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Hey, CD’s! I made this thread for everyone to put a picture of themselves, and maybe add a little information about yourselves(Where you live, other hobby’s, job(s), pictures) (Since, we all know your great modelers, but how are you in real life? I know another member made a Photo thread, but i figured this would be a bit more informative.)

For one, I’m a guy. I’m 15, in high school, at A-West, in Colorado. I love Warhammer, and have been thinking of a career with the government (Since every dumb politic in America gets payed for wining…) But if our economy gets any worse, ill probable go for a career as a Vocal Musician. (I love my music!) Ill post a picture of my self once i figure out how to load it from my I-Phone.


I thought we already had such a thread?


(Since every dumb politic in America gets payed for wining...)

do you mean winning or whining? Since from what I recognize here in germany our politicians only get paid for whining instead of actually doing sth. necessary...

I think there is an "new member" thread already and somewhere I also found a "post your picture" topic. I can't recall where it is or what it is called though.

I posted information about who I am at the beginning of my army blog - see sig.

Captain Crayon:

I thought we already had such a thread?

maybe we do. but im bored so im replying :P and i think its a nice idea :)

Well I'm Captain Crayon and this is me...

I'm 26 and from Australia and a Safety Advisor in a company that designs, builds and sometimes operates coal washplants and handling facilities.

Fortunatly for me this sometimes involves driving ridiculously large earthmoving equipment. and what boy doesnt like bulldozers?

As for hobbies other than warhammer I'm big into old cars :)

Like this...

Which is 'Francene' my 1939 Chevrolet Sedan. Running a Holden 355 Stroker (6Ltr v8 for the metrics out there) and a 3 speed auto.

And also there is 'Dolorous'...

Who is a 1960 AP3 Chrysler Royal (An Australian Unique car designed off the same chassis as the American 54 Plymouth) and it's one of 440 v8s made :)

I used to have a Jezebel and a Buttercup too, but I gave Jezebel (a ratty old falcon with a ridiculous bullbar) to a mate of mine and gave Buttercup (a 1976 XC Falcon GS Ute - the Mad Max car but a ute rather than a coupe) to my little brother.

So yeah...Cars, Warhammer and bulldozers pretty much sums me up :P

Kera foehunter:

since you have a 350 bored out 30 over do you have the standard quadojet carburetor ?? Header and flow max muffler too

isit the turo 350 tranney or a 400 and a 12 bolt possey too??

that was first mate brian asking!!


Hello all, figure I’d be the second to post a picture of myself on the thread. I’m an airman and aircraft mechanic for the Air Force out of Texas. I do Warhammer, RPGs, Computer games, and hustle pool when I’m feeling ambitious (Stuck in tech school with nothing but a pool table and a tv for entertainment for several months).

Myself, pre-military, pre-haircut, pre-shave next to my brother.

Myself next to my brother, again. His hiar got longer as fast as mine got shorter. Man I miss having hair, and a beard (Made pondering things more fun when I could stroke my beard).

Captain Crayon:

since you have a 350 bored out 30 over    do you have the standard quadojet carburetor ??  Header and flow max muffler too
isit the turo 350 tranney or a 400 and a 12 bolt possey too??
that was first mate brian asking!!

Kera foehunter
its not a chev 350 motor, its a holden 308 bored 20 over with a scat stroker kit and chev flat-tops bringing it to 355 cubic inches. Yella Terra street terra heads port matched to lukey extractors and a redline single plane manifold (all australian made gear)

It'sA completely different engine to the chev 350, built by holden in the early 80s (holden are a division of general motors) the body was actually built by Holden body works under licence in Victoria before they were became a division of General motors

The transmission is a turbo 400 with a 2 grand stallie

diff is a 10 bolt holden 1 tonner diff. came out of the holden ute. 1 Tonner's had thicker axles then the sedans.

Carburettor was a Edelbrock 650 but thats being changed for a barry grant 700 because it runs out of fuel at around 2000rpm.

So its all like chevrolet gear, but different :P

Also Dedwrekka, your beard was awesome. I wish i could grow as impressive facial ornamentation.

Thommy H:

My name’s Thommy H. I’m 23 (24 in less than a week now) and I work for the NHS in the UK as a general office monkey. Right now I’m the informal leader of a team of admins working on a measles immunisation project for one of the biggest hospitals in Europe. Yeah, that’s right: I’m pretty much responsible for ensuring one of the largest medical staffs in the continent is protected against a deadly infectious disease.

I have a degree in English Literature and I’m engaged to a woman called Emma. We live in a village called Linton in Cambridgeshire. We moved here because she got a job working in Linton Zoo (she’s a zookeeper). Apart from Warhammer, my main hobby is writing.

I’m exactly the same in real life as I am here, and here’s a photo:

Kera foehunter:

DIE NINJA !!! Between jobs layoff and went back to my old job Waiting tables and working in a sport bar !!looking to go back to school in a couple of months !!!

Trying to play more Warhammer !! and cutting back on vidio games !!

Just bummer around for now!!!


Hi, self employed running an online shop and part time employed as a Gate Keeper :slight_smile: , wanting to play more Warhammer and Warmachine, plays a lot of Team Fortress 2 (too much) and Left for Dead as well as the Civ games.

Qualifications in Door Supervisor (Security), Multi Media Design, Media and Business, ahhh student life :slight_smile:

The Horror, The Horror!!!


well im 14 eyears old and i’ve been painting warhammer/wh40k for about 6 years (if you call that painting all my old models dont have faces theres to much color in the way) but ive gotten better, i play computer games(team fortress 2), moddeling/painting and spend time with my friends most of my time i live in sweden and i have an older brother.

thats most of it.

and thanks for a good site :cheers


So now we know what side of the debate Thommy is on, in the eternal question of Ninjas or Pirates.


now you know what side I’m on :wink:

I’m Jill, I live in a suburb outside Toronto, in Canada. I graduated with my Bachelor in Business Administration; I’m an accountant (woo?) almost and should have my CMA designation by the summer, ideally.  I work in forensic accounting specifically and no, I will not do your taxes for you :wink:

Hobbies, well, I play sports, fastpitch in the summer, volleyball and dodgeball in winter, I also REALLY want to get back into shooting archery. i love playing my console games and handhelds (360, Wii, DS) otherwise… ummm, I like long walks on the beach, and I’m looking for someone to connect with…

wait, this isn’t eHarmony?! heh. :wink:

one more for good measure. (I’m trying to look goofy on purpose!)

Tarrakk Blackhand:

since you have a 350 bored out 30 over    do you have the standard quadojet carburetor ??  Header and flow max muffler too
isit the turo 350 tranney or a 400 and a 12 bolt possey too??
that was first mate brian asking!!

WOW Kera! For a minute there, I was going to ask you to marry me....then I read that someone else was making the post. :D

Damn..a wargammer AND a car freak would be a dream come true!

As for myself....

This is me standing beside my work in progress 1951 Studebaker wearing a shirt made by Shrine Clothing. The car will become a rolling advertisement for my hobby store, Monster Hobbies.

The engine is a bored and stroked 1951 Studebaker 170 CI from Cathcart Studebaker in Conneticut. Hp was raised from 85 Horse to 150 Horse with the addition of dual carburators and dual exhaust as well as all the other "Tricks" of the trade. This is a "Stage 4" motor. I just have to come up with $1000 for shipping into Canada.

I'm a 35 year old hobby store owner from High River, Alberta, Canada. (That's the Canadian Provience just above Montana.) My store is called "Monster Hobbies" and my wife and I own it. We just had our first baby, a girl 6 months ago.


I’m Morgan.  41 years old… That will change in less than a month.

if the image works, that’s me and my little dog JJ

(well, once again if I try to upload an image, all I get is a blasted red x…)

(I have this picture on my facebook account, so I figured it would translate over, I guess not. any suggestions?



UPP: 7A6B88

Age: 37
Born: United Kingdom, Terra/Sol
Residence:  Ontario, Canada, Terra/Sol
Educ: CSE/GCE, Gr13 Equivalence, 1 year University Waterloo, Diploma Art/Design:Illustration Niagara College
Occupation: Artist/Writer/Game Designer (16 years)

Computer-4 Admin-3
Science-2 Artist-4
Liaison-2 Author-5
Jack of all Trades-3 Ground Vehicle-3
Strategy-2 Non-lethal weapons (paintball)-3

Psionics: None tested.
Cybernetics/Augments: Dental Implant, Contact Lenses (Corrective)

Tarrakk Blackhand:

@ Morgan…doesn’t seem to work. Try an


@ Morgan...doesn't seem to work. Try an

Tarrakk Blackhand
I tried teh img tag, jsut got a red x.. any suggestions on web hosts?

Tarrakk Blackhand:


I’ve been using it for years. Unlimited picture hosting. $45 for 3 years. I think they give you a 14 day free trial period too.

Never had a problem linking it to other sites either. I know the Google picture hosting can be very problematic.



Uhm, Photobucket?


  Close… Try Traveller, 1977. :slight_smile: There has really only ever been ONE SF RPG, all the others were flash in the pans. I have a feeling only one user around here besides me recognizes it.