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hi all, first post.

Drak’nyr surveyed the field before him, looking out upon the blasted landscape the was the hell field. the hell field had been the traditional gathering place for all the tribes of the north, so that a proper invasion of the weak southren lands could be organized. gazing across the massed ranks of warriors, a smile crossed his face.

this would be a good year of destruction for the gods

when (if) i ever get the chance to round up some chaos models, they will be posted in this thread. reason is i have my dual army building system in effect right now, so i don’t go on a spasm of buying random stuff. as well, if you have any you’d like to get rid of, please let me know.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Please elaborate upom your dual army building system. I’m most intrigued. Also, a warm welcome to the website. May your slaves be unrebellious and your beard thick.


thanks for the welcome, as to the elaboration.

dual army building process.

take 1 standard years time (12 months)

divide 1 months pay (subtracting expenses - basically make yourself a warhammer fund) in half. use the first two weeks to save and purchase models, the next two weeks to save and put towards whatever (basically two weeks of warhammer fund goes nito the bank - makes it so you save money while enjoying the hobby)

make two army lists for two different armies (one each)

first month of the year, do (put together and paint) one unit for one army, the next month, one unit from another. repeat the process till the year is up. if you find that you must do heroes, but find that it would be to waste time to do one character a month (taking from my experience - i’m character light) you may combine both armies heroes/lords into one month.

Hashut’s Blessing:

That sounds like a wise way to do it. So, after a month’s pay, you half the money, save some and then spend the rest on Warhammer, spend the month making and painting the new unit, then the next month, do the same for a different army? Gotcha. it sounds like a wise way to do one army as well, actually :smiley:


correctomundo my comrade! te’ling’en’mha (clingon)

edit: in continuation, i belive (since i have only just started this system myself - was in the deep-end of “riot-buying” before) that you could feasably do 1k-1,5k a year for each army, providing your list is appropriated.

EDIT: double post but… i just crunched some numbers. i can possibly have some WIP CD’s in my schedule by christmas.

btw, if anyones interested, i have some wood elves and some (old) vc for sale/trade.

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Kera foehunter:

can’t wait to see the army.A great year of the destruction for the god  right on alkiroth !!!

Hashut’s Blessing:

I hope you can manage them. Even if not a spare month, do some on top of the units (not literally sitting on top of them :smiley: ) and you’ll have them at least started by the ened of the year when you can then concentrate on them as your army for next year :smiley:


good idea, i’ll see what i can cook up.


Welcome to the forums Alkiroth!

If anything today, you should check in on the Artisan’s Contest which I believe is due by tonight at midnight, but considering you won’t technically need to build or paint anything, a great idea would make an excellent entry, and get you a crash course in Chaos Dwarfs Online competition!

Hopefully you have a few hours to set aside to give it a try! I wonder: how will entering wicked fun competitions for the site fit into your dual army plan? :wink: :wink:


well, if i have extra time between getting units done, and geting the next unit, i’ll throw idea around. i’ll see if i can’t whip something into shape for the contest.


Good luck!Hope you get lots of slaves.And welcome to the forum!


okay, i am re-doing the fluff in the first post to fit my plan for CD’s, and i want everyone to know that as a side project to my dual system (which currently involves high elves and tin cans) i will be purchasing BFSP sometime soon. i’ve decided rather than wait a year to start by taking three weeks pay to buy it. (i know what you all are thinking, how much do i make, well, i’m a freshman in high school, and for chores i get $20 dollars of cold, hard USD to spend.)