades:

Just remember to hype the thing the weeks before, most players where scared of the cannon before it actually fired.

Also, yell prepare the holy shell at the start of deployment, then literally parade your shell bearers on the tabletop


Wow! All that painted in a month! incredible! Good stuff! Can’t wait to read through the tournament report. Love hearing how the dawi zharr do on the table top!