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Here I present our efforts. This will be sent around the internet so that people cannot say they were short of ideas on how to mention the Chaos Dwarfs. Anyone who is on another forum who they think will be interested in this, please either copy and paste the text in full, or copy the link to this page.

As written by the Hand of Hashut War Council members: Grimstonefire, Lord Zharkov, UltimateNagash, Uzkul Werit, chaoticRunesmith, Harvestmouse and Hashut’s Blessing.

Many hundreds of years ago a lone Dwarf was captured stumbling aimlessly along Peak Pass. He had been blinded and his body was horrifically scarred. Upon his back an intricate map had been tattoed. Before the Chaos Dwarfs could torture any information out of him the Dwarf had died. Thus it remained for many centuries; a flayed skin map deep within the vaults of Zharr Naggrund refering to a crown of unspeakable power hidden somewhere deep within the Great Forest. Countless Chaos Dwarfs had attempted to decipher the map over the years, but they knew that only by invading the forest in large numbers could they hope to piece together all the clues.

In recent years after the carnage of the Storm of Chaos, armies patrolling the area around Middeheim had grown fewer in number. Most of the armies of men had retreated back to their fortified cities, whilst the other races that had descended upon the region had either consolidated their positions or returned back to their homelands.

The Chaos Dwarfs had performed admirably during the war, the Hellcannons they had lent to Archaon bringing many towns to their knees, even damaging sections of the great city of Middenheim itself. Unfortunately the ‘Lord of the End Times’ had not proved as successful as the Dawi Zharr had hoped, but had still managed to weakened most of the northern Empire enough for slave raiding armies to pour into the region almost unopposed.

As the forces of Chaos had retreated back north they had forsaken their allegiance with the Chaos Dwarfs and abandoned them to their fate. For this betrayal the Chaos Dwarfs swore oaths of vengeance, and the re-appearance of the Nemesis Crown would prove to be their opportunity.

The Draken Downs Week 1

Suggested Target: The Wyrm and Bucket

As news reached Zhatan the Black that the Nemesis Crown had surfaced once more he summoned Uzkul Werit, one of his old rivals.

“I am to deliver this message to you” Zhatan wheezed from behind his horrific mask.

“The Hand of Hashut has ordered that you will be send on a long quest to the Great Forest to recover the Hellcannons that have been lost by the foolish barbarians of the north.”

Ukzul grimaced, he cared not for such a mission. A Hellcannon had recently ripped through several of Gash Kadrak’s prized Earthshakers in battle and cost many lives. He’d round up those blasted creations like a pack of hounds and deliver them personally to Zhatan. That would sure silence his rival alright…

The army met with varying success as they made their way into the Empire, for the Hellcannons had been spread far and wide. Several machines had been partially buried, or had been destroyed in battle, taking days to recover all the lost pieces. Those crews who still had operational machines joined with half the army, marching in a long column back to the darkness of Zharr Naggrund.

Of all those that had been sent west, there now remained only seven Hellcannons unaccounted for. For many weeks reports had come in of several of their machines being spotted in the region of the Great Forest known as the Draken Downs. Who it is that crews their deadly machines, and where they are headed is not yet clear. There have even been wild reports from Chaos Dwarf scouts that their orc allies have managed to locate one and were attempting to use it.

All that Uzkul Werit knows is that time is of the greatest importance; he must recover the machines before they move too far away. However, with many armies pouring into the region searching for the Crown this will be getting increasing difficult.

The Drakwald Deeps Week 1

Suggested Target: Jutonkraag

As the legions of Chaos fought under the walls of Middenheim an army of Chaos Dwarfs had been sent to stop the flow of mutant creatures into the Undercity. Whilst they might not have posed a direct threat to the armies of the Chaos Dwarfs, they could have damaged their prised Hellcannons.

After the Skaven activated their Doom Hemisphere, the Chaos Dwarf army had been trapped underground by the subsequent cave-ins as rock twisted and crumbled above them. Deciding they could either dig their way out into the middle of a war, or follow the tunnels, they packed what provisions they could and started marching into the darkness.

For nearly three years the miners were involved an unending war against legions of mutant creatures. These creatures were of enormous variety; some appeared to be recently made from the barbarian followers of Chaos, whilst others were little more than blobs of flesh with spikes attached. Too busy fighting to search for a way out, they were slowly forced backwards towards the blocked exit behind them

After living under siege for so long, the attacks inexplicably stopped. The distant sounds of battle could still be heard, and after several days of waiting and listening the answer finally came.

A lone Skaven appeared from the darkness, his grey fur marking him as one of their elite sorcerers. From their understanding of crude Reikspell they learned that the mutants they had fought for so long had been created by the Skaven, but they had rebelled and escaped before they got to Middenheim. The Skaven had been busy attacking from their side of the tunnel and had finally managed to subdue them.

The Grey Seer explained that a crown of immense power had been discovered in the forest above, and that a vast Skaven horde would soon be heading their way. Should the Chaos Dwarfs share but a little of their knowledge of arcane engineering the Skaven would consider aiding them. They had already carefully selected a thousand slaves as a gift.

Should they believe this Skaven though? Such allies could prove very dangerous, for their treachery was legendary. However, with the arrival of hundreds of reinforcements bringing news of the alliance with the greenskins, having so many additional forces searching this side of the forest might prevent the Nemesis Crown escaping further west.

So it was that the Chaos Dwarfs emerged into the Drakwald Deeps with two dangerous allies at their sides.

The Reik’s Marches Week 1

Suggested Target: Un-named town next to Benedict’s Retreat

Deep within the docklands of Zharr Naggrund, Arcane Engineers had been working for many centuries on developing a submersible capable of safely transporting Chaos Dwarf armies around the world. After many failed attempts, they finally met with success leading to the creation of the Hammer of Hashut. This submersible dwarfs many ships built by the lesser races, capable of transporting nearly two hundred Dawi Zharr. Forged from the blackest iron and with a flat profile it has been designed to travel up relatively shallow rivers. Thus allowing it to travel deep into enemy territories and remain virtually undetected as it surfaces at night to replenish the air.

When the Hand of Hashut ordered it to be used for the coming campaign, it began the long voyage north out of Uzkulak and towards the Sea of Claws. Its first stop was to drop off engineers, warriors and building supplies on the coast of Norsca. These Chaos Dwarfs were tasked with building a defendable base capable of holding hundreds of troops and thousands of slaves. This would be a forward base so the Hammer of Hashut would have a shorter distance to travel in order to bring reinforcements and supplies.

The Hammer of Hashut then began the dangerous voyage into the Empire; travelling through Marienburg and Altdorf on the massive River Reik. After passing through Altdorf it travelled on the River Stir before moving onto the River Talabec and eventually arriving in the Great Forest. It would make this voyage many more times during the coming war; dropping off troops and then returning to the base in Norsca with slaves and wounded.

As the main Chaos Dwarf army forced its way in from the east, the Hammer of Hashut returned once more. Along the western bank of the River Talabec it dropped off hundreds of Dawi Zharr Combat Engineers and enough supplies to building a fortified base capable of being a staging point. It also dropped off several brutish Orc Warlords, who were to advance with the Chaos Dwarfs deep into the forest.

The mission for these master engineers was simple enough; race ahead of the main Orc advance, building bridges and cutting paths through the forest to speed up their allies as quickly as possible. Should the opportunity present itself, they were also to build killing zones with traps to slow down their enemies.

The Howling Heights Week 1

Suggested Target: Lost Mines of Khrazi Drudd

The Howling Hills are a terrain more suited to the Chaos Dwarfs than the endless forests, the craggy peaks and desolate moors being reminiscent of many places in the Dark Lands. As the first elements of the Chaos Dwarf army explored the barren hills, they began to sense that things were not quite as they seemed.

Upon the desolate moors they came across the toppled statues of tortured dwarf faces, and in the deepest forests they came across overgrown dwarf tombs that were sealed from inside. Goblin Wolf Riders returning from the Ruins of Juttesdorf reported there were Dwarfs setting off explosives.

Occasionally the Chaos Dwarf scouts discovered runic symbols carved into obscure patterns on rock faces. Some were larger than others, but without doubt they had all been carved by their arrogant kin in the Worlds Edge Mountains. As the army explored further, they found these symbols were often located near the entrances to tunnels or mine shafts. Some tunnels were barely more than fifty paces long, and with no obvious clues as to their purpose. Others ended in fortified caverns with cryptic runic patterns carved onto the walls and floors.

For many days they explored the darkness, the labyrinthine network of mine tunnels and halls confusing even the most skilled miners. What could the Dwarfs have built such a place for?

From what they could work out, most of the tunnels were connected to the lost Dwarf mines of Khrazi Drudd. But the scale of what they discovered was far larger than they had been led to believe. As they continued to map out the mines as best they could, the distant howls of mutant creatures began to grow ever closer.

Setting what traps they could to prevent an attack, the combat engineers withdrew to the higher levels to prepare for the next phase of their plan. How long their traps will hold off their enemies beyond is not yet clear, but in the search for the Nemesis Crown they will need to uncover the secrets behind this mysterious place.

The R�uberthal Week 1

Suggested Target: Trekenkraag

For many years Chaos Dwarfs had been living in remote enclaves in the dark corners of the Empire, there to make a living trading with unscrupulous human who cared little how they made a profit. When messengers arrived from the Dark Lands, they asked their distant kin to unite and prepare as best they could for the coming campaign.

Although many had lived away from their homeland for many decades, they fulfilled their duties to kin and their god Hashut with extraordinary speed. Throughout the forest Chaos Dwarf combat engineers worked day and night preparing fiendish traps. Because of the immense area of land they needed to cover, most of these traps were made from the living forest itself.

As their enemies in the region grew ever numerous the Chaos Dwarfs had to grow ever stealthier. Occasionally they would come across enemy camps and in the dead of night silently built traps surround them. Upon waking their enemies could do little to escape the death trap they were now in, but their executioners were long gone. Their Orc allies proved useful in this strategy as well, they could lead enemy armies right into the heart of their traps. The occasional greenskin unit disappearing being a small drop in the ocean of Orcs and Goblins.

Leading their efforts was Rambok, a fearsome Chaos Dwarf veteran of many campaigns. Under his direction the engineers learnt to blend into the forest and avoid detection from all but the most determined of trackers.

Having avoided direct conflict with their enemies for many months, Rambok and his engineers eventually found themselves deep in the heart of the Great Forest in the area known as the R�uberthal. Here they were surrounded by hundreds of robbers, bandits and ‘dogs of war’; people easily bought by the golden horde of the Chaos Dwarfs.

Aided by this army of mercenaries they have been able to concentrate on building even more complex traps all over the region. These deadly traps would hopefully hold back their enemies until reinforcements arrived, but whether their mercenaries would survive that long is another matter.

The Great Confluence Week 1

Suggested Target: Un-named town left of Tower of Midnight

The great River Talabec flowed steadily along its course, nothing could disturb its flow. But something did. A dark shadow moving quickly against the current, ripples spreading out around it. Then with a great hiss the Hammer of Hashut surfaced, water streaming from its hull and steam billowing out into the air. With a groan a gaping hole slowly opened in its side and a machine belching black smoke came forth, guarded by Dawi Zharr combat Engineers armed with deadly blunderbusses. Rank upon rank of dark warriors from Zharr Naggrund marched behind.

The machine and its guard turned east, while the rest of the army remained to establish a great fort along the bank of the river to act as a staging point for the coming campaign…

The Orcs turned to face the trees as another volley of arrows came from the shadows, cutting them down by the dozen. Garazad da Mitey snarled as he shouted at his boyz to charge. The orcs surged forward towards where the arrows had come from, yet once again the enemy was no longer there. Garazad roared in anger.

“Come out and fight yous yellow-bellies!”

“I do not think that will be necessary.”
Garazad turned to face the speaker as an almighty torrent of alchemical fire shot past him, the woods nearby bursting into flames. Screams came from the area as elves and a few unlucky goblins were burnt alive. Garazad coughed as he was surrounded by choking ash, he squinted through the smoke at the hulking shape emerging from the flames.

The iron head of a bull jutted towards the Black Orc, a cylinder in the bull’s mouth spewing flames. The bull head was attached to a great machine, an iron juggernaut charging implacably through the fire. Garazad shouted over the noise at the speaker, a short Chaos Dwarf wearing a dark red robe.

“Zoggin’ 'ell… What’s dat?”

The Chaos Dwarf grinned “Orc, I give you… the Vicinerator! A mighty gift from the Hand of Hashut. Use it to destroy those that dwell within the Green Heart.”

Zhathrak gazed out at the assembling army, his brethren were mustering along the shore of the Talabec River. Though only a few hundred strong he was certain that with their deadly machines they had brought they could make a presence in this war that would far outstrip their numbers. From the south the hunch-backed Hobgoblins would soon arrive in the Great Migration of the Greenskins, and then the chaos dwarfs would begin to put their plans into motion…

The Talabec Borders Week 1

Suggested Target: Hunter’s Haven (the manor south of Mattengard)

The Immortals are the elite warriors of the Chaos Dwarfs. Their armour is made from blackened steel, reinforced with granite shoulder plates and runes of obsidian inscribed upon it. They are the most feared protectors of Hashut’s people, second in battle-prowess only to the Bull Centaurs that guard the great Temple of Hashut. The stone cold Immortals wield their cursed great weapons with expert skills, and none more so than Rykarth; Head of the Immortals. His personal regiment the Granite Guard contain some of greatest warriors from all the four corners of the Dark Lands.

With the sound of rolling thunder the gigantic block of granite and steel armoured warriors stormed through the forest. Their thick armour and axes allowed them to crush through the undergrowth with ease. These were the feared Immortals, hundreds of troops marching as one through the forest. Their formation remained unbroken despite the thicket of trees they moved through.

Behind the Immortals marched row upon row of Blunderbussers following in the path of destruction. With these troops marched two sorcerers sent by The Blessed One and his esteemed warrior-lieutenant Mrythark the Indestructible. Also marching with the army was one of the most terrifying Dawi Zharr known; Rykarth the Unbreakable and his Granite Guard.

The army had gathered at the instruction of The Blessed One once the fabled Hand of Hashut had decided their mission. They were to meet up with Orc warlords in the region known as the Talabec Borders and assist them where possible.

Chaos Dwarf scouts had reported that the Orcs were gathering near a warren of caves they had named Gork’s Maw, so to there the Chaos Dwarf army marched. There they were to meet with warboss Tarlen da Foeburna; a greenskin psychopath that liked nothing more than to make things violently explode. The scouts reported seeing goblins with crude rockets tied to their backs and what appeared to be dwarf skull bombs filled with black powder. Miraculously the scouts had escaped from the madness unharmed and managed to report back.

As the reports had come in, Mrythark began to have doubts about the coming alliance. Such an ally could prove very dangerous to friend or foe, especially if they were armed with the barrels of “boom-powda” the Chaos Dwarfs had agreed to give them.

A blunderbusser suddenly broke the smashing sound of dying forest "Manling house up ahead"

Mrythark grinned. Looks like they’ll have to get some slaves first…

The Barren Hills Week 1

Suggested Target: The Bitter Moon

Sorcerer-Lord Zarkov and the Hand of Hashut poured over an ancient map of the Barren Hills looking for suitable targets to attack. Their brutish Orc allies had asked for aid in attacking the Marchen’s Henge, but whilst it could possibly be of short term use there was little strategic value in the long term. He could hardly drag such a thing back to Zharr Naggrund, and destroying it would serve little purpose. The henge was also located in the open plains, and the Diabullus he travelled in was in need of wood to fuel the fires.

After many days of discussion the Hand of Hashut came to a decision. They would send many combat engineers to the Henge to assist their allies in whatever way they could, but the legions of Chaos Dwarfs that had assembled in the Barren Hills would only attack in one location like furious hammer blow. But where should this blow fall?

The town of Egondorf was a more appealing target. Such a town would be reasonably well supplied, and more importantly well populated. His fellow members of the Hand of Hashut nodded in agreement. Just then there was a knock on the inner door of the Diabullus and a trusted messenger entered.

“My Lords, I bring excellent news,” he said with a devilish grin. “The traitor kin are gathering at the Bitter Moon Inn. Allegedly they will be waiting for their ‘High King’.”

“Excellent.” the ancient Sorcerer replied, an evil gleam appearing in his eyes. It always amused him to defeat the weakling dawi, but their High King as well? To do such a thing would make their names live for eternity and would forever haunt the memories of their hated kin.

The Bitter Moon was also bound to have beer remaining, and as an experienced general he knew all too well how much of a moral boost its capture would be for the troops. It was very close to the Altdorf-Talabheim road as well, so the Diabullus could be quickly dragged into position to secure this strategically vital route.

Added to this was the news there would be thousands of expendable goblins nearby to wear down their enemies! What was it they wanted from there again . the pub sign? Yes, that could definitely be arranged.

The Taalford Lowlands Week 1

Suggested Target: The Temple of Invidious Silence

Once the Hand of Hashut war council had decided upon their master plan, the orders were dispatched to generals operating in specific areas of the forest. Combat Engineer Borri Hipposson was one such general

The Hand of Hashut had been very clear about his objectives; enter the Great Forest and use hundreds of warmachines to cut through this section of the forest. If they could do this their Orc allies might prevent an army escaping with the Crown towards Talabheim, and would be able to launch devastating ambushes on enemy flanks.

This was all well and good, but the ancient machines he had been given weren’t built for the job! He was going to need a huge amount of luck to pull this off, but this was one thing he was in dire need of. He wasn’t sure how it had happened, but he was woefully off course yet again! He wasn’t about to tell his troops that though.

The 3 pronged machine attack through the forest had worked so perfectly to start with; whirlwinds with their scything blades cutting through the trees. Tenderisers with their pulverising hammers smashing debris, and finally flame throwers burning what was left.

The sight of so many venerable warmachines cutting through trees and enemies alike would have made his old master Snakebeard very proud. Borri however was less than impressed. They were behind schedule and he had no idea where he was, let alone the Orc armies he was supposed to be supporting. By the fury of Hashut they had better turn up sooner or later.

“We’re not where we should be are we master?” Frothwight Crabclaw, Borri’s mutated second in command ventured sarcastically.

Silently cursing the old machines yet again, Borri tried hard to ignore him. Just as he was wishing the scouts would return they finally did.

“What luck master, the few scouts you heroically sent out have managed to return!” Frothwight added.

“We’re way off track boss, there’s a temple the other side of those rocks and then two big towns” added the scout.

“That must be the Temple of Invidious Silence… Not sure that’s a good place to…” started Frothwight.

Borri roared once again, this mission was going to be much harder than he thought. He knew they must be close to the Kemperbad-Talabheim road, should they venture too far off course they would be dangerously close to the city of Talabheim.

“That’s settled then, we march for the temple within the hour”, Borri answered with a new found vigour.

The Slaver:

That is exactly what we need!!! this is exactly the caliber of material that we need to submit into GW during the Nemisis Crown. I salute everyone who worked on these, you truely are the Chosen fo Hashut!!


love the devlopement of Rykarth, commander of the immortals, fantastic :hat off

Hashut’s Blessing:

Thank you kindly The Slaver and Slaver of Zharr! Any criticisms are welcomed as well.


Great work Grim, it’s enthusiasts like you who keep CDs going.

Nice drawing too.


WOW, that is almost all I can say, what a great piece off fluff. This is awsome, will really bring attention to our cause and show GW that we still have a place in the warhammer world.


Great work Grim, it's enthusiasts like you who keep CDs going.
Nice drawing too.

you do relise that Grim is not the only one who wrote these stories dont you? because it sounds as though you're infering that you think that grim wrote all of these single handed (which if you look at the top of the page where it has all the writers names you will note is not tje case)

Traitor King:

Wow, a great read!

you lot sure put a lot of work into this.

If i get round to writing fluff, i will certainly mention parts of this!