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The Flying Beaver:

The Golden Hat: A Chaos Dwarf Online Painting Contest

Greetings to all. We’re really excited about our new website and we want to celebrate how awesome Chaos Dwarfs are. Of course, considering that Chaos Dwarf models are hard to get, we don’t see many players. This has changed with the Battle For Skull Pass set though! These models are cheap and can be made into evil Dawi’Zharr in tons of different ways. That’s why we’re holding a painting contest!

What do I have to do?

Your task? To take your free Battle for Skull Pass Dwarf Warrior (This guy) that you received with your September issue of White Dwarf (Or from BFSP itself, or if not that, you can probably get one for free from a GW store.) and turn it into a Chaos Dwarf. Do whatever you deem necessary to make that goody-two-shoes worship Hashut, the Father of Darkness. There’s plenty of ways you can do this- you could paint it in dark, sinister colours, give him a new weapon, a big hat, an iron skull mask, a suit of scale mail, a blunderbuss, anything goes! If you’re unsure of what to do, our friendly forum members and staff would be glad to help you out.

Why would I want to enter a Chaos Dwarf Painting contest?

Lots of reasons. Perhaps you already play Chaos Dwarfs, so this is a great reason to paint your models to the best of your ability. Perhaps you don’t know what to do with that dwarf model, and this could lead to an interest in Chaos Dwarfs. Maybe you’re getting bored of your current army and could use a quick distraction to revitalize yourself. It’s only one tiny model, entering this contest will be fun! There’s a great prize for the winner too! The winner of this contest will receive their very own Earthshaker cannon converted by Xander. (Pictures of it can be seen here.) You won’t be responsible for shipping and handling of the model.

How does this contest work?

To enter, just register on the Chaos Dwarf Online forum (which I’m assuming you are already since you’re reading this), and PM your painted entries to myself or Xander by Saturday, March 31st 2007. Entries will be posted on the website. Starting April 1st (no joke), a poll will be created for users to vote for the winning entry. (You will not be able to vote for yourself.) You have roughly five and a half weeks, so if you need to acquire said model, be sure to do so as soon as possible so you have ample time to prepare.

The run down:
- Change the Dwarf above into a Chaos Dwarf by any means necessary
- PM your painted entries to myself or Xander by Saturday, March 31st 2007 in the form of up to 4 pictures. Do not post your model anywhere!
- Cast your vote starting April1st, 2007. Poll lasts one week until April 7th expires.
- Winner receives a free Earthshaker Cannon made by Xander

May the best Chaos Dwarf win!


You have over a month to make the best Chaos Dwarf you can! :slight_smile:

The Flying Beaver:

It’s a well-known fact that we have great talent on this forum. But if you’re not a golden daemon level painter, don’t let that stop you from entering! Painting contests are a great way to improve because it encourages you to do your best while having lots of fun. So please, enter!


Hmm. Count me in.


anything goes!
I'll quote you on that. My Taurus Rider is based on a free SP model! I got 5 of those sprues from GW + 1 from WD, as I told the redshirts that I'd convert them into chaos dwarfs and hobgoblins! My DR crew, 2 of my Great Weapon warriors, my bull centaur and my taurus rider is based on the free dwarves. If you find the taurus a streach, can I enter my BC then?


- Kyte


This sounds cool. A great way to people up and painting.

The Flying Beaver:

Having the model unmounted would be preferred, kyte. We want people voting for the dwarfs, not the taurus.

Also, new entries only! If it’s been posted here, please don’t enter it.


Doh. With only 3 of each guy plus command… and them having spikey helmets… I converted those models first @.@. No time for improvement in green-stuffing ability.

Ahh well, I might enter one anyway when I finish them up.


hey, cool idea! i’ll give my best, 'cause i really need an earthshaker :slight_smile:

just a question: must it be exactly that dwarf with the horns, we shall use as base? or are the other tree warriors okay, too? or is everyone n the BfSP-box okay?

The Flying Beaver:

Other skull pass dwarf warriors are rather similar, so I’ll allow it. However, the dwarf shown would be greatly preferred. Definately no miners or thunderers.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Trying to get hold of some warriors right now!


To repeat Kyte’s question, is it CDs only, or are BC’s allowed too? (I’d good for either, so no worries).

The Flying Beaver:

Chaos Dwarfs. Leave the bull centaurs out of this.


I’ll see what I can do, first some minis and some GS to boot… Seems like a good starting point.


But i already got 2 earthshakers from xander :frowning:

Beh might as well enter at least…



Other skull pass dwarf warriors are rather similar, so I'll allow it. However, the dwarf shown would be greatly preferred. Definately no miners or thunderers.

The Flying Beaver
Ok, good to hear that. I should be able to enter something then to my liking.


what if the model is converted to the point that it is unreconisable would i need to provide photos that it started as a bfsp model?


Evidence to back up that your model is a BFSP Dwarf Warrior is fine. Remember that members will be voting on the winner. If they don’t like it, it won’t win. That is to say, popular vote will determine the winner based on the outline of what the contest is, and the contest is to change the BFSP Dwarf into a Chaos Dwarf.

The Raven:

aw man! I cant enter this competition. I dont own a single BFSP model and there is very little chance I can get one:(

The Flying Beaver:

But i already got 2 earthshakers from xander :(

Beh might as well enter at least..


That's the spirit!