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Singleton Mosby:

Just over half a year ago I ‘returned’ to Warhammer after almost ten years of absence, ever since the start of sixth edition. Prety quickly I wanted a second army besides my valiant Bretonnians and as I always like something different my choice was made for Chaos Dwarfs. That and I just love the hats :hat off

A well, have been enjoying myself playing about a score of games over the last half year, half of which were with my Evil Dwarfs. recently someone asked me if I would like to partake in a tournament (and not a small one either), of course I said yes. The plan was to take my big blocks of Men-at-Arms and some knights but…well, I still had to paint about 15 knights and some pegs and realized about 10 days ago that’s not going to happen before September 30th.

Thus the choice fell on my tall hats.

My army is as follows:


- 2 blocks of 23 Guards with blunderbusses. One unit with a BSB and the other with a lvl 4 Hashut wiz.

- 20 Hobo’s with bows

- 2 Death shriekers (don’t have a second magma cannon)

- 1 Magma cannon (conversion)

- K’daai

- 5 Hobo wolfguys


My painted Chaos Dwarfs up to that point were an Eartshacker and 4 bull Centaurs + a converted K’daai and Magma cannon and the wolfriders. Not going to take the first two so that’s a lot of painting to do :yar

In the last ten days I’ve done the first block of warriors which I finished today. I have 12 days remaining for 23 more warriors, a BSB, 20 hobos and two rocket launchers.

Wish me luck!

The Painted Force so far

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Good luck

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I look forward to seeing some pictures.

I too am working to a deadline with my stuff though that is this Sunday :o




So you’ll also be at Fanatic Leiden the 30th? I’ll be there too with my Chaos Dwarf Ogres, and Bolg with his Chaos Dwarfs, so come up and say hi! :slight_smile:

Good luck with all the work. Thank god I only have to finish a couple more models…


What Bas_2312 says (:

(I’m also painting like crazy to finish my army)

Singleton Mosby:

Sound good guys. Looking forward to meeting you there :hat off

And it is also very good to hear at least some of us will do well, :wink:

And now for some pics → (sorry for the bad quality, they were  made with my phone).

First up is the Red Guard. A unit of 23 Blunderbusses and the unit of Zharzharr Ironbeard, my lvl 4 Sorcerer.

Zharzharr is the guy on the right. I need to get some yellow paints as the ones I have were all dried-up.
On the left is a WIP of the Blue Guard and in the center is my lvl 1 Deamonsmith.

These are my converted Hobgoblin Wolfriders. I still need to paint up a couple of wolves myself. These I bought painted and are obviously not suited for my army.
If I can find the time I will paint some more of the metal Hobo’s (from Dogs of War) which are perhaps the nicest warhammer mini’s arround.

My K’daai destroyer. Turns out his base is a little too small so I need to come up with a sollution for that. Also needs some paint for the base and flames.

And my Magma cannon. The crew is from my Earthshacker but I won’t be using that one.
It is way smaller then the FW version so it puts me at a disadvantage, but hey…

Kera foehunter:

High 5   What  a great job

P.s . ummmmmmmmmmm your Lammasu on fire :slight_smile:

Singleton Mosby:

Won’t be making it at this pace. But there are seven more mini’s almost finished. Need to do the base (but I am out of black) and the shields.

First up is Fhakh Fireface, my lvl 1 Deamonsmith. I’ve used an old Bloodbowl model to represent him. Later on I will probably paint a third regiment in this colorscheme. Is a deamonsmith allowed a shield btw?

And then this, the first ‘finished’ rank of the Blue Guard. Which actually happens to be the second rank of the regiment. Bases, shields and some cleaning up and they’re ready.

*I’ll make some better pictures when I’ve found the cable of my camera’s charger.


That looks a very intense blue, what is it?



Singleton Mosby:

That looks a very intense blue, what is it?



Regal blue. Highlighted with a mix of regal and enchanted blue and then highlighted again with enchanted blue. The highlights aren't visible on the pictures however.


Really nice stuff. Love the colour for the deamonsmith. And for the question, he is allowed to take magical shields but not mundane. :slight_smile:


If he is your warmachine babysitter; give him the charmed shield, great for dodging cannonballs

Singleton Mosby:

Little Crisis… : I had to-repaint one of my Rocket Launchers as I bought it (terribly) painted. When I dumped it in a bottle of asceton yesterday I forgot the wheels of the machine are plastic…OOPS. :frowning:

One week to go and need to find some wheels to replace those plastic ones.


Any progress? Are you going to make the deadline? :slight_smile:


I made my deadline, I hope you did (or will do) too.

Good luck and we’ll see you on sunday (:


Great read. Having the deadline as part of your painting added an element of “tension”. Great work, nice models. I really like your K’daai destroyer and your Magma cannon.

Singleton Mosby:

Any progress? Are you going to make the deadline? :)

I've been painting a lot these last few days and have come far. Not finished though.
- Both of the rocket launchers are done.
- All of the IG are done but the Blue guard still need their shield.
- The wolfriders have got a new, matching base.

I still need to finish the shields of the second unit of IG's. Don't think I Will be able to do more tegen half. Next to them I will not be able to properly finish the two characters, they will be lacking details but will have the required three colors.

A well, I can take it to the tournament but it won't be 100% finished.

Cya tomorrow Bolg and Bas! And pics will follow.

Singleton Mosby:

Picture time!

The Death Shrieker brigade (funky dudes!)

The Blue Guards (sans shields)

and my little drummer boy, no idea why he’s looking so sad.


I still need to finish the shields of the second unit of IG's. Don't think I Will be able to do more tegen half. Next to them I will not be able to properly finish the two characters, they will be lacking details but will have the required three colors.

Singleton Mosby
I hope you've finished you're army by now. I'm ready for the tournament. It's weird to have the army finished and not have to work untill late in the morning to get it ready for a tournament...

Singleton Mosby:

Had a blast yesterday at the tournament and didn’t fare that bad either.

My army was almost finished when I entered. Only the Castellan and the Sorcerer prophet weren’t fully painted as I just did not want to rush them to a finish.

Got almost full points for painting. Almost as I didn’t get them for the WYSIWYG for the blunderbusses (can’t get a blunderbuss, a handweapon and a shield on them all, can I?)

My games went quite well for a ‘beginner’. First battle was vs Empire. I was suprised to be outshot as I was putting an all-shooters-army on the tabel myself. His two cannons wreaked havoc with my artillery-park whiping it out in three turns. Next to that I would have completely smashed him had we been able to play more then three turns, now it was a draw only.

My blunderbusses killed a unit of knights and a captain on a pegy. The K’daai was killing infantry and had already chewed up one of the cannons going on to the second one.

On the flank the wolfriders were entertaining a unit of knights (+general) and a unit of outriders. I was just circling him and he was chasing me. Got frightened after one of my hobbo’s unhorsed a knight (that guy was probably an elf in disguise :wink: ).

Second battle was against a very experienced dwarfs player. Things went quite well untill I forgot to charge a fleeing unit of miners with my general’s unit of blunderbusses. Next thing I know I was charged in the flank by a unit of warriors which were 9 inches away. I opted to flee, reform and get at them…but threw a double 1. The unit was overrun and with that I lost 835 points, an objective and the battle. Still not a solid victory for him as the other unit of blunderbusses performed sterling work. Men of the match were the hobbo’s who held up the slayers on his flank from killing my warmachines. The elven wolfrider actually managed to kill one of them.

The third battle was against Warriors of Chaos. A nice victory even though I deployed stupidly. The K’daai rampaged through his general’s unit of warriors. Wolfriders were good once more. And the blunderbusses with Banner of Eternal Flame played havoc with the Ogres after I cast Ashstorm on them :).

Overall I liked the performance of my blunderbusses very much. They might not have worked very well against the Chaos Warriors but next to them were quite devastating. The HW&S are nice once they are in combat altough I will include a razor banner with one of the units.

Wolfriders are here to stay cause they annoy the opponent quite a lot. Hobbo’s on foot will go as they did next to nothing.


So, what’s next?

Well, I want to finish the Castellan and Sorcerer.

Next to that I would like to do quite some detailing on the Dwarfs as they are at the moment painted to a quite basic standard. When that’s finished I will also do some weathering on them.

I will need new bases sized 6x4 for the blunderbusses. 23 of them is about the right size.

Seeing Bolg’s great Magma cannon I will rebuild mine to look much more in style with the rest of my army.

And then onwards to the more exotic stuff: an Iron Deamon and a Hell Cannon.