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posting here because my printer broke. (and im gonna have a friend print it for me) im writing an essay on zombie survival based heavily on the book by Max Brooks (its the 3rd part of a GIANT 10 page essay im doing). odds are i probably cited the pages wrong (sue me!) oh, and should there be a zombie outbreak i want everyone to read this! if i save even 1 life ill be a happy son-of-a-beach ball :slight_smile:


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please note that this is a rough draft and there will be errors

and i CHALLENGE you to find a flaw with the ideal survival conditions


So in a hypothetical case, the dead have risen, its time to shift into survival mode. Earlier, Voodoo zombies have been discussed and shown not to be a threat to humanity there fore Survival here will be focused upon surviving a cinema style zombie attack and has been tailored to fit the shambling sort, no super-beasts here. Survival when traveling will be covered so will defending yourself. Last will be showing you ideal conditions in which to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Traveling on land during a zombie outbreak is very dangerous, and leaves you most at risk because of the large amounts of monsters wandering around looking for humans to eat. The first rule is not to travel unless necessary. But if one must travel then you should take into consideration the following; Means of transportation, your destination; the conditions you will be traveling in, and the terrain itself (Brooks Zombie 34). How you are traveling is fundamental to survival, you could easily tire and get caught on foot; cars need gas, maintenance and create lots of noise and other means like train or flights will most likely be shut down (Brooks Zombie 35-36). So what are the ideal modes? A very good bet is a Horse or a Bicycle. Horses make good mounts because they are faster then zombies and can even smell them ahead of time (Brooks Zombie 42) Its like riding a giant proximity alarm. The only downside to horses is that they require maintenance and if they become wounded, develop into more into an obstacle then a lifesaver. Bicycles are fantastic because they are also much quicker then zombies and provide exercise to help you get into better shape.  


However, bicycles require maintenance as well, albeit much simpler then providing medical care for a horse. It is extremely important to know where you are going before you set out. Take time to plan your route ahead of time. It would be very bad to get lost and contend with an endless horde of the shambling dead. Conditions, like weather, are important for survival as well. You will need to pack gear for rain and snow, getting wet could sicken you, which could be a huge disadvantage with the shambling hordes at your back. Also, be aware that if you are traveling somewhere cold if you sweat, you die. The sweat will freeze and cause hypothermia, which is extremely fatal unless untreated. The environment could be a big factor to your survival. If you go up north, where it snows then you have a good chance of survival (if you avoid hypothermia) because zombies, which have no body heat to protect them, will freeze and become harmless and immobile (Brooks Zombie 52). Grasslands are a mixed blessing; you can see an upright zombie a mile away. But what you don�?Tt know can kill you, because it�?Ts lurking in the grass. It could be a snake, or even a zombie who has lost the ability to walk, crawling around on his belly (Brooks Zombie 51). Any area with trees, such as woodlands, and jungles are also a mixed blessing. With limited visibility, the zombie has the advantage because of their heightened sense of smell (Brooks Zombie 60) but if you need to rest, you could always climb a tree, where they cant climb up to get you. Cities have more negative qualities then positive ones because where more people once lived more zombies live now. And unless


You lived there you could easily get lost. As a general rule, head to a cold, desolate area where very few people lived previously (Brooks Zombie 54).

Unless someone is either stupid or suicidal then they will defend themselves against zombies, and here�?Ts how. What you need to know will be the tools needed to use against them and how to shut yourself in a building. It is common knowledge that you kill a zombie by damaging its brain.  So it is important to keep the following in mind when choosing your arsenal: Does it go through a skull quickly? How many blows until it does? If that�?Ts not an option, can it decapitate a zombie? (Brooks Zombie 78). For the best melee armament it is believed that the crowbar can fill this role. Crowbars are solid metal, and do not break easily. Crowbars have a sharp end for going through an eye (which is the quickest route to the brain) and a blunt, curved end for bashing. It can also be used to pry open doors and Hammer nails. For a firearm, there are many guns out there and it would be impossible to pick the best model, however there are certain types that would be useful. The Bolt-Action single shot rifle is a fantastic weapon for zombie survival, because it is single shot the user is forced to conserve his ammunition, as opposed to grabbing an automatic weapon and reenacting your favorite Rambo scene, which is a waste of ammunition and extremely dangerous. In close quarters however, shotguns are ideal. Because zombies are closer the firer could panic and his accuracy would waver, but since shotguns fire multiple pellets that is not as much of a concern (Brooks Zombie


78-84) Crossbows also make for an ideal sniping weapon because they are silent and if fired well, their ammo can be retrievable. Sometimes if you are cornered the best option is to take cover in a building. If possible avoid Hospitals, Police stations, malls, airports, Train stations, and town halls. In the event of a zombie outbreak these areas are going to be crowded by people who don�?Tt know how to defend themselves. It is a good idea to shut yourself in your home. (Brooks Zombie 21-24) Collect as much water as possible in buckets and bath tubs because your water supply has a high probability of being shut off. Nail shut your doors and windows, but always have an escape route ready (Brooks Zombie 25). It is also a great idea to keep all your essential supplies on a second floor, if the zombies get in you could take out the stairs and have a laugh as they mull about the ground floor clawing up at you This is why houses on stilts, like those found at the beach, are ideal. As a general rule always make sure to wear tight clothing and keep your hair short so they cant grab on to what ever is floating behind you (Brooks Zombie 28) And most importantly, never let down your guard especially when outside. A moment�?Ts lapse could kill you.

Given the information above it isn�?Tt to hard to formulate the ideal situation, a well stocked, fortress-like, safe house. It is a great idea to have it situated far north, like Alaska. In areas like Alaska, there are less zombies, the zombies that are there will freeze. The structure of the fort should be something similar to a 2 story concrete building with a green house on the roof for food, and a 10 foot


high concrete wall surrounding the area, with defendable ramparts and a large court yard with a small latrine in the corner. Concrete is ideal because zombies would rub their hands into stubs before they could penetrate it. The wall should also have a gate that moves side to side as opposed to swinging in and out, because zombies could not push it in and reinforcing it is as simple as parking a car behind it.  Supplies should not be hard to obtain, you have a green house and could melt snow for water if need be you could send out to a nearby town for supplies. Ammunition should not be too much of a problem because you wont run into too much trouble in the Alaskan wilderness. You could easily outlast a zombie apocalypse by waiting for the zombies to rot away.

Zombie survival is not impossible. It is a matter of keeping cool and using your head. So long as the provision exist and the conditions are ideal the possibility of surviving the outbreak are high. So if the need arises pack your crowbar and crossbow, make a break on your bike for Alaska and enjoy being one of the last humans alive.

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oh, and i got an A- on this essay. so, yay me!

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the hardest part about the zombie apocalypse will be pretending I’m not excited…


This is just freakin’ great!!! If a zombie breakout happens (a very very tiny chance I know, but there is still a chance) I’ll know exactly what to do!! :cheers

Hashut’s Blessing:

I accept your challenge. What about those places where weapons are difficult to find? Or a different country? Also, I’d like to point out that travelling by bike is still going to tire you, which you pointed out about travelling on foot. My third point, most people will be unable to create such an ideal safehouse.

Otherwise, I concur, it does seem to be the best strategy and people can get as close to the ideal conditions as possible via improvisation at the time or preplanned make-dos. Kudos on the A-!


I would counter that its highly desirable to find a deserted island rather then head north. It will get mighty cold and who says utilities are going to be working for too long.


I would counter that its highly desirable to find a deserted island rather then head north. It will get mighty cold and who says utilities are going to be working for too long.

well sir, the problem with a desert island is that you are remote (which is good) but the problem is it might be to remote, how are you going to get supplies? and what would happen if a luxury cruise liner with a zombified crew and passengers happens to beach itself on your island? (hey, it could happen. depending on the currents)


then your screwed, but what if the zombies have warm jackets, then they won’t freeze :stuck_out_tongue:


then your screwed, but what if the zombies have warm jackets, then they won't freeze :P

well, as probable as zombies with warm jackets is, you've seem to forgotten that theres a 10 foot concrete wall between them and you!


The basic problems are these and you are correct on some, others not so much.

1) Supplies and Potable water are the primary concern. Water can be boiled to at least make it safe to drink. Supplies are much more problematic. Presumably food production breaks down, thus nothing new is going to be created anytime soon. So man has to go back to hunter/gathering state, with agriculture being supplementary. Heading north while idea for protection against presumably cold disliking slow moving zombies is going to be horrendous for food production.

Growing of food is going to be a major concern and one that will take considerable time and effort to set up, if successful at all. Fishing would be a primary source of protein.

2) Travel is absolutely key. Travel at the right time to the right place will be life or death. While travel is indeed dangerous, staying put will most likely be a dead sentence, if only by starvation. Travel by boat is idea: less chance for zombies being on the water and most likely easy to avoid the ones that are. Seriously who can�?Tt outmaneuver a zombie piloted boat? Safe anchorage off short at night from zombies.

Bicycles would be useful but I�?Td prefer a dash to the marina to secure a boat rather then heading out cross-country. Perhaps limited recons from a temporary strong point until move out can be established.

3) Weaponry- Shotguns are the best weapon bar-none let alone for the unexpected zombie infestation. Hand weapons are not ideal as it puts you in close proximity to said zombies, and presumably their means of infection. Shotgun + deer slug to head equals dead zombie from a better range then said crowbar. Plus many people have shot guns, greater chance of actually getting you hands on said weaponry

4) Walled ramparts? No thanks I�?Td take a large moat, ala the sea, ocean, etc�?� making a wall is a massive undertaking and no one that I�?Td be initially concerned with. Getting to said place of safety is. If time allows construct a walled rampart on said deserted island as a last resort�?�

10 feet of walls, or hundreds of miles of ocean? Not that tough of a choice…


well willmark. when zombies invade well see who comes out on top. bwahahaha, now all i have to do is release the strain of T-virus i have hidden in my basement. good bye order, HELLO APOCALYPSE

(btw i have to retire from the forum so this will be my last post. thanks everyone! i always did like looking at what u guys had to offer)

Hashut’s Blessing:

It’s a shame that you’re retiring. Mind if I ask why? Also, you never answered my issues:

“What about those places where weapons are difficult to find? Or a different country? Also, I’d like to point out that travelling by bike is still going to tire you, which you pointed out about travelling on foot. My third point, most people will be unable to create such an ideal safehouse.”


When a Zombie Apcoclypse happens head to australia no zombies can get in due to the Fact we have Koalas…

Koalas are a zombies main predator


well willmark. when zombies invade well see who comes out on top. bwahahaha, now all i have to do is release the strain of T-virus i have hidden in my basement. good bye order, HELLO APOCALYPSE

(btw i have to retire from the forum so this will be my last post. thanks everyone! i always did like looking at what u guys had to offer)

OOOooooh, what a shame! You started a nice topic and now you leave.... blaaah.
I enjoyed so much reading Brooks' book. It's so funny how it is written in a serious way as an actual manual. :D

Alaska would not be a nice place to hide as you'll find Vampires waiting for you!!!

Let me know what happened the 31st day... ehehehhe


A good thing would be to get a bulldozer too; they shuffle about should be easy yo plow them under with it.


It would appear that everyone has put a lot of thought into this scenario, I have as well. Therefore I have to ask, how many of you have a contingent in place should you expire before the outbreak? x.x

I thought about this and I decided that I’d donate my body to a Body Farm. That way I could be among the first zombies reanimated and with luck can give some people their comeuppances! :sick

Hashut’s Blessing:

Actually, I’ve given very little thought. Planning it would require zombies to act as we expect them to :wink: Shufflers they may not be, they may not react to the cold well, lopping heads off may not work etc etc… G with the flow :smiley:

TwilightCo, simple answer, be the one to raise them :wink:


I would prefer to learn necromancy and rule over the kingdom of the dead. But thats me.


Paranoia Alert - Science Proves Zombies Will Kill Us All

In more bad news for the living today, scientists have determined that humanity would almost certainly perish in the (probably still unlikely) event of a zombie outbreak.

Using maths and probability to demonstrate what us Walking Dead fans have known for years, a team in Canada have shown that an zombie-like infection – one that quickly killed its victims and then returned them to life in order to feast on the living – would, mathmatically speaking, spell almost certain doom for us all.

Among the issues faced by humanity would be the exponential increase in new zombies created after each human dies, and the sudden shutdown of vital services and resources.

Only massive and frequent counter-attacks upon the Zombie Menace would give humans any hope of survival says the paper, which is published this week under the title ‘Infectious Diseases Modelling Research Progress’.

The University of Ottowa researchers who worked on the study assumed that the zombies were the classic, slow-moving type seen in the original George A. Romero films, and not the heretical and far-more-deadly ultra-fast zombies as seen in films like 28 Days Later. Even so their analysis revealed that any attempt to cure or capture the Shuffling Horde would only put off the inevitable. (Read More)

“It’s imperitive that zombies are dealt with quickly,” the paper says. "Or else… we are all in a great deal of trouble."

The study has been welcomed by disease specialists around the world for its contribution to understanding deadly outbreaks. Those championing the paper include Prof. Neil Ferguson, who is a chief advisor on swine flu for the UK government.

“My understanding of zombie biology is that if you manage to decapitate a zombie then it’s dead forever. So perhaps they are being a little over-pessimistic when they conclude that zombies might take over a city in three or four days,” Ferguson told the BBC.

You can read the whole paper over at the University of Ottawa Website. In the meantime we suggest you get prepared for the inevitable. We’ve compiled a guide to cooking and eating well during the Endtimes – it might just make your personal descent into hell that bit more bearable.


What Are Your Chances of Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse?

I scored a 72%… hrm…


Nooooo, only 48%! Damn Italian law, we do not have easy access to weapons… and I have to move into the countryside! :frowning: