[Archive] The Google, eBay, and Wikipedia Tags


I added three more tags for fun use.

Google Tag: [google]Chaos Dwarfs[/google] -> [google]Chaos Dwarfs[/google]
eBay Tag: [ebay]Chaos Dwarfs[/ebay] -> [ebay]Chaos Dwarfs[/ebay]
Wikipedia Tag: [wikipedia]Chaos Dwarfs[/wikipedia] -> [wikipedia]Chaos Dwarfs[/wikipedia]

Just take out the stars! Pretty handy. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Flying Beaver:

Lovely features Xander. I can’t think of any other forums which have these. Ahh, innovation. Chaos Dwarfs are masters of it!


Hehehe, it wasn’t that tough, but should be pretty useful. :slight_smile: