[Archive] The Dark Reckoning Campaign

the bearer:

Hi Everyone

Registrations are now open for the Dark Reckoning campaign and will close on the 16th of March.

The campaign will officially be open for competition on Monday 17th March and ends Sunday 30th March.






Take look at it, because its definately going to be getting…warped :slight_smile:


This is an all Chaos campaign where the aim of the game is to cause as much slaughter as possible. There are four factions - Mortal, Daemon, Beastmen and Chaos Dwarf so make your team proud and join the competition.

Hope to see you all there.

Cheers all



Lets get a roll call here of who’s in. 12 days left for registration.

the bearer:

Yeah we need more Chaos Dwarfs!

Right now your getting outnumbered by the number of Mortals and are going to get positively creamed if Hashut doesnt make more of a presence!! I want to see a good dirty fight :cheers


Perhaps if people better understood the requirements, we would see some more participation.

Once signed up, how do you contribute? Can you only play other registrants? Can you play against any Chaos army? How many games do you have to play?

I’d be interested to know these things, and I think others would as well.


As Xander says, I think people are somewhat hesitant here because very few of us have taken part in something like this before.

Chaos Dwarfs get neglected from most campaigns, so unfortunately we as players don’t often get experience of these things.


I’ll try and be there…cannot help much I’ll do my little part!


I be there, I’m not square!


Even if I could we can play any chaos player, I have no chaos players near me with which to have a nice fight with, so I’d be out anyway. Kinda stinks.


the only chaos player around me is me and its not fair to battle yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

There is only one other Chaos player in our group, and he doesn’t want to play against my Chaos Dwarfs again anytime soon - after what I did to his army in our last battle. :slight_smile:


you totaly whipped out his amry ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Aye, I pretty much slaughtered him, thanks to some well-placed Earthshaker shots and a Taurus that was in really good shape. My Dawi Zharr in turn were defeated pretty badly by Woodelfs in the game a week after.


I’m in I just need to talk to chaos player back into playing.

the bearer:

Why Fight:

Atop the furnaces of the great ziggurats of Zharr Naggrund the High Priest Astragoth was carried atop a grand shield of severed hands strewn together with bone and daemonic sinew by four Bull Centaurs.

Fire streamed behind him, a grand furnace of yellow and red beneath a blazing white centre. There the High Priest was utterly still; his petrified body was broken only by red blinking eyes of dark and insane hatred. His power had wanned over the years as the transformation from flesh to stone was nearly complete. No longer could Astragoth even speak, a quire of lesser sorcerers reiterated his words in unison as if to speak with one tongue.

To Astragoth he knew the vie for power was already on his door step. The sorcerer kin had dwindled in number but their power grew with every year and their eyes were fixated on his downfall. It seemed like more than three lifetimes he had ruled as the most powerful and most old. But where his power was diminishing along with his physical form, his thirst for power was not �?" in fact it had grown.

To perpetuate the lie of his own power, the High Priest was garbed in the most elaborate armour. Gold plates shimmered among a sea of blood red and obsidian plates as a gruesome mask of polished bronze covered his face. Through diabolic dealings with the dark powers of Hashut, Astragoth discovered a way to turn back this humiliating disease and now it was all he thought about, it consumed him. What last remnants of communication he had left, Astragoth created the Obsidian Chalice, a device that could capture the very essence of a living entity, turning it into an elixir of immortality.

Looking down from the great ziggurat a grand army was assembled. War machines of metal and daemon lined the horizon as artillery trains of a limitless supply of weapons and ammunition followed behind. There was a massive invasion planned, a vicious attack that would leave its prey begging for mercy. Astragoth had found what he was looking for, the power to revive himself, restore himself to his former glory and live forever as the true ruler of all the Chaos Dwarfs.

In front of him, the Obsidian Chalice was firmly seated. When the time came and the Twin of Destruction was summoned forth �?" Astragoth would be ready.

the bearer:

In this campaign you submit a battle via an online form.

You can submit one battle per day in any of the locations on the map.

You dont actually need to play any games of Warhammer because its all electronic. By submitting a battle you are letting us know your presence on the battlefield and your efforts.

You can find out all the rules about competing in the campaign here: http://z4.invisionfree.com/cotec/index.php?showtopic=3495 it is a downloadabe pdf so you can read it as your leisure.


is there a particular region we are going to focus on in order to maximize or are we just going to go gung-ho and attack everywhere?



Join the cause and fight for the glory of CDO.  As the Bearer has said, you dont actually need to play any games of Warhammer because its all electronic, so it wouldn’t take long each day to enter a result. The Obsidian Chalice will wait for no DZ.


Once the period for registration closes, we can discuss amongst ourselves where best to attack.  We will be few in number so we need to hit as hard as we can in one place, like the hammer strike that crushes our enemies.

Better to achieve victory in one location than not much all over.