[Archive] The festering legion of Tamurkhan (currently FW Infernal Guard conversions)


So I’ve finally decided it’s time to start my own Army blog, which probably won’t live up to the expectations of its watchers but c’est la vie.

My army is primarily WOC but with a large CD contingent.

I’m in-between houses at the mo’ so I can’t do a full “body-count” but here’s what I can remember off the top of my head.


Heroes + lords -

1X Mounted Champion of Nurgle

2X Exalted Champion of Khorne

1X Exalted Champion of Nurgle

3X Lords of Slaneesh on Daemonic Mount.

1X Archaon, Lord of the End Times

3X Sorcerer of Tzeentch

1X Sorcerer of Tzeentch on disc (the old moon-headed sorcerer)

1X Tamurkhan on Bubebolos (Toad Dragon)

1X Sorcerer of Nurgle mounted on Nurglesh Spitfather (Toad Dragon)

1X Khorne Lord on Juggernaut (unpainted, so will paint im in this blog.)

1X Archaeon the Everchosen (unpainted, so will paint him in this blog.)

1X Nurgle Lord on Plague horse (picked up on eBay so will be stripped + re-done.)

1X Kholek Suneater (MPG sculpt, unpainted)

1X Dragon Ogre Shaggoth custom conversion (made primarily from a carnosaur)

1X OOP Slaneesh Chaos Champion.

2X Scylar Angrifrimm - one old edition, one recent.

1X Throgg the Troll King - custom model

1X Raak Stonespitter, first of Bile Trolls (no rules yet so using him as a Bile Troll Champion)

1X Wulfrik the Wanderer

1X scratch-built sorcerer of Nurgle

1X OOP Pestigor champion (Champion of Nurgle)

Special -

3 x OOP minotaurs ( I know you can’t use them in WOC anymore, but they make great unit fillers )

3 x OOP Screamers of Tzeentch.

7 x OOP flamers of Tzeentch

14x OOP horrors of Tzeentch

10 x chosen of Nurgle with full command.

20x OOP Pestigor with full command (counts as Chosen of Nurgle)

3 x Dragon ogres

30 x knights of chaos - new models

15 x OOP knights of chaos

2X OOP Realm of Chaos “hydra spawn”

2x metal spawn.

4x plastic spawn

2x forgeworld Great Chaos Spawn

3x forgeworld bile trolls

8x OOP chaos Trolls

3x chariots of chaos - OOP and new bits mixed together.

3x chaos ogres w/ full command

6x Plague Ogres

3x Plague Toads

10x Scratch-built forsaken


1x plague giant (counts as a Bone-grinder for SoM)

1x chaos giant

1x OOP massive “maruader” style giant.

1x Custom Chaos Siege Giant

1x OOP orcs and goblins giant (being converted to Chaos)

3x giants of albion (converted to Chaos giants)

1x warshrine (being converted from the Cauldron of Khorne armorcast model to a Nurgle Shrine, being pulled by Beasts of nurgle)

2x custom Chaos Dragons (one from some carnosaur and high elf dragon bits, one from wyvern bits and some weird OOP skull I got in a bits buy on eBay)

1x OOP Chaos Dragon (forgot to mention all Dragons will have mounted Lords.)

1x hellcannon

1x Angkor, father of Mammoths

1x Khazor, son of the father of the mammoths :stuck_out_tongue:

1x FW Emperor Chaos Dragon


32x Warriors of Slaneesh. (2x 16 w/ full command)

80x Warriors of Nurgle. (2 x 20 w/ full command)

40x Warriors Undivided.

15x Warriors of Nurgle w/ halberds and full command

80x Warriors of Khorne w/full command

12x OOP Warriors w/ Mark of Nurgle and full command

12x OOP Warriors w/ Mark of Nurgle, Halberds and full command

60x Marauders (3x 20 w/ full command)

40x Marauders w/ hand weapon and shield, full command

20x Marauders w/ flails, full command

20x Marauders w/ great weapons, full command

20x Marauder horsemen w/ hand weapon and shield

10x Marauder horsemen w/ throwing spears.

10x OOP marauders w/ full command.

23 x OOP flagellants mixed in with marauders and CWs as fillers as, heck, if the end of the worlds coming, might as well join 'em! Plus, they look very chaos-like.

60x warhounds of Chaos

20x OOP warhounds of Chaos

There’s probably more but I can’t remember them all right now.


Lords and Heroes:

1x sorcerer on Lammasu

2x Lord on Great Taurus.

1x astragoth

3x various lords on foot

1x sorceror on foot

1x forgeworld hellsmith

Special and Rares

2x earthshakers

2x swivel gun

1x hobgoblin bolt-thrower.

1x slavegiant

10x hobgoblin wolfriders w/ full command

2x mortar w/ crew


10x blunderbuss w/ full command

20x big hats, plastic

6x big hats, metal

24x orc/hobgoblin archers w/ full command

10x black orcs.

10x Infernal Guard with full command

10xInfernal Guard with Fireglaives

And there’s more but I’ve got to go out now. Will update later :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think (keeping in mind the above is not an army list, just my collection)



Nice collection, can’t wait to see finished models.


Cheers :slight_smile: Have started on the Toad Dragon which arrived today and I must say, I’m starting to partially regret it (as the trimming and pinning is nigh impossible) However, the model itself is truly HUGE, being a near 25cm long and about 4 times as large as a stegadon. The pictures on the FW website really do no justice to the model.

Tamurkhan himself looks like a rather sickly and massive ogre, which I like. This, with the bile trolls will be this coming weeks’ project :slight_smile:


Pyro Stick:

Once this is all painted it will be pretty impressive. I think you should paint the Hellsmith first lol.


@Pyro - cheers :slight_smile:
I aim to get it all done before August, when I have to go over to Tasmania to see the in-laws :frowning:

I bought the hellsmith liking it at the time, but I find it rather bland, so do not know if I’ll paint him first. My army’s primarily Nurglitch, so I’ve started converting my Temple of Skulls so it looks more fitting - with oozing pus and stewed body parts in the eye sockets of the skull-statues, as well starting on covering the monolithic obelisk thingies with Nurglitch iconography. :slight_smile:

Really hoping that I’ll be able to keep my actual painting up to my conversion standard, as I’m much better at sculpting and converting than I am at painting.


Attached are some links to photos of my toady and my scratch-built Chaos Sorceror of Nurgle playing, and hopefully showing size comparison.

ImageShack - Best place for all of your image hosting and image sharing needs

Please note - not me in the photos. I don’t wear nail polish… much :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was also wondering if someone could make this into an avatar for me:


Thankyou :smiley:


Lord Archaon:

Will this do? :slight_smile:


Those are brilliant, thanks :slight_smile:

How do I downsize it though? It’s 2KB over the limit :frowning:


Pyro Stick:

Downsized it to 24kb for you:


Cheers guys! :smiley:



Attached is a pic of my sculpted Sorcerer.


Said Sorcerer meeting Toady :smiley:


An idea of how big he is. FW said in their newsletter that he’s their “biggest resin kit yet” but I’m pretty that both the Mammoth and Chaos Dragon are bigger… can anyone confirm this?


Just picked up an extra toad dragon (which I’ll convert into a pouncing pose with closed mouth hopefully) a khorngor box set and 7 pestigors w/champion. These will likely just be fillers for my WOC list. I really do miss the good old days when daemons, beastmen and WOC could fight together in one army list. I suppose in this edition they’d be considered “trusted allies” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Also just won the Braganzas Besiegers set for 10 quid. Pretty happy with that :slight_smile:



Woha, its huge! :slight_smile:

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@Tjub - hehe, yeah :slight_smile: I was pretty surprised by it, as in the FW photos it looks small due to the size of Tamurkhan - but that’s only because he’s in his huge Tyrant form! Apparently it’s their biggest WF resin kit yet, but I think the Mammoth and Chaos Dragon are much bigger personally.



Update: Won about 20 pestigors and 10 oop daemonettes (6th edition, when they were allowed to have breasts and look like females)

Figured I’m going to do some part-swapping so that my pestigors can be used in my chosen unit.

Got them for about 50c each (Pestigors) and $1.50 each (Daemonettes) so I’m pretty happy with this.

Have also ordered/won a lot of scenery. Enough to make a castle with keep and a fortified manor surrounded by townhouses. I aim to make this a board where the Chaos Legion has occupied it and, after the obligatory looting, killing and drinking (in no particular order) have restored it to some form of order.

As such, it will be done in a Nurglitch style, but with still intact, though showing battle damage.

An example will be that I will have an enslaved/ brainwashed village of corrupt Empire and Bretonian troops and villagers living in the town and serving their dark lords. To show the leader of these cultists I have purchased the Green Knight model, which will be heavily converted into a Nurgle Lord, that will lead a Marauder Horseman unit.

As usual, all comments are appreciated :slight_smile:



Great looking model , it is allot bigger than what the pics show , did the tongue go in ok , when i saw it at games day last year i thought that could be hard to get in the mouth, looking forward to seeing it all painted up and also looking forward to seeing how the army comes together


@Loki - It’s much bigger than the pictures show. To put it into perspective, Tamurkhan in Ogre Tyrant form is about as tall as the plastic Giant model, and he manages to look small on the Toad Dragon. I’ve had to order two Arachnarok bases to make the base for Bubebolos (I know, right?)

I’m also looking forward to painting the army - I think it’ll be a great way to spend this year and can’t wait to see it all done.

Also, the Gamesday model is actually quite different to the final product. They played around more with the eyes and tongue before the final version, in the end making it more appealing and easier to assemble. Haven’t had a problem with the tongue at all, just put a small blob of GS on the tip, inserted it into the main part of the tongue (which is part of the mouth) and super-glued it :slight_smile:



Updated with my plague ogres and plague toads. With the current proxy rules plague riders are too expensive for what they

do. I love their grins though :smiley:



Will be getting my two Chaos Mammoths soon :smiley:

Not putting them on my list just yet, but will do so once I receive them.



Converted my own Siege Giant today, which look pretty good in my opinion. Is now outside letting its basecoat dry, but I’ll hopefully get around to painting it soon.