[Archive] The Duergar of Gracklstugh! (an evil Dwarf plog)

Duergar Warlord:

[align=center]The armies of Gracklstugh is on the march![/align]!

For those that dont know of the forgotten realms evil dwarfs, that are known as the Duergar, (also called Deep dwarfs/Gray dwarfs) we can summarize them as being exactly like the Chaos dwarfs, but whitout the silly horns in their forheads, boartusks and obsession with different ox-animals…

they are in other words (or in my oppinion, rather - thinking of where im posting this…) better than chaos dwarfs in per say because of this - besides they dont have any overly curly beards or big hats (not to mention those goddamn potatoe noeses from hell)

Besides this, Duergar haircolour are always black or gray, but they dont have any facial hair above their noses aside from their eyebrows - bald little buggers!

I’ve been secretly admiring the whole forgotten realms idéa behind Duergar from the first moment i heard about it. For those that know of Drow - one could explain it as this… Duergar is to other dwarfs what Drow is to other elves…

But enough about the fluff behind it all!

The list for this project will be quite long…

4 Heroes from GW (Thorgrim grudgebearer on throne, games day 2006 slayer model, white dwarf anniversity shieldbearers, white dwarf anniversity model)

5 Heroes från AOW (Bör dragonbane, Dwarf berzerker, Thunderlord, Dwarf lord with two hand weapons, Dwarf lord of chaos)

36 Stone Guard (Infernal Guard from FW) will count as a 1 x 30 regiment of ironbreakers, the other 6 models will be used as shieldbearers, anvil personel and such

40 (2 x 20) Slayers from AOW

80 (2 x 25 with hand weapon & shield, 1 x 30 with two handed weapon) Dwarf warriors from GW

36 (3 x 16) Quarrellers from GW

20 (2 x 10) Dwarf miners from GW

3 Organ guns from GW

1 Hellcannon of chaos from GW (will be used as a flame cannon)

1 Anvil of Laduguer (Anvil of doom from GW)


First of some w.i.p from the Stone Guard unit & the Anvil of Laduguer!

also changed the drumsticks for the musician

and made a quick weapon swap for a more coherent feeling of the unit

Duergar Warlord:

a little update!, started working on an umber hulk, for those that dont know what that is - just google it!

since umber hulks stalk the underdark where the duergar are - i thought, why not make a nice umber hulk mount? and i made it so that it only takes up two 20mm slots, wich is the same size as a shieldbearer "mount"

so he might be looking impressive in the end… but alas only two ws5 s4 attacks… :shok:

also got my white dwarf limited ed today, a quick weapon swap and that chap looks all ready to roll!

allthough Duergar is supposed to be bald, i dont know if i can pull myself to trim his nice hair down… it fits so good!

lso got some ideas about a BSB, might have to sacrifice the “ironbreaker” musician…

and last but not least a quick sneakshot of my prototype ironbreakers…

im doing one red and one metal before i can decide wich to go for


Wow, awesome start!

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I prefer the metal look myself, and had planned on going that route myself, but worry that in ranks they may look dull (sure would be fast though). Maybe pick a few spots out in red?


Sweet. I’m defiantly keeping an eye out on this thread.


Sounds very interesting!

And the first guys look very promising!

I’m eager to see your Umber Hulk with rider!



Wow, the first FW models converted! I know if there was a place I could find a person so brave to convert them it was on CDO! :smiley:


Very brave to chop up FW models :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it looks really good though - especially the start on the umbar hulk. Can’t wait to see it finished.



I love the picture of the big unit from above with the chopped arms, pieces of armour and weapons they left behind like they grinded an enemy unit :wink:


Duergar Warlord:

here’s a shot of my two w.i.p Champions for my two 25’man warrior squads.

the thrid squad consists of 30 longbeards with two handed weapons, and i just so happens to possess 30 “ranger”-cloaked bodies for dwarf warrriors/thunderers - jackpot!

anyways i just got my high king thorgrim grudgebearer on throne. gonna chop his nice crown and axe of grimnir right off and replace them with the same weapon i gave to the white dwarf and a more appropriate crown

and i was thinking about upgrading his carried throne… this chair/throne would be more fitting to a Duergar King…

oh yes - just wait until i get my paws on that one :smiley:

Duergar Warlord:

also been removing all the puny horns on the dwarf helmets, ive never seen a duergar helm with horns, and it makes them more coherent also

Duergar Warlord:

here’s a w.i.p shot of the Deep King of Gracklstugh himself! (or maby of Dunsperrin, since Gracklstugh’s king would be a bit too important to be dragged into battle by the likes of those races deemed inferior to the Duergar…)

anyways just awaiting the release of the throne… :smiley:

Duergar Warlord:

got some stuff today, began work on a regular shieldbearer unit, in case i ever feel like using one instead of the hulk (maby i will convert three hulks and use them as ogres)

also began trimming down the mohawk of the slayers

look! bald Gotrek!

and started with some scenery… Don’t tell me you thought there were horses in the underdark! we need creatures of burden down there too!

also sent after some transfer papers for my printer so i dont have to freehand every last little shield in the army since everyone is gonna have the mark of Laduguer on their shields (and banners naturally)

and last but not least a little teaser-art for Duergar, just to get in the right mood :smiley:

Duergar Warlord:

a quick sneak at my shieldborne lord after some initial work

(dont mind the hordes of skaven in the background… my Duergar lord is not up to anything - i promise! :smiley: )


Very good stuff. Different, but effective. :slight_smile:


Agree, cool and original… Loonking forward to see where this is going! :slight_smile:


Very nice work on the conversions that you have done , i am also looking forward to seeing more of these guys soon :slight_smile:

that guy:

fantastic stuff.I love it.


pretty awesome, yo!

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Duergar Warlord:

and heres a upd on the shield lord. the last pic was more of a dry-fit. i always try to optimize the fit before using greenstuff